Playa Tesorillo
Almunecar Beaches - Playa Tesorillo

Playa Tesorillo

Almunecar Beaches - Playa Tesorillo

This small but majestic beach is surrounded by rocky cliffs, one crowned with a Moorish tower. It is located between the Playa Tesorillo and Playa Pozuelo in Taramay, and earns its name from the ancient coins, or treasure, once found on its shoreline. Beautiful coastal views can be seen from Almunecar all the way down to the city of Motril.

Playa Tesorillo is great for families with small children as the beach gently descends into the sea and the waters are warmer here. There are two great restaurants that sit right at the entrance of the beach; one is Italian, the other serves local Spanish cuisine. They have live music most Fridays that creates a very fun and festive atmosphere. Outdoor seating is also available as well as bathrooms and showers.


Almunecar Beaches - Playa Tesorillo

Umbrellas and sun lounges are also available for rental on this beach. Parking can be hard to find due to the nearby 4 star hotel, so get there early.

Beach Information - Playa Tesorillo

Type: Family and Youth
Length: 90 Meters
Surface Area: 3,360 m2
Max Capacity: 672 users
Sand Type: fine sand
Facilities: Restaurants / Bars / Bathrooms
Access: Taramay Area

Almunecar Beaches - Playa Tesorillo

Getting There

Drive east along the shorline road passing the Aquatropic Water Park and Veillia Beach on your right. Once at the end of Playa Vililla you will find this little cove up and over the hill. The entrance is down a small driveway on your right. Walk between the two chiringuitos at the bottom and onto the beach.

Where to find Playa Tesorillo

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