Costa Tropical - What to See & Do
What to See & Do

Top Things to See & Do

The Costa Tropical is packed with fun things to do, for you and your family! From museums, monuments, castles, and water parks... to outdoor activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurf, hiking, mountain biking, and more.

There are companies and tours available too that will guide you through many of these activities if it's something you've never tried.

Keep reading to find out the BEST things to do in the Costa Tropical.

Costa Tropical - See & Do - Museums
Visit the Children's Aquarium & Museums Here is something for all ages. The children will love the Aquarium and the adults will enjoy learning more about the history of the area in one of the Costa Tropical's many museums.

Costa Tropical - See & Do - Museums
Explore the Monuments Man has lived in southern Spain since pre-historic times, and as such, ancient relics are being discovered all the time. Many of these early remains are quite impressive and still in excellent condition. Visit the castles and aqueducts that date to Roman times and don't miss the Phoenician burial sites.

Costa Tropical - See & Do - Museums
Discover the TOP 10 Beaches in the Costa Tropical Ahhhh... the Costa Tropical beaches. If you've never seen them, you are missing out. The beaches along this sunny patch of Spanish coastline are some of the most beautiful in Spain. Keep reading to learn which ones are our favorites!

Costa Tropical - See & Do - TOP 20 Day Trips From Malaga!
Take an Adventure on the TOP 20 Day Trips From Malaga! Explore the TOP 20 day trips from Malaga, featuring stunning beaches, picturesque white villages, historic sites, and thrilling activities in the heart of Andalusia... and create unforgettable memories on your next vacation.

Costa Tropical - See & Do - Maro Beaches
Visit the 10 Beaches in the Maro Nature Reserve Learn about the 10 incredible beaches in the Maro Nature Reserve. This untouched, protected reserve boasts some of the most pristine and natural beaches in Andalucia. Kayaking excursions are also available to the caves, coves, and waterfalls of Maro.

Costa Tropical - See & Do - Walking Tours
Free Walking Tours in the Costa Tropical, Granada & Malaga If you have the time, explore some of the villages on foot with a local guide. Many of these guided tours are FREE! Get lost in the winding streets and alleys of these beautiful towns while learning about their most monumental sites.

Costa Tropical - See & Do - Museums
Explore the TOP 7 Costa Tropical Villages The Costa Tropical has numerous coastal and inland, rural villages. Keep reading to find out which ones are the most beautiful and which you can not afford to miss!

Costa Tropical - See & Do - Museums
Top TEN (10) BEST Things to Do in the Costa Tropical Not sure what to do first? Read our TOP 10 things to do in the Costa Tropical to get you started. From bird watching to rum tasting, you will surely discover some things you haven't tried... YET!

Costa Tropical - See & Do - Museums
Top TEN (10) Costa Tropical with KIDS! Traveling to the Costa Tropical with kids? No problem! Here is an exhaustive list of all the things that will keep your little ones busy and having a great time!

Costa Tropical - See & Do - Museums
Top Ten FREE and CHEAP Things to Do in the Costa Tropical Wondering what to do on holiday with a limited budget? Here is a list of the TOP 10 things to do in the Costa Tropical that are either free or very inexpensive.

Costa Tropical - See & Do - Museums
All Sports & Outdoor Activities Most people flock to the Costa Tropical for the outdoor life. Unlike the busy, commercial areas of the Costa del Sol, this area is known for its beauty. Every day you will find people scuba diving, mountain biking, kayaking around the bays, hiking in the hills, and sailing through the skies in parachutes.

Costa Tropical - See & Do - kayaking Tours
Kayaking in the Maro Nature Reserve On any given day, hundreds of brightly colored kayaks paddle gently along the Maro coastline... past hidden caves, coves, and waterfalls. Tours leave from La Herradura and Nerja.

Costa Tropical - See & Do - Museums
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling If you're thinking about scuba diving while in town, this is the most comprehensive guide you will find. La Herradura is THE spot for diving in southern Spain and is recognized as a 5-star diving center.

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