Almunecar Watchtowers

Almuñécar Watchtowers

There are four watchtowers to be found within the Almuñécar city limits, one (Torre Taramay) looks more like a small castle rather than a watchtower.

All of these towers are important in terms of the history of this area and date back to Moorish times. Most are easily accessible... see if you can find them all.

Find a detailed map of their exact locations at the bottom of the page...

Almuñécar watchtowers - Aquatropic
Torre Cotobro Located in the Cotobro Urbanization between Almuñécar and La Herradura. Restricted Access.

Almuñécar watchtowers - Aquatropic
Torre Velilla (Los Pinos) Located in the urbanization of Los Pinos in eastern Almuñécar. Easy to find.

Almuñécar watchtowers - Aquatropic
Torre Taramay Located next to the Playa Tesorillo on the eastern end of Almuñécar. Access through the beach.

Almuñécar watchtowers - Aquatropic
Torre de los Diablos Located at the top of a cliff over the Playa Curumbico. Access off the main highway N-340.

Where to find the Almuñécar Watchtowers

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