Explore the La Herradura Beaches

The tiny seaside town of La Herradura is fortunate enough to have 4 of its own gorgeous beaches. The longest of these beaches is Playa La Herradura, which is more than 2 meters of sand and small pebbles that runs between the towns two impressive rocky points. Packed with restaurants, shops, and a plethora of water sports activities, it has something for the whole family to enjoy.

There is also Playa Berengueles, which is a top scuba destination for people from all over Spain, Playa Cantarriján, a playa naturalista nestled within the picturesque and protected natural reserves and coastal cliffs to the west and Playa Calaiza, a wonderful little beach only accessed by kayak or hiking through the Cerro Gordo pine forest above. A trip to any of these beaches would make for an amazing day!

Where to find the Beaches in La Herradura

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