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Almunecar Parks

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Almuñecar is lucky to have many different types of parks to see during your visit. There is a little something for everyone to enjoy, a waterpark for the kids and lush botanical gardens for the adults.

Be sure to check the dates before your visit as many of these parks operate only during the summer months.

Almuñécar parks - Aquatropic
Aquatropic Water Park Aqua tropic is a very popular water amusement park located on the seafront road running east from Almuñecar to Playa Velilla. It's opened from June through September.

Almuñécar parks - loro-sexi
Loro Sexi Bird Park Bird watchers and families will be delighted to find this small but impressive ornithological treasure in the center of Almunecar. It lies just under the San Miguel Castle and Tropical Cactus Gardens.

Almuñécar parks - Majuelo
Majuelo Botanical Gardens The Majeulo Botanical Garden is known for its hundreds of palms and exotic trees that were brought here from all over the world. There is also an ancient phoenician fish curing factory right at its center.

Almuñécar parks - mediterraneo
Parque Mediterraneo A 38,000 square meter mediterranean garden located in Taramay between the beaches of Calabajío and El Pozuelo.

Almuñécar parks - junta-de-los-rios
Junta de los Rios Nature Park A natural park with spectacular waterfalls, turquoise pools, hiking trails and magnificent mountain views, hidden within the Costa Tropical Valley near the town of Otivar.

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