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Welcome to the breathtakingly beautiful Costa Tropical of Granada, or sometimes called Costa Granada or Costa Granadina. If you've never visited this part of Spain, now is the time!

Experience first-hand its pristine beaches, rugged cliffs and mountains, pretty white villages, rich Andalucian culture and historic sites... There is something amazing for everyone!


About the Costa Tropical

In the past, the Costa Tropical was commonly overlooked in favor of its neighboring coast, the Costa del Sol. But today, with easier access due to the new highway, cheaper prices, prettier beaches and more natural surroundings, more and more people are flocking to this area.

The Granada coastline is made up of three mid-sized towns and many smaller white villages... but it's mostly associated with the town that sits at its center, Almuñécar, its sidekick La Herradura and their pretty neighbor Salobreña. The well-known white village of Nerja sits right on the border, just a 10-minute drive away.

Motril is also a popular destination now and the largest of the Costa Tropical towns with a population of over 60,000.

Coastline of the Costa Tropical of Granada

Where is the Costa Tropical of Granada?

You will find this magnificent stretch of Mediterranean coastline in the region of Andalucia. It is conveniently located between two of the most visited cities in Southern Spain; Malaga and Granada.

Along the coast, it sits between the famous Costa del Sol and the lesser known, but stunningly beautiful, Costa Almeria.

Along the coast, from west to east and streching the entire length of the Granada Province, the Costa Tropical begins at La Herradura and ends at the small village of Albuñol. Stretching northward, it reaches the base of the Alpujarra mountains on the east and northeast side (Albondon), and meets the towns of Dúrcal and Padul at the edge of the Lecrin Valley.

The driving time between Nerja and Motril, the larger coastal towns on either end of the Costa Tropical, is about 30 minutes.

See our Costa Tropical Maps Guide to learn more about where we are...

What makes the Costa Tropical so Special?

The Costa Tropical is a special place indeed! The combination of its unusual micro-climate (320 days of sun each year), tropical vegetation (palms, flowers, fruits and vegetables), beautiful landscape with the soaring Sierra Nevada mountains meeting the sea, and its rich, multi-cultural (Phoenician, Roman, Greek, and Arab) history make the Costa Tropical one of the most interesting areas in Spain, and in Andalucía in particular.

Unlike the better-known Costa del Sol where the 21st century has already arrived, the Costa Tropical is still very quaint and Spanish. Its people are warm, friendly and family-loving.....qualities that are fast disappearing.

Once you've visited this part of Spain, you will probably be back again....and again....and maybe stay for good... like so many others before you.

Tropical Coast


Top Destinations in the Costa Tropical


Surrounding Areas...

When you visit the Costa Tropical of Granada there are also a multitude of new destinations for you to discover. Being perfectly centered between the two culture-rich cities of Malaga and Granada provides you with the perfect location from which to explore...

Don't miss the mountains and villages of the Sierra Nevada, the region of Axarquia, the Lecrin Valley, the rural villages of the Granada Province and the famous white villages of Nerja and Frijiliana... all are just a short drive from the coast.

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Where to find the Costa Tropical of Granada

Top Sites - Costa Tropical

San Miguel Castle - Costa Tropical

Maro Cerro Gordo Reserve
Maro / Cerro Gordo

Salobrena Castle - Costa Tropical of Granada

Roman Aqueducts
Roman Aqueducts

Costa Tropical of Granada Beaches
The Beaches

Popular Trips and Tours

With so much to see all around you, take advantage of some of these popular tours while your in town. The Alhambra (Granada), Camino del Rey, Nerja Caves and Frigiliana are some of the top destinations in the area.

Planning your trip to the Costa Tropical...

Where to Stay in the Costa Tropical?

The Costa Tropical is packed with great Hotels, many of them 4-star. There are options for every price range, we have 1-3 star hotels, hostels, pensions, guest houses and many campgrounds for the adventurous spirit!

To learn more about the best places to stay along the coast read:

Where to Stay in the Costa Tropical of Granada

Weather in the Costa Tropical of Granada

Geographically located between Africa and the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the Costa Tropical is sheltered from cold northerly winds resulting in the only totally protected, sub-tropical zone on the southern coast of Spain. The climate varies greatly, but we enjoy a more tolerable range here along the coast compared to more severe summers and winters elsewhere. This area is usually 10º - 20º cooler during the summer months and 10º-20º warmer during the winter than even some of our closest neighbors (Costa del Sol, Granada City or Almeria).

Together with approximately 320 days of sunshine yearly and an average temperature of 20ºC, this strip of coastline is indeed special.

Getting to the Costa Tropical

Getting to the Costa Tropical of Granada

Getting Here by Train:

Granada and Malaga both have great train stations and are accessible from anywhere within Spain. In general, the rail station in Spain is great and runs very smoothly. You can travel all over the country easily and quickly and usually at a low cost to you.

The best site for finding the lowest fares and booking trains is OMIO:
Look for rates and times for TRAINS in Spain.

Getting Here by Plane:

Flying into the Costa Tropical is also easily done. Both Malaga and Granada have airports that service all of Spain. Malaga's airport is international with direct flights coming in from all over the world. The BEST site for finding low cost airlines into these two cities is OMIO, they have added a new flight service and it's the cheapest that we have seen AND with the most reliable carriers:

Getting Around in the Costa Tropical

Getting around in the Costa Tropical of Granada


The Spanish bus system is great. Unlike in some countries, buses are very often used here and depended on so they tend to be large, comfortable, and reliable. You can get direct buses from the larger cities to any of the Costa Tropical towns or buses that run from small town to town. There are also local buses that take you around each town. You can purchase bus tickets on the same website where train tickets are sold and compare the prices of each. You have to pay for local buses as you get on.


Each town has a taxi stand where taxis are always present. You can either go down to the stand or call one up and have them come to you. There are also several private taxi services with larger vehicles that will take you to and from the bigger cities and airports. More about Taxis in Almuñécar.

Rental Car

One of the preferred ways of getting around is of course renting your own car. Car rentals in Spain tend to be very reasonable. You can either pick up a car in Granada or Malaga (at the airport) or pick up a car in town. More about car rentals in Almuñécar.

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