Things to See in Nerja
Things to See in Nerja

TOP Things to See in Nerja:
Your guide to the TOP sights and nearby destinations

Things to See in Nerja --> Old Town
** Things to See in Nerja ➜ Explore the Old Town

Nerja is one of the small "pueblos blancos" in the heart of Andalucia. During the summer, visitors flock to southern Spain (and to this beautiful village in particular) to soak up the rays of the sunny Costa del Sol and enjoy the calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

So why not come and spend some time exploring the pretty streets of this historic town and visit some of the 'top sights'... or perhaps stay a little longer and really get to know a part of Andalucia that is still relatively unspoilt and natural compared to its larger neighbors... we can promise you... it will be worth it!

Read on to find out more about the TOP things to see in Nerja. And, if your up for an active holiday... read more about the Top 10 things to do in Nerja, plus the top outdoor activities.

Things to See in Nerja ➜ Top Sights

Nerja is home to numerous monuments and attractions that cater to a wide range of interests, from natural wonders like beaches and waterfalls to historic sites like the Nerja Caves, Chanquete's Boat or the nearby Roman aqueducts. As you explore the village of Nerja, be sure to visit all of these must-see sights...

The Balcón de Europa "I have found the Balcony of Europe" declared King Alfonso XII upon visiting Nerja with its magnificent beauty and spectacular sea views and... Oh, what a balcony it is!
The BEST Nerja Beaches Nerja is known for its exquisite sandy beaches and spectacular Mediterranean Sea views. Here are 10 beaches for you to enjoy...
Nerja Beaches - Burriana
Playa Burriana There is nothing you can't find along Burriana beach, Nerja's longest white sand beach, it is full of fabulous chiringuitos, cafes, beach shops, and water activities the kids will love.

Nerja Beaches - Calahonda
Playa Calahonda The beach seen most often in beautiful photos of Nerja with access from the famous Balcón de Europa. Playa Calahonda is small but popular with a very lively atmosphere.

Things to See in Nerja --> Maro Beaches
The Beaches of Maro The 10 beaches of Maro are a little different than the other Nerja beaches. They are located in the Maro / Cerro Gordo Nature Reserve and are a popular destination for kayaking tours that visit the hidden caves and waterfalls there.
Things to See in Nerja --> Maro Nature Reserve
The Maro / Cerro Gordo Nature Park Nerja lies just outside the "Acantilados de Maro / Cerro Gordo", a protected nature reserve along the cliffs. The reserve boasts spectacular beaches, waterfalls, and hiking trails. It's a wonderful place to explore...
Things to See in Nerja --> Nerja Caves
The World Famous Nerja Caves These caves are SO unique that they are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records and contain cave paintings dating from Paleolithic times.

Things to See in Nerja --> Museum
The Nerja Museum A visit to the Nerja Museum should take about an hour. You will find interesting information about the Nerja Caves, like what has been found inside... including a complete female skeleton.
Things to See in Nerja --> Visit Villages
The Villages of the Costa Tropical Popular for year-round outdoor activities like kayaking, scuba, sailing, golf, hiking and yes... skiing in the nearby Sierra Nevada, these are the top destinations in the neighboring Costa Tropical...
Things to See in Nerja --> Eagle Aqueduct
The Eagle Aqueduct Built in the Mudejar style, the Eagle Aqueduct was built in 1880 and was used to move water between the village of Nerja and the San Joaquin Sugar Mill in Maro.
Things to See in Nerja --> Ermita de las Angustias
Ermita de las Angustias Visit this recently renovated chapel honoring the Patron Saint of Nerja, 'our Lady of Sorrows', and learn more about the intrigue surrounding its benefactor and the Holy Spanish Inquisition.
Things to See in Nerja --> El Salvador Church
El Salvador Church In the heart of Nerja, and enjoying sunny coastal views, the Church of El Salvador has a rich history and is a popular destination for weddings.

10 FAQ's: ➜ More About The "Top Things to See in Nerja"

  1. What are the Caves of Nerja and why are they a must-see?

    The Caves of Nerja (Cuevas de Nerja) are a series of spectacular underground caverns, known for their impressive stalactites and stalagmites, and ancient cave paintings. They're considered one of Spain's most significant and beautiful natural wonders.

    You can see the Nerja Caves 363 days a year not including January 1st or May 15th.

    Normal Hours: 9:00 am until 4:30 pm (daily)
    Summer Hours: 9:00 am until 7:00 pm (daily)

    * Ticket Price is 12,00€ and includes the cave visit, the Nerja Museum, and audio guide.

  2. Can you access the Balcón de Europa for free, and what does it offer?

    Yes! you can easily access the Balcón de Europa at no charge. It offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding coastline, making it the perfect spot to take photos in Nerja.

  3. Are there any more notable beaches to see in Nerja for relaxation or water sports?

    Yes! Nerja has more than 20 beautiful beaches, with Burriana Beach being the most popular for water sports and dining. But you will find many other wonderful beaches that are great for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, or just relaxing...

    The beaches in Nerja that are best for rest and relaxation are:

    Playa Calahonda
    Playa Carabeo
    Playa Carabeillo
    Playa la Caletilla
    Playa el Salón
    Playa el Chucho
    Playa el Playazo

    Playa Burriana and Playa Torrecilla are best suited for water sports activities.

    If you would like to explore the beaches in the Maro Nature Reserve you will need a car. These beaches are a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the touristy corners of Nerja. You can easily spend a whole day relaxing on one of these beaches and some even offer water sports.

    Playa de Maro (kayaking tours available)
    Cala de Maro
    Playa la Caleta de Maro (kayaks available to rent)
    Playa del Molino de Papel
    Playa de las Alberquillas
    Calas del Pino
    Playa el Cañuelo
    Playa Cantarriján (nude beach located in the town of La Herradura)

    There are also three hidden coves that can only be reached by sea or inland paths. If you really want to get away from it all, these are spectacular beaches to lose yourself in...

    Playa Piedra de Tarzan
    Playa de la Torre de Maro
    Cala Doncella

  4. What makes Frigiliana one of the best places to see in Nerja?

    Frigiliana, just a short distance from Nerja, is a small town known for its well-preserved Moorish old quarter, with narrow, cobblestone streets and whitewashed houses. It's often cited as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, offering stunning views, artisan shops, and great restaurants.

  5. Are there other sites to see in Nerja apart from the beaches and natural attractions?

    Yes! Nerja is home to several historic sites, like the 17th-century Church of El Salvador, Chanquete's Boat from the famous Verano Azul series, the Eagle Aqueduct, the Iglesia de las Maravillas (Maro), and the remains of the San Joaquin Sugar Mill (also in Maro).

  6. Is the Aquatropic Water Park worth seeing near Nerja?

    Yes! The Aquatropic Water Park, located in Almuñécar close to Nerja, is a saltwater park with slides, and other attractions that are suitable for all ages. It has kamikaze slides, wave pools, and a dedicated children's area, making it perfect for families.

    If you like water parks, there are two more you can see near Nerja: Aquavelis Waterpark (20 minutes west of Nerja) and Aqualand Torremolinos (50 minutes west of Nerja).

  7. How can one see the Rio Chillar, and what makes it special?

    The Rio Chillar Walk is a popular hiking trail in Nerja that is known for the unique experience of walking through the river surrounded by a narrow gorge. The trail has cool, clear water, natural pools for swimming, and stunning scenery, perfect for those hot summer days in Nerja. 😎 It's suitable for most fitness levels, but you will need sturdy water shoes.

  8. Is it possible to see and experience the local cuisine through food tours in Nerja?

    Yes! Nerja has a vibrant food scene full of restaurants and cafes serving traditional Andalucian dishes (our 20 favorite Nerja restaurants).We recommend trying some of the best local flavors by doing a Tapas Route, where you stop at different tapas bars to sample small plates of the area's specialties. All about tapas in Nerja & The TOP 12 Tapas Bars in Nerja

  9. Are there any noteworthy annual festivals or events to see in Nerja?

    Yes! Nerja hosts several annual festivals that are worth checking out, including the San Isidro Festival in May, the Nerja Fair in October, and the International Festival of Music and Dance in the Nerja Caves. The Three Kings Parade in January, the Christmas lights and the 'Carnival' festivities in February are also very popular and worth seeing.

  10. Are there any water sports activities to see Nerja's coastline and natural park?

    Yes! Nerja's coastline is ideal for water sports, offering activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and scuba diving, especially around the Maro-Cerro Gordo Natural Park. Many local companies provide equipment rental and guided tours. Here is a full list of activities and things to do in Nerja.

Have More Time? Check Out These Excursions...

Alhambra in Granada - 50 Min From Nerja
** Alhambra in Granada - 50 Min From Nerja

If you have a car, there is a LOT more you can see nearby in Andalucia; the Camino del Rey, the Alhambra Palace in Granada, the Mudejar-style white villages, and much more... See our FULL list of excursions FROM Nerja to take advantage of your time here!

Here are our favorite places to visit near Nerja:



This historic city is home to the iconic Alhambra, a stunning Moorish palace and fortress complex. You can also explore the old Albaicín neighborhood, known for its narrow winding streets and traditional whitewashed houses, and enjoy panoramic views of the city from the Mirador de San Nicolás. The rich history of Granada, combined with its stunning architecture, close proximity to Nerja (one hour), and vibrant food and wine scene... make it a must visit! Buy tickets to the Alhambra...



Frigiliana - a village near Nerja
** Frigiliana - 15 min from Nerja

At the top of the list of "Most Beautiful Villages in Spain", Frigiliana is a quaint mountain town just a short 15 minute drive north of Nerja. You can stroll through the historic quarter, visit the archaeological museum and eat in one of the many tapas bars overlooking the hills of the Sierras of Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park... with the shimmering Mediterranean Sea in the distance. A visit will only take 2-3 hours.



As the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Málaga has a rich cultural and artistic history. You can visit the Picasso Museum, stroll through the bustling city center, explore the Alcazaba Fortress or simply enjoy the city's lively seaport. Just 50 minutes from Nerja, Malaga also has beautiful beaches and a vibrant nightlife. See a flamenco show in Malaga...


The Alpujarras / Sierra Nevada

Village of Capileira - a short drive from Nerja
** Village of Capileira - a short drive from Nerja

About an hour from Nerja, the Alpujarras is a stunning region of Berber mountain villages on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada. It's a great place for walking, with lush landscapes, terraced farmland and charming villages like Pampaneira, Capileira and Lanjarón.

In winter the Sierra Nevada offers excellent skiing and in summer it's a great place for walking and mountain biking. Visit the Alpujarras in a group.


El Caminito del Rey

El Caminito del Rey - a short drive from Nerja
** El Caminito del Rey Hike -1 h 20 min from Nerja

Once known as the most dangerous trail in the world, the Caminito del Rey has been transformed into a safe and exciting walk along the steep walls of a narrow gorge. The trail offers breathtaking views and an unforgettable walking experience. The trail starts in Ardales, just under 2 hours from Nerja. Buy entry tickets to the Caminito del Rey.


Wine Tasting in Axarquia

The Axarquia region, east of Málaga and north of Nerja, is famous for its vineyards and production of Moscatel grapes. Join a wine tasting tour to visit local wineries, learn about the winemaking process and taste a variety of delicious Spanish wines. It's a great opportunity to enjoy the region's beautiful scenery and discover its rich wine culture (30 minutes from Sayalonga).

7 More Things to See in Nerja and Beyond...

  1. Tuesday Market (Mercadillo de Nerja): A lively local market selling everything from fresh produce to clothing and souvenirs.

  2. Calle San Juan de Capistrano: A charming street in the Nerja old town with traditional Andalucian houses, shops and restaurants.

  3. Chanquete's Boat - La Dorada: A tribute to the popular Spanish TV series 'Verano Azul', the boat is a popular photo spot for fans of the show.

  4. Maro Waterfall (Cascada de Maro): This beautiful waterfall is hidden near Maro Beach. It's most impressive after a rainfall and can be reached by kayak or boat from the sea.

  5. Acebuchal Village: Often referred to as "The Lost Village", Acebuchal was abandoned during a battle in the Spanish Civil War and repopulated in the late 20th century. It is currently being lovingly restored by one of the original families. It's a beautiful mountain village with whitewashed houses and narrow streets. The highlight is the family's rustic restaurant (Bar Acebuchal), which serves traditional mountain cuisine in an idyllic setting (reservations are a must!).

  6. Torrox Village: Known for having "the best climate in Europe", Torrox is a charming village with both a coastal area with lovely beaches and a seaside promenade, and an inland old town with traditional Moorish architecture and cobbled streets.

  7. Competa: Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra de Almijara, Competa is considered the "Pearl of Axarquia". It's a charming village noted for its local wine and the yearly Noche del Vino (Night of Wine) festival. The village has magnificent views of the surrounding countryside and the Mediterranean.

Things to See Around Nerja (Costa Tropical)

Almuñécar's San Miguel Castle Dating to Phoenician times Almuñécar is full of ancient monuments, like Roman aqueducts and even a Moorish castle.
The 10 Almuñécar Beaches Almuñécar is known for the beauty of its more than 10 gorgeous beaches, check them all out here.
Things to See in Nerja --> La Herradura Beaches
The La Herradura Beaches Nerja's neighbor to the east is also known for its beautiful beaches that are perfect for scuba diving and kayaking, explore them all here...

Things to See in Nerja --> Marina del Este
The Marina del Este Nestled between La Herradura and Almuñécar you will find one of the few up-scale marinas on the eastern end of the Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical.

Things to See in Nerja -->  Roman aqueducts
The Roman Aqueducts Roman engineers built five aqueducts in Almunecar to bring water from the valleys of the Rio Seco and Rio Verde. All five aqueducts are still standing and four of them are still in use today.

Things to See in Nerja --> Salobreña Castle
The Salobreña Castle Just a short drive down the coast from Nerja you can visit the Moorish castle of Salobreña and enjoy breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada soaring above stunning beaches and the Mediterranean Sea.

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