La Herradura Beaches
La Herradura

Things To Do in La Herradura

La Herradura Beaches

Mostly known for its beaches, outdoor sporting activities, and sheer beauty, the small village of La Herradura has lots to see and do...

After you have visited some of its better-known historic sites, like the two watchtowers and the Castle, take a stroll through town and see if you can find these lesser known sites.


Top Sites to Visit in La Herradura!

La Herradura La Ermita
La Ermita - A small hermitage located in the heart of the Punta de la Mona neighborhood, still operating today. The ermita sits upon a rocky mount with spectacular views to Almuñecar.


La Herradura Churches San Jose
The San Jose Church - La Herradura's main parish church, located on the eastern end of town behind the main Avenida Andres Segovia.


La Herradura - Shipwrecked Sailors
The Shipwrecked Sailors - Learn about the tragic shipwreck that befell the town of La Herradura in the year 1562. Here you will find a statue to commemorate the lives lost.


La Herradura -  Cortijo Bóveda
El Cortijo Bóveda - While exploring the Jate Valley behind La Herradura, you will find La Bovida, an old hermitage designed in the Byzantine architectural style.


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