Top Tours & Activities --> Almuñécar
Top Tours & Activities

Top Tours & Activities

Top Tours & Activities in Almuñécar --> Kayaking Tours
** Almuñécar Top Tours ➜ Kayaking, Scuba, and More...

Almuñécar and La Herradura are jam-packed with fun things to do, but most people come here for the huge assortment of outdoor activities and tours! The most popular tours available are:

  • Kayaking and snorkeling to the caves and waterfall
  • Rock jumping and canyoning in the Junta de los Rios
  • Scuba diving classes and excursions, and
  • Walking tours of the old town (to learn more about Almuñécar's historic sites)

Local companies will guide you through these activities to ensure that you get the most out of your experience.

You will also find a FULL list of available 'Adventure Tours' here.

Tours in Almuñécar & La Herradura!

Keep reading to find out more about the TOP tours and activities available in Almuñécar.

Top Tours & Activities in Almuñécar --> Walking Tour
Free Walking Tour of Almuñécar If you have the time, explore Almuñécar on foot with a local guide. This tour is FREE! Or you can book a private tour for up to 10 people for only 70€. Get lost in the winding streets and alleys of this beautiful village....

Top Tours & Activities in Almuñécar --> kayaking Tours
Kayaking Tours in the Maro Nature Reserve On any given day, hundreds of brightly colored kayaks paddle gently along the Costa Tropical / Maro coastline... past hidden caves, coves, and waterfalls. Tours leave from La Herradura and Nerja.

Top Tours & Activities in Almuñécar --> Scuba
Scuba Diving Courses If you're thinking about scuba diving while in town, this is the most comprehensive guide you will find. La Herradura is THE spot for diving in southern Spain and is recognized as a 5-star diving center.

Top Tours & Activities in Almuñécar --> Canyoning
Canyoning Tours in the Junta de los Rios Canyoning is a combination of repelling, climbing, jumping, sliding, and splashing down a river gorge. It's a very popular sport and there are several adventure companies that specialize in tours to the Junta de los Rios Nature Park.

Top Tours & Activities in Almuñécar --> Buggy Tours
Buggy Tours in Malaga & Granada These adventurous buggy tours will take you on an unforgettable journey through the mountains of the Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical. Venture into the hills where you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Andalucian coast and Morocco.

Top Tours & Activities in Almuñécar --> Sightseeing Cruises
Sightseeing Cruises in Malaga & Granada Our list of the TOP 10 Sightseeing Cruises in Malaga and Granada. Cruise the coast in a catamaran or yacht with a captain. Food and drinks are included and in some areas dolphin watching!

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