Scuba Diving La Herradura
Scuba Diving - La Herradura

Scuba Diving in La Herradura

Scuba Diving - La Herradura

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Under the crystal blue waters of La Herradura Bay lies a literal paradise of exotic underwater flora and fauna, including vibrant coral species, starfish, seahorses, octopus, and even the occasional pod of dolphins...

The seabed around La Herradura is so special that it has been awarded prizes in national underwater photography competitions and declared as a protected national park that is home to amazing species not found anywhere else in Spain.

Diving in the Beautiful Bay of La Herradura

Almuñécar (and La Herradura specifically) has become a real focal point nationally and internationally in recent years for those interested in Diving.

The area around La Herradura is known for its spectacular beauty, especially the cliffs, the nature reserves found around Maro and Cerro Gordo, and the unique landscape where the natural park of Sierra de la Almijara meets the sea. These are all visually stunning, but what many people don’t realize is that what lies beneath the sea, is equally as stunning.

Diving courses in La Herradura (and the Granada coast) that we recommend:


Open Water Dive Course With this PADI Open Water Diver course in Almuñécar (La Herradura) you will explore the Costa Tropical of Granada for 4 days and learn all the necessary techniques to enjoy the underwater sealife. Certification Awarded ➜ Open Water Diver.


Baptism in Almuñécar with Experienced Divers Don't have much time and not sure about needing a certification? Try a dive in Almuñécar and discover the amazing marine life that hides beneath the waters along the Costa Tropical. 1.5-hour immersion. Ages 14 and up.


All Open Water Dive Courses in Granada Find a list of the best most unique and personalized diving courses in Granada from the most basic levels to the most advanced... mostly working in small groups. You can book these course securely online. Courses are available in La Herradura, Almunecar, Motril, and Calahonda.

Scuba Diving La Herradura - Marina
** Many dives start from Marina del Este & Playa Berengueles

The Top 3 Diving Sites in La Herradura

Under the La Herradura bay and around its two points, you will discover mysterious underwater caves and grottos that are home to species not usually found at such shallow depths. These very rare, colorful plants and animals are a true sight to be seen...

Some of the best-known diving spots in La Herradura are located in three different zones and are frequented by all the top diving centers:

  1. Paraje Natural Cerro Gordo (The Nature Park Along the Maro & Cerro Gordo Cliffs)

    Dive Sites Include: Cuevas de Cantarrijan (The Caves around Playa Cantarrijan), La Huerta (the Garden), Pared Cueva de las Palomas (Cave Wall in Las Palomas), Los Molinos (the Mills), El Cañuelo, and Playa Calaiza (a small beach and cove on the western arm of La Herradura)

  2. La Herradura / Punta de la Mona

    Dive Sites Include: Piedra del Hombre, La Calita, Piedras Altas, and the Cueva Jarro.

  3. Marina del Este

    Dive Sites Include: Los Corales (Punta de la Mona), La Pared, Piedra de la Higuera (Los Coches), Cueva del Roqueo de los 14, and Los Berengueles (the cove around Playa Berengueles).

For more information on these dive sites, contact the diving companies below.

Buceo La Herradura - Dive Site - Punta Buceo La Herradura - Dive Sites - Cerro Gordo
Buceo La Herradura - Swimming with Fish
** Dive Sites: Punta de la Mona & Cerro gordo

Scuba Diving in La Herradura - What's on Offer?

Not surprisingly, due to year-round good weather, gorgeous underwater scenery, and the bay's protected waters many scuba diving companies operate in La Herradura all year long. Courses are offered for all skill levels and PADI diving certificates can also be obtained.

These companies will train you, certify you, provide you with the necessary equipment, and then take you to the best known diving spots in the area.

The top three services available are:

  1. Baptism (also called Try-a-Dive) - Not yet prepared to jump into a certified course... the Try-a-Dive will allow you to try scuba diving to see if you like it. A Baptism is designed for someone with no previous diving experience, where they can dive for the first time, accompanied by an instructor.

    You will receive a theoretical explanation of about 15-20 minutes on the basics of scuba diving, followed by a dive into the sea at a depth of no greater than 10 meters. It includes a full equipment rental and no certification is needed.

  2. PADI Certification - Interested in furthering your scuba diving skills? Then the PADI certification might be for you. There are many different skill levels to attain, each with its own requirements and skillsets. Specialty classes are also available at most dive centers.

    Skill levels include Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, and Divemaster or Master Scuba Diver. (explanations below)

  3. Immersion - An immersion is just another name for a dive that can be booked alone or in packages. Most centers offer packages to certified divers which include equipment rental and transfer to the dive site in groups of x5 or x10 dives.

Scuba Diving La Herradura - Divers
** Scuba Diving in La Herradura

Scuba Diving - La Herradura PADI Certifications

All diving certification courses are certified by PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors). The following are the levels that can be attained in La Herradura and what each level allows you to do:

  1. Scuba Diver - Max depth 12 meters – An easy certification if you have just a little time and want to experience the world of diving. You will always need to have an instructor with you on future dives. Includes theory classes and two dives in the sea.

  2. Open Water Diver - If you have a little more time you can accomplish the next skill level that will allow you to dive anywhere in the world without a guide. It usually takes 3-4 days to achieve with a total of 5 theory classes, 5 confined water classes, and 4 open water dives.

  3. Advanced Open Water Diver - Want to take diving a little further? To try for this certification you must already have your Open Water Diver Certification and 12 dives. It should take an additional 2-3 days with two required courses (Deep Diving and Underwater Navigation) and three specialty courses from the choices below.

  4. Rescue Diver - Available to everyone, this course is a safety course and meant to teach the diver how to respond to different situations, from a diver in distress to the search and recovery of a missing diver.

  5. Divemaster or Master Scuba Diver - You’re on your way to becoming a professional! With the Divemaster certification, you can now supervise dives and work with student divers.

  6. Specialty Master Classes - Choices include, night diving, underwater scooter, buoyancy, search and recovery, multi-level, underwater naturalist, underwater photography, and more.


Course Days Dives* Pre-Requisite Price Level
Bap .5 0/2 None €60 - €75
SD 2 3/2 None €100 - €280
OWD 3-4 5/4 SD Cert €320 - €390
AOWD 2 0/5 OWD Cert €295 - €325
RD 3 0/6 None €250 - €370
MD 28 0/30 AOWD Cert €600 +


  • Baptism (Bap), Scuba Diver (SD), Open Water Diver (OWD), Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD), Rescue Diver (RD), and Divemaster or Master Scuba Diver (MD).

  • Prices reflect the lowest and highest listed prices from all the diving companies operating in the Almuñécar / La Herradura area.

  • *Dives (CONF / OW) - Confined water dives (in a swimming pool for example) vs dives at sea.

The TOP 8 Local Diving Centers

These dive centers operate out of La Herradura, Almunecar, and Nerja and all do dives along the spectacular coastline of the Costa Tropical.

1. ScubaSur

One of Almuñécar's top diving centers offering all PADI certification courses listed above plus a large number of specialty courses. They will provide you with diving equipment, instructional material, transportation by boat and minibus to all the best Almuñécar / La Herradura dive sites, and a course certificate upon completion.

Book Online:


Address: Paseo China Gorda, 5 Edeficio Delfin 18690, Almuñécar Granada España

Phone: +34 958 634 512 / WhatsApp 680 396 993
Website: https://www.scubasur.com
Email: info@scubasur.com

ScubaSur - PADI Certification Pricing

€100 / €60 discount €260 €390 €295 €295 €600

2. Buceo La Herradura

Operating for 20 years in La Herradura they offer Baptisms (Try-a-Dive) and full PADI certification. Buceo La Herradura has two locations, one in Marina del Este and the other beachfront along Playa La Herradura.

This dive center is equipped with two boats that leave directly from the marina, a dive pool in La Herradura for contained dives, and 6 available classes at various levels, from beginner to professional diver.


Address: Avenida Marina del Este S/N, 18697 La Herradura, Almuñécar Spain

Phone: +34 958 82 70 83
Website: https://www.buceolaherradura.com
Email: info@buceolaherradura.com

Buceo La Herradura Pricing

€70 €220 €320 €295 €350 €650
Immersion Packages
Boat + Air: €30
Boat + Bottle + Air: €33
Boat + Full Equipment: €48
Boat + Full Equipment (X5): €216
Boat + Full Equipment (X10): €408

3. Wikisub Buceo - La Herradura

Wikisub Buceo is run by Juan Carlos Reyes, a diver since 2004. He has been a certified Open Water Instructor since 2018 and has extensive experience with sports training. His love for teaching made him take the leap to PADI instructor / Scuba Master and he pours all his best experience into his students.

Not only does Wikisub operate in the Almuñécar / La Herradura area, but they also arrange dives in Malaga, Cabo de Gata (Almeria), Cadiz / Tarifa, and Calahonda.


Address: Ensenada de los Berengueles S.N Marina del Este. Playa, 18690, Granada

Phone: +34 610 82 47 76
Website: https://artetempus.wixsite.com/wikisub/
Contact: https://artetempus.wixsite.com/wikisub/contacto

4. Open Water La Herradura

Open Water La Herradura is located in the middle of La Herradura along the beach where they have classrooms available for theory classes. They also have 3 large zodiac boats that leave from the beach, transporting divers to 16 different dive sites.

Several packages are available for immersion and PADI certification as well as snorkel, paddle surf, kayak, and canoe. Many of their packages also include night diving.


Address: Paseo Andrés Segovia, s/n, La Herradura (Granada)

Phone: +34 644 444 314 – 958 640 092
Website: https://www.openwater.es
Email: info@openwater.es

Open Water La Herradura Pricing

€60 €100 €360 €295 €290 €600
Immersion Packages
Boat + Bottle + Air: €29
Boat + Bottle + Air + Heavy Equipment: €39
Boat + Bottle + Air + Complete Equipment: €45
Boat + Bottle + Air + Heavy Equipment (X5): €175
Boat + Bottle + Air + Complete Equipment (X5): €200
Boat + Bottle + Air + Heavy Equipment (X10): €340

5. Buceo Aqualia

The Aqualia Dive Center has been operating in La Herradura since 2009 and is located right next to the marina on Playa Berengueles. Because they have all the necessary equipment on the beach most dives can be done directly from the beach without the need for a boat.

They offer Baptism and 6 PADI courses for all skill levels.


Address: C/ Gonzalo Barbero, 1, La Herradura, Granada

Phone: +34 628 903 777
Website: https://www.buceoaqualia.com
Email: info@buceoaqualia.com

Buceo Aqualia Pricing

€60 €280 €345 €320 €370 €-
Immersion Packages
Bottle + Air: €28
Bottle + Air + Heavy Equipment: €33
Bottle + Air + Complete Equipment: €38
Boat + Bottle + Air: €33
Boat + Bottle + Air + Heavy Equipment: €39
Boat + Bottle + Air + Complete Equipment: €47

6. Buceo Marina

Recreational and professional courses are on the menu here. Buceo Marina is located at the entrance to La Herradura on the way down to the beach. The center has a heated swimming pool (for contained dives), a boat for 12 divers, a mini-bus, and a dive shop.

Dives are done directly from their boat the "Mola Mola" which is moored in Marina del Este and breakfast is served on the boat between immersions. Four dive times are available per day, 9.00, 11:00, 16:00, and 18:00.


Address: Paseo Andrés Segovia Nº 7 – Local 5 La Herradura 18697 Granada

Phone: +34 958640856 / 663387778
Website: https://www.buceomarina.com
Email: info@buceomarina.com

Buceo Marina Pricing

€75 €125 €390+ €325+ €250 €950+
Immersion Packages
Dive From the Beach: €25
Simple Immersion: €50
Double Immersion: €89
4 Dives: €160
5 Dives: €200
10 Dives: €350

7. Buceo Natura

Located at the western end of La Herradura close to the Maro-Cerro Gordo Natural Park is the Buceo Natura Dive Center. Buceo Natura's goal is to "promote sport diving and its practice in harmony with the environment". Therefore they offer personalized diving opportunities with smaller groups and flexible scheduling.

Most of their dives are in La Herradura, Punta de la Mona, and the cliffs around Cerro Gordo.


Address: Paseo Andrés Segovia 67, 18697 La Herradura, Granada - Spain

Phone: +34 958 827 419
Website: https://www.buceonatura.com
Email: diving@buceonatura.com

Buceo Natura - La Herradura Pricing

€75 €280 €390 €310 €300 €-
Immersion Packages
Boat + Bottle €33
Boat + Bottle + Air + Heavy Equipment: €44
Boat + Bottle + Air + Complete Equipment: €50
Boat + Bottle + Air + Heavy Equipment (X5): €209
Boat + Bottle + Air + Complete Equipment (X5): €237
Boat + Bottle + Air + Heavy Equipment (X10): €396
Boat + Bottle + Air + Complete Equipment (X10): €450

8. The Nerja Dive Resort

A family-run, five-star PADI dive center in Nerja just on the front of Playa Burriana Beach. They offer PADI courses from beginner to professional levels, Discover Scuba programs, snorkeling, and boat trips.

Most of their dives are east of Playa Burriana in La Herradura, Punta de la Mona, and the Maro-Cerro Gordo Natural Park.


Address: Playa Burriana, Edificio Sitio de Burriana Fase 2, Local 4. 29780 Nerja, Malaga, Costa Del Sol, Spain
Address 2: Av. Marina del Este, s/n, 18697 La Herradura, Granada

Phone: +34 952 528 610
Mobile: +34 651 893 917
Website: www.nerjadiving.com
Email: mail@nerjadiving.com

Price List: https://nerjadiving.com/precios/

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