Top Ten Things To Do in the Costa Tropical With Kids

Things to do with Kids in the Costa Tropical - Kayaking in the Caves

10 Fun Things to Do in the Costa Tropical With Your Kids

The Costa Tropical was made for kids! There is an endless number of things for your kids to do while on vacation here. From waterparks, bouncy aquatic parks, an aquarium and bird park... to outdoor sporty adventures like hiking, kayaking, padel board and just hanging on the beach.

Here is a list of the top 10 things for kids to do in the Costa Tropical. Have fun!!!

1. Fútbol Game

Things to do with Kids in the Costa Tropical - Futobol

Ahhhhh, Fútbol... Spain's favorite past time! If you're kids are into soccer / fútbol there are some great opportunites for seeing some of Spain's best players. I'm speaking of Ronaldo Cristiano and Lionel Messi.

The stadium in Malaga (45 min away) hosts games quite often and some are between Malaga and Madrid or Malaga and Barcelona.

Take a look at the schedule before you come and see what games will be on... The atmosphere at a Spanish Fútbol game is electrifying!

Official Malaga Fútbol Stadium and Team Site.

2. Feed the Fish in the Marina del Este

Things to do with Kids in the Costa Tropical - Futobol

Who doesn't love a stroll through a beautiful, tranquil marina in the afternoon. The Marina del Este in La Herradura is an upscale marina with lots of nice shops and restaurants right on the water. The kids will enjoying see the boats.

Take some bread with you and let them feed the fish while you are there. There are thousands of huge carp that live in the marina that would just love a snack!

Head over to Playa Berenegueles when you're done and let the kids run on the beach.

3. Visit Some Castles

Things to do with Kids in the Costa Tropical - Almuñécar Loro Sexi Bird Park

There are numerous castles in the Costa Tropical that despite their age are still in fantastic condition. Times were tough during the Roman and Muslim periods and the castles were the towns first line of defense.

Almuñécar, Salobreña and La Herradura all have castles you can visit. Going down the coast to the east you will find other castles, watchtowers and other strategic fortresses built for coastal defense.

Almuñécar Castle - San Miguel Castle
La Herradura Castle
Salobreña Castle
Castillo de Baños

4. Hike to the Top of Cerro Gordo

Things to do with Kids in the Costa Tropical - Hiking in Cerro Gordo

We all know that kids like to climb things. Well, there's no more perfect place in the Costa Tropical than the Cerro Gordo point to climb to the top of.

Making up the western arm of the La Herradura bay is the Maro / Cerro Gordo National Park. You can drive up to the top, then get out and follow the path to the tip of the point --- behind the Cerro Gordo Watchtower.

The views are fantastic and if the kids are quiet and pay attention they might spot one of the wild Ibex that live there...

5. Spend a Day on the Beach

Things to do with Kids in the Costa Tropical - La Herradura Beach

This really goes without saying, but we're going to say it anyway, one of the best things to do with your kids in the Costa Tropical is spend the day on the beach. Luckily for them there are dozens to choose from, and all offer something special.

Most of the beaches have tons of fun activities for the kids, such as kayaking, padel board, water-bikes, snorkeling, diving and more.

Almuñécar Beaches
La Herradura Beaches
Salobreña Beaches
Top 10 Best Beaches of the Costa Tropical

6. Bounce on the Aqua Marina

Things to do with Kids in the Costa Tropical - Aqua Arena

From July thru September the kids can enjoy another type of waterpark, the inflatibles. These inflatible parks are all the rage along the coast right now and open up in each of the larger Costa Tropical towns. Almuñécar, La Herradura and Salobreña all have one, and the kids love them!

Bouncing is booked by the hour and by the end, they will all be exhausted... a plus for the adults as well!

7. Spend the Day at the Aquatropic Water Park

Things to do with Kids in the Costa Tropical - Aquatropic Waterpark

The Aquatropic Waterpark will keep your kids entertained all day long. It opens in the morning and stays open all day. You can drop your kids off, or stay and relax under the olive trees and enjoy a good book.

The park is great for all ages, it has play areas for toddlers and young children and high octane, adrenalin inducing, super-fast slides for the older ones.

Read our full review of the Aquatropic Waterpark here.

8. Hike to the Waterfalls of the Junta de los Rios

Things to do with Kids in the Costa Tropical - Junta de los Rios

If your kids are a little older and enjoy hiking they will love the Junta de los Rios Natural Reserve in Otivar. You can keep things slow and easy and stop at the first large pools for a picnic --- and rock jumping, Or you can make a day of it and hike all the way to the waterfalls. Either way your kids will have a blast!

Read our full review of the Junta de los Rios here.

9. Visit the Aquarium

Things to do with Kids in the Costa Tropical - Almuñécar Aquarium

Head over to Almuñécar and visit the Aquarium. It's located just opposite the local daily mercado (or marketplace). The Aquaium is one level below ground and full of interesting fish and other aquatic species.

There is also a underwater tunnel where the kids can experience sharks and sting-rays swimming all around them.

More information on the Almuñécar Aquarium

10. Squawk at the Parrots at the Loro Sexi Bird Park

Things to do with Kids in the Costa Tropical - Almuñécar Loro Sexi Bird Park

Just under the Almuñécar Castle is this quant little bird park that the kids will love. The Loro Sexi Bird Park specializes in parrots, but there are numerous other interesting bird species from all over the world, as well as other types of small fuzzy mammals like lemurs and prairie dogs for them to enjoy.

More information on the Loro Sexi Bird Park

11. Explore the Caves by Kayak

Things to do with Kids in the Costa Tropical - Kayaking in the Caves

A favorite activity for kids that visit the Costa Tropical, and for the adults too, is renting Kayak's in La Herradura and paddeling around the Cerro Gordo point. Once you've rounded the point there are several small caves and one larger one that you can paddel into.

Bring your snorkel, Calaiza Beach is on the way and it's a great place to stop off for a swim.

12. Take the Almuñécar Train

Kids love a train! During the summer months the Almuñécar Tourist Train makes hourly loops around the town in the afternoons. It's a great way to see a city and get your bearings.

If you save your ticket, sometimes they will allow you to hop on and off too, so you can see a few of the sites along the way.

13. Take a Break in the Majuelo Gardens

Things to do with Kids in the Costa Tropical - Majuelo Gardens

Majuelo Gardens is a great place to take the kids. Not only can they see the ancient ruins from the Phoenician Fish Salting Factory (which sit right at its center), but they can also try identifying the different exotic trees and palms that are brought in from countries all over the world.

There are also cool statues placed throughout the park and the 'Province Houses' (local craft shops) where they can buy a souvenir or two.

More information on the Majuelo Botanical Gardens

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