Playa Calaiza
La Herradura

Kayak To Playa Calaiza

Playa Calaiza

Playa Calaiza sits at the base of the Cerro Gordo Nature Reserve and is one of the lesser known beaches in the area due to its relative inaccessibility. For this reason, it is also one of the quieter, more peaceful and natural beaches to enjoy in La Herradura.

You can access Calaiza in one of two ways, by kayak or on foot through the Pine forest above.

Finding Playa Calaiza by Kayak

One great way to spend your day, if you are up for a little adventure and exercise, is to rent a kayak along the main La Herradura Beach. From there you have the entire bay to explore.

Paddle to the western end of the beach and you will find beautiful rocky coves where you can park your kayak and get out for a swim and a snorkel. Continue to Playa Calaiza where you can enjoy a quick rest, a little sunbathing and a picnic, the kids will love jumping off the rocks into the sea and trying to spot octopus (that live and breed there) with their snorkels. Once rested, head towards the tip of the Cerro Gordo point where there is a large cave that you can paddle into.

From the cave, if your arms aren’t exhausted yet, you can continue down the coast towards Maro, where you will find the beautiful Maro Waterfall that empties out into the sea. The scenery along the way is spectacular as it is part of the Paraje Natural de los Acantilados de Maro & Cerro Gordo which is the nature reserve that lies above and below the sea from La Herradura all the way to Maro.

Playa Calaiza

There are several places in La Herradura where boats can be rented during all hours of the day (during the summer months). You can also rent kayaks on Maro Beach and reach the waterfall much faster.

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Finding Playa Calaiza on Foot

The second way to access Calaiza is by walking through the pine forest above and down a winding trail to the beach. You must first make your way into the Urbanization of Carmenes del Mar, once through the giant white arch at the entrance, continue down the hill and to the left.

You will soon see a brick path on your left-hand side that had been blocked off, but is currently open. Park along the street and follow this path down until you get to a wide-open circular area that has a sign saying "Mapa del Paraje Natural".

Playa Calaiza

Walk through the woods to the left of the sign and follow the trail to the bottom, from here the trail becomes a little steeper and narrower, so be careful. In parts the trail can also be a bit daunting so we would not recommend this path to anyone with any physical limitations.

Walking time from the sign until you reach the bottom should only be about 5 minutes. Once at the beach… Enjoy! The views from this beach are spectacular.

Recommended Beach Hotels: Any of the Hotels in La Herradura would be a good place to stay to enjoy this beach.

Playa Calaiza

Trail from Playa Calaiza to the Cerro Gordo Tower

If you are feeling even more adventurous, continue down the wider path past the beach access point, and you will reach another very rocky path that goes up to your right. This path will take you all the way to the top of the Cerro Gordo point to the roman tower. This trail will take you about 40 minutes to the top.

Beach Information

Type: Family Beach
Length: 400 Meters
Surface Area: 9,900 m2
Max Capacity: 1,980 users
Sand Type: Course sand and pebbles
Facilities: Hotel, Restaurants, Bars
Access: Street Parking
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Where to find the Playa Calaiza