Hiking & Trekking - Costa Tropical
Hiking & Trekking - Costa Tropical

Hiking in the Costa Tropical

Hiking & Trekking in La Herradura, Almunecar & Motril

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There are many gorgeous natural reserves in the Costa Tropical that offer superb walking and trekking experiences. Try the Río Verde Valley, Sierra Tejeda Mountain Range (behind Nerja), or the historical “Ruta del Pescado” (fish route), a historical walk that goes from Almunecar to Granada. Some local companies have guided walks that will take you into the mountains behind Almunecar.

In La Herradura, you can explore the Parque Natural Acantilados de Maro Cerro Gordo that wraps around behind the Cerro Gordo point. There are also great walking paths that take you along the coast with breathtaking views of the cliffs, beaches, and rocky shoreline.

The Río Verde Valley Walk - Junta de los Rios

Almuñécar parks - junta-de-los-rios
Junta de Los Rios Nature Park - A natural park with spectacular waterfalls, turquoise pools, hiking trails, and magnificent mountain views, hidden within the Costa Tropical Valley near the town of Otivar.


Ruta del Pescado

The Costa Tropical section of the Ruta del Pescado is relatively short. It will take you about 35 minutes each way, but the views are stunning.

The route starts just to the right of the Hotel Best Alcazar in the Punta de la Mona urbanization. The path is not marked and a bit overgrown so it's easy to miss.

This hike runs along the cliffs above the Marina del Este and then curves around and heads down to the Playa Muerto in Almunecar where it ends. If you want to continue the walk you can follow the lovely promenade that runs the length of Almunecar's coastline, all the way to Playa Tesorillo. The full one-way walk to the end will take you about two hours.

Parque Natural Acantilados de Maro Cerro Gordo

There are two great hikes you can do in the Cerro Gordo Nature park. One is the "Playa Cantarriján Walk" and the other is the "Maro Tower Walk". Both walks are described further on the following page.

La Herradura Nature Reserve
The Cliffside Nature Reserve - La Herradura lies just outside the "Paraje Natural de Los Acantilados de Maro / Cerro Gordo" which is a protected nature reserve along the Maro Cliffs. The reserve contains many spectacular beaches and hiking trails, it's a wonderful area to explore...


Sierra Tejeda Mountain Range

Behind Nerja, you can't miss the soaring Sierra de Tejeda Mountain Range with the picturesque village of Frigiliana nestled within its rolling hills. Between these two charming towns lies a network of winding paths and dry river beds that are an absolute delight to explore.

The three most popular routes are:

  • The Rio Chillar Walk
  • El Cielo Hike
  • And, the hike that connects Nerja with Frigiliana

You can find more detail about these hikes at the bottom of the Nerja page.

Walking in the Alpujarras

One of the most wonderful areas for walking in Spain is in the Alpujarras, just 45-minutes north of the Costa Tropical. There you will find quaint historic villages and long winding paths that run through mountains, valleys, and streams.

The best time to enjoy these hikes is in spring and fall when the weather isn't too extreme, but they can be done all year round. The scenery and nature you will experience in these parts are unforgettable.

Each of the Alpujarra villages has wonderful walks you can do. For more detail visit the following pages...

Check out the Alpujarra villages: Órgiva - Pampaneira - Bubión - Capileira - Pitres - Trevélez - Lanjaron

Hiking in Lanjaron: The Acequia Aceituno ➜ Cecarta Trail.

Lanjarón Hike - Acequia Aceituno
** Lanjarón Hike - Acequia Aceituno - Cecarta Trail

El Torcal de Antequera National Park

If you are looking for a little adventure or a weekend getaway... you can't beat the beauty and uniqueness of El Torcal National Park.

El Torcal is in the Province of Malaga about 1-hour north of the capital city. It's also 25 minutes south of another popular destination, the town of Antequera (from which it derives its name).

There are three hikes you can do once inside the park of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty...

La Herradura Nature Reserve
El Torcal de Antequera National Park - 10 things you should know BEFORE you go! Learn about the history of the rock formations, the walks, where to eat, and where to stay nearby. There are also historic dolmens you can visit while in the area.


Guided Walks - Walks with Guides

Many of the local walks are available with guides... These hikes are seasonal and done in the spring and summer months.

Recommended Guided Walks:

Frigiliana Small-Group Hike and Wine Tasting Tour from Malaga MALAGA ACTIVA TOURS unique experience in a hidden path you you will not find otherwise. SMALL GROUP (max 8 p.) with independent t...

tour stars Stars: 4.9   |  
Reviews: 35
Likely to Sell Out!
El Saltillo Gorge and White Village Hiking Tour from Malaga Hiking in a gorgeous Natural PARK during 3h30 hours in a SMALL GROUP (max. 8 people). Visit to a white village. Going for a swim...

tour stars Stars: 4.7   |  
Reviews: 24
Likely to Sell Out!
Half-Day Malaga Small-Group Hiking and Snorkeling Tour Unique experience of MALAGA ACTIVA TOURS in an isolated place out of the crowds. SMALL GROUP (max 8 p.) with independent travelle...

tour stars Stars: 4.7   |  
Reviews: 26

The Most Famous Hike in Spain

The Caminito del Rey is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in Spain, after the Alhambra in Granada.

The walk takes about 2-hours and is located in the center of the beautiful El Chorro lake district which has become quite famous too in recent years. It's the perfect area to cool off and spend the day after a long hike. The Camino del Rey is just 1 hour and 30 minutes from Almuñécar.

To see the TOP tours available to the Camino del Rey read ➜ Caminito del Rey

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