Almuñécar Beaches

The 15 Almuñécar Beaches

Almuñécar Beaches
** The Almuñécar Beaches - The Golden Sands of Playa Velilla

Savor the warm sands of these stunning Almuñécar beaches!

Almuñécar is blessed to have 15 beautiful beaches, some sandy, some pebbled, but all breathtakingly beautiful...

Most of Almuñécar's beaches are classified as "family beaches", which means they are perfect for families with children of all ages. These beaches have lifeguards on duty and the water is usually calm, with few strong currents or large waves that could pose a danger to small children.

You will also find Playa Cabria, which is known as a popular beach for water sports, and Playa Muerto and Playa Cantarriján, which are designated as nudist beaches.

Keep reading to find all the information you need to plan the perfect day on any one of these 15 gorgeous Almuñécar beaches... Remember to pack your sunscreen!

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The TOP 6 Almuñécar beaches

Almuñécar's most popular beaches are located along a promenade that connects them to the rest of town. They are easily accessible and most offer underground or street parking.

Along the Almuñécar promenade you will find an endless number of restaurants, cafes, shops, parks and other necessary facilities such as toilets, showers and playgrounds. This makes spending the day at any of these Almuñécar's beaches a pleasure... as you will have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Almuñécar Beaches - Tesorillo
Playa Tesorillo This small but majestic Almuñécar beach is surrounded by rocky cliffs, one of which is crowned by a Moorish tower. It takes its name from the small "treasure" of ancient coins found on its shores.

Almuñécar Beaches - Muerto
Playa Muerto Stunning views of the marina and rugged cliffs that plunge straight into the sea; these are the characteristics of Playa Muerto. This beach is one of Almunecar's "playas naturalistas" or nudist beaches.

Almuñécar Beaches - Playa San Cristobal
Playa San Cristobal The best known and most photographed beach in Almuñécar is Playa San Cristobal. This beach measures 280 metres and is named after the Peñon at its eastern end. The Peñon dates back to Phoenician times.

Almuñécar Beaches - Velilla
Playa Velilla Situated between Playa Tesorillo to the east and Playa Puerta del Mar to the west, Playa Velilla is the longest of Almuñécar's beaches. The popular AquaTropic water park is located at its western end.

Almuñécar Beaches - Puerta del Mar
Puerta del Mar One of the most popular and busiest beaches in Almuñécar is Puerta del Mar. It is located to the east of Peñon de Cristobal. It is known for its many tropical open-air bars and clubs that sit right on the beach.

Almuñécar Beaches - Pozuelo
Playa Pozuelo Located on the opposite side of Playa Tesorillo, Pozuelo also shares views of the old Moorish watchtower. It's a small, family-orientated beach with soft sand, ideal for children.

5 smaller more secluded Almuñécar Beaches are:

Almuñécar has several smaller, more secluded beaches that offer a quieter, more peaceful beach experience compared to the hustle and bustle of the town's main beaches. The relative isolation of the Costa Tropical, away from the major tourist hotspots of the Costa del Sol, means that some of its beaches remain relatively untouched, with some only accessible via dry river beds and cliff paths.


Beach Designation
Calabajio - Cotobro - Pozuelo -
Puerta del Mar - San Cristobal - Velilla
Puerta del Mar - TesorilloFamily / Youth / Music
Cabria - CurumbicoWater Sports / Youth / Secluded
Playa Cantarriján - Playa MuertoNudist Beach

The 15 Gorgeous Almuñécar Beaches - An Overview


Playa Cabria

Almuñécar Beaches - Cabria Beach

Playa Cabria is reached by driving along a dry riverbed. It's one of Almuñécar's more secluded beaches and has a village-like feel. There are several restaurants right on the beach, some of which even play music during the summer months. This beach attracts young people and bohemians.

Many water sports activities can be enjoyed from Playa Cabria. From here you can also access the second nudist beach in Almuñécar, Playa Curumbico.

Search Holiday Homes and Apartment Rentals near Cabria Beach ➜ Here

For More Information, Where to Stay, and Photos of this Almuñécar Beach ➜ Cabria Beach

Almuñécar Beaches - Cabria
Playa Cabria Nestled under a very impressive rock point and adorned with an ancient watchtower, this small beach is somewhat off the beaten path, offering a more peaceful and relaxing environment..

Type: Family & Water Sports Beach
Length: 250 Meters
Sand Type: Black, Fine Sand


Playa Calabajio

Almuñécar Beaches - Calabajio Beach

A beautiful little beach located just below a 4-star hotel, the Playacalida Resort (pictured above). This Almuñécar beach is surrounded by an impressive Mediterranean garden, which is very popular with walkers and cyclists, and there is a great restaurant at the top of the hill.

Playa Calabajio is a mix of sand and pebbles, and is around 200 metres long. Its semi-urban setting and moderate waves make it ideal for a quiet day at the beach. As it's a bit more secluded, it tends to attract fewer visitors than Almuñécar's larger beaches, so it's a good choice if you're looking for tranquillity and a less crowded environment.

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For More Information, Where to Stay, and Photos of this Almuñécar Beach ➜ Calabajio Beach

Almuñécar Beaches - Calabajio
Playa Calabajio One of the lesser known beaches in the area is Playa Calabajio. It is about 200 metres long, one of the smallest in Almuñécar, and is surrounded by a Mediterranean garden.

Type: Family Beach
Length: 200 Meters
Sand Type: Black, Fine Sand & Pebble

Best Hotel Near Playa Cabria & Calabajio

Almuñécar Hotels - Playacalida
Hotel Playacalida Spa tour stars Located on top of a cliff overlooking Almuñécar and the Cabria and Calabajio Beaches. This is one of the larger hotels in the area and features an infinity pool, lazy river, restaurant, bar, spa, free Wi-Fi and much more.


Playa Cotobro

Almuñécar Beaches - Cotobro Beach

Playa Cotobro is a very popular family beach, it's relatively small, about 350 metres long and has a mixture of sand and pebbles. It's in a semi-urban area, surrounded by apartment buildings, holiday villas and the beautiful ON ALETA ROOM hotel. The beach is set in front of a palm-lined promenade with magnificent views of the Mediterranean and Marina del Este in the distance.

As it's closer to town, this Almuñécar beach typically has more facilities, like beach bars (chiringuitos) and restaurants, and the hotel has a lovely terrace by the sea. However, as the beach is somewhat narrow and tucked away in a cove, it can feel quite intimate and secluded despite its proximity to the town center.

Due to the somewhat rocky seabed, snorkelling can be an enjoyable activity here, with opportunities to see some interesting marine life. The water quality is quite good, making it very nice for swimming.

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For More Information, Where to Stay, and Photos of this Almuñécar Beach ➜ Cotobro Beach

Almuñécar Beaches - Cotobro
Playa Cotobro One of the more popular Almuñécar beaches is Playa Cotobro. Its location at the foot of the Cotobro Urbanization makes it perfect for families on holiday in nearby villas.

Type: Family Beach
Length: 350 Meters
Sand Type: Coarse Sand & Pebbles


Playa Muerto

Almuñécar Beaches - Muerto Beach

Playa Muerto, which translates to 'Beach of the Dead', may sound a little ominous, but it's actually a beautiful spot, known for its tranquillity and natural beauty. It is one of the designated "playa naturalistas" or nudist beaches in the area.

This Almuñécar beach is located to the east of the town center, at the foot of a cliff. It's relatively isolated and can only be reached via a rocky footbridge, which adds to its secluded and peaceful atmosphere. It's made up of pebbles and has clear, calm waters, making it ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

Due to its more remote location, Playa del Muerto doesn't typically offer as many amenities or services as the larger, more urban beaches of Almuñécar. There are no lifeguards, beach bars or rental services of any kind, so come prepared with whatever you might need for the day. However, the local bus stops at the end of the road that leads to Playa Muerto.

For More Information, Where to Stay, and Photos of this Almuñécar Beach ➜ Muerto Beach

Almuñécar Beaches - Muerto
Type: Playa Naturalista (Nude Beach)
Length: 280 Meters
Sand Type: Semi-fine Sand & Pebbles

Best Hotel Near Playa Cotobro & Playa Muerto

Almuñécar Hotels - Playa Cotobro
Hotel ON Aleta Room tour stars Located just in front of the Cotobro and Muerto Beaches, Hotel ON Aleta Room is a good choice for a quiet, and relaxed holiday. It's equipped with a restaurant, pool, beachside terrace and free Wi-Fi.


Playa Curumbico

Almuñécar Beaches - Curumbico Beach

Playa Curumbico is an isolated cove accessed from the neighboring Playa Cabria via a stone walkway that wraps around the point. The beach boasts impressive views, but no services are available. The Playacalida Resort sits on top of the cliff overlooking this Almuñécar Beach.

For More Information, Where to Stay, and Photos of this Almuñécar Beach ➜ Curumbico Beach

Almuñécar Beaches - Curumbico
Playa Curumbico To the east of Playa Cabria is the private cove of Playa Curumbico. Access to this beach is via a stone pathway that wraps around the cliffs, also giving it more privacy.

Type: Isolated Cove
Length: 120 Meters
Sand Type: Black, Fine Sand


Playa Pozuelo

Almuñécar Beaches - Pozuelo Beach

This Almuñécar Beach is often praised for its cleanliness and the quality of its water, which makes it ideal for swimming and other water activities. As it's a sandy beach, it's also an excellent spot for sunbathing and for children to play.

Playa Pozuelo is a family beach located opposite a 4-star hotel with a spa. It has a restaurant right on the beach and, given its proximity to town, you're likely to find many more beach bars and restaurants nearby... making it a wonderful choice for a beach day.

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For More Information, Where to Stay, and Photos of this Almuñécar Beach ➜ Pozuelo Beach Guide

Type: Family Beach
Length: 280 Meters
Sand Type: Fine Sand


Playa Tesorillo

Almuñécar Beaches - Tesorillo Beach

Playa Tesorillo is another family beach, but is also very popular with young people. It is located in a cove surrounded by rugged cliffs that give it a sense of seclusion. The coastline stretches for about 100 metres and is a mixture of soft white sand and pebbles and the water is typically clear and calm, making it a great place for swimming and snorkelling.

Despite its small size and relatively secluded location, this Almuñécar Beach has quite a few amenities. There are two great restaurants right on the beach, one of which plays music during the summer months, and a lovely 4-star hotel just across the road. Sunshades and loungers can be rented for the day.

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For More Information, Where to Stay, and Photos of this Almuñécar Beach ➜ Tesorillo Beach

Type: Family & Youth / Live Music
Length: 90 Meters
Sand Type: Fine Sand

Best Hotel Near Playa Pozuelo & Playa Tesorillo

Almuñécar Hotels - Bahia Tropical
Hotel Bahia Tropical tour stars Just in front of Playa Pozuelo, this elegant hotel is one kilometer from the Old Town. It features a spa, free Wi-Fi, outdoor pools with sun terraces, a buffet style restaurant and evening entertainment.


Playa Puerta del Mar

Almuñécar Beaches - Puerta del Mar Beach

On the other side of the San Cristobal Peñon is Playa Puerta del Mar. This Almuñécar beach is in the center of town and has easy access to many good bars and restaurants.

There is a very popular row of tiki bars that run along the beach, playing music during the summer and offering wonderful sunset views in the evenings. This is one of the most festive beaches in Almuñécar, full of party-goers at night and very popular with young people.

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For More Information, Where to Stay, and Photos of this Almuñécar Beach ➜ Puerta del Mar Beach

Type: Family Beach / Longest Beach
Length: 770 Meters
Sand Type: Fine Sand


Playa San Cristobal

Almuñécar Beaches - San Cristobal Beach

Playa San Cristobal is the most popular beach in Almuñécar. Located in the center of town, it has restaurants and hotels, car parks, shops and all the amenities.

One of the defining features of this Almuñécar beach is the Peñón del Santo, commonly known as Peñón de Cristóbal, a series of large rocks jutting out into the sea at its eastern end. It is topped by a cross and offers panoramic views of Almuñécar, its beaches, the marina and the Mediterranean. Climb to the top and have a look!

Search Holiday Homes and Apartment Rentals near San Cristobal Beach ➜ Here

For More Information, Where to Stay, and Photos of this Almuñécar Beach ➜ San Cristobal Beach Guide

Playa San Cristobal: Top Hotels ➜
Hotel Helios - tour stars
Almuñécar Playa Spa Hotel
Hotel Casablanca

Type: Family Beach / Most Popular
Length: 1,000 Meters
Sand Type: Semi-Fine Sand

Best Hotel Near Playa Puerta del Mar & Playa San Cristobal

Hotel Helios tour stars Hotel Helios is located on the front line of San Cristóbal Beach in Almuñécar on the Costa Tropical. It offers an outdoor swimming pool and bar with beautiful sea views. Free Wi-Fi is provided. BEST LOCATION!


Playa Velilla

Almuñécar Beaches - Velilla Beach

Playa Velilla is the longest of Almuñécar's beaches and one of its main features is its long and lively promenade, a pedestrian-friendly walkway that runs the length of the beach. The promenade is lined with restaurants, cafes and shops and it's an ideal place for leisurely walks, bike rides or simply sitting and enjoying the sea views.

At the eastern end of Playa Velilla is the Aquatropic Water Park, which offers a fun-filled day for families. It has a variety of waterslides, pools and other attractions and is a fantastic alternative or addition to a day on the beach.

This Almuñécar beach is very popular for summer apartment rentals. You will find a wide range of holiday apartments, most with sea views. There are fewer hotels in this area.

Search Holiday Homes and Apartment Rentals near Velilla Beach ➜ Here

For More Information, Where to Stay, and Photos of this Almuñécar Beach ➜ Velilla Beach

Almuñécar Beaches - Velilla
Type: Family Beach
Length: 1,360 Meters
Sand Type: Dark, Coarse Sand


Playa Enmedio

Almuñécar Beaches - Enmedio Beach

This Almuñécar beach is a little off the beaten track and not easy to find, but it is great if you want to get away from the summer crowds. There are not many facilities, but there is a small restaurant on the beach that serves sandwiches and drinks. Buses don't go this far, so you'll need your own transport.

4 More Almuñécar Beaches in La Herradura:

Just a 5 minute drive down the coast is the small village of La Herradura. It is part of the municipality of Almuñécar and it's four beautiful beaches give you even more opportunities to find the perfect base for your next beach holiday...


Playa La Herradura

Playa La Herradura is the main beach in the village of La Herradura. It's a long, crescent-shaped beach with a mixture of pebbles and sand, lined with a range of facilities including restaurants, shops, and rental services for water sports (wonderful kayaking tours are available). Unlike the other, more secluded beaches of Almuñécar, Playa La Herradura is bustling with activity, making it a lively hub for locals and tourists alike.


Playa Calaiza

Playa Calaiza is a smaller, secluded beach that stands out for its natural surroundings and tranquility. It's a rocky beach and may require a bit of walking to reach, making it less crowded than Playa La Herradura. The unspoiled beauty of Calaiza offers a peaceful contrast to the busier atmosphere of La Herradura.


Playa Cantarriján

Located within the Maro-Cerro Gordo Natural Park, Playa Cantarriján is known for its beautiful clear waters and rocky seabed, making it a great spot for scuba diving and snorkelling. It's more secluded than Playa La Herradura, but has a couple of good beach restaurants. Compared to Playa Calaiza, Cantarriján has better facilities and easier access, making it a little more visitor-friendly, while still retaining its natural charm.

Check out the other beaches in the Maro Nature Reserve.


Playa Berengueles

This small cove, close to Marina del Este, is an intimate beach with clear waters and a mixture of sand and pebbles. It's more developed than Playa Calaiza, but quieter than Playa La Herradura, offering a balance of seclusion and convenience. While Playa Cantarriján stands out for its natural park setting, Playa Berengueles stands out for its proximity to the marina and its facilities.

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