The Villages of Las Alpujarras
The Villages of Las Alpujarras

Las Alpujarras

La Alpujarra is a región of Andalucia, at the southern foothills of the Sierra Nevada, which has one part in the Granada province and the other in the Almeria province.

Herein lies a string of approximately 50 ancient villages with distinctive Berber architecture, terraced farmland and lush vegetation irrigated by the melting snows of the Sierra Nevada.

It is not difficult to see how its name was derived from the Arabic "Busherat", that translates to "land of the herbs", which naturally abound everywhere. The incredible landscapes found here have captivated and inspired writers and painters since the 1800s; in recent years, alternative lifestyle thinkers, believers in ancient Asian religions and numerous artisans and craftspeople have chosen to make La Alpujarra their home.

The Most Popular Villages of the Alpujarras


The History of Las Alpujarras

Historically, La Alpujarra was colonized by many: Iberians, Celts, Romans, Visigoths and Moors, and was the final refuge for the Moors when the Catholic Kings reclaimed the land in the 15th Century. At that time, the Spanish crown required that two Moorish families remained in every village to assist the new inhabitants - mainly those from Asturias, Galicia and León - in learning how to work the land and irrigation systems on which they depended. The Moorish influence is evident in its agricultural methods, architectural style, local dishes, carpet weaving methods, and names of different places.

Its distance from either the city of Granada or the Costa Tropical is minimal - approximately 40 minutes, thus hiking, walking, horseback riding, cycling and many more natural activities can be enjoyed in a single day. The scent and vision of almond blossoms in the Spring, the blaze of wildflowers in early Summer, its varying altitudes, and all its natural wonders make the Alpujarra an excellent getaway from the busier towns and cities. In all seasons of the year, La Alpujarra is a breathtaking and invigorating place to see and stay in one of its quaint villages.

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