Moclin - Granada

The Village of Moclin

Moclin Castle in Granada

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The Inland Village of Moclin and its Majestic Castle...

Just north of the Costa Tropical over the wall of mountains that frame the Coast, and on the lush plateau and rolling hills to the west of Granada, is nestled on the side of a mountain the beautiful town of Moclin. In the 15th century, the Castle of Moclin called the "Shield of Granada" by the Moors was the first strategic fortress to be taken by the Catholic Monarchs in their drive to conquer Granada. The fort was left to decay and a Christian church built on the ruins. The fortress and church have since been rebuilt to their former splendor.

Moclin, made of typical whitewashed Andalucian (Andalus) houses and narrow, winding, cobblestoned streets built on steep inclines, is especially pristine and untouched by development. Roses and rose gardens are abundant in Moclin and make the color and fragrance of the town unique. The mountains and valleys to the west of Moclin are beautiful, and full of narrow, dramatic gorges. On the same road there are signs to large caves where Neolithic caves and paintings have been discovered.



Village Information

Region: Poniente Granadino
Post Code: 18247
# of inhabitants: ~ 4220
inhabitants: Moclineños
Distance to Granada: 33 km

Where is Moclin?

Moclin located in the Granada province is a traditional small mountain village located near the Costa Tropical of the Mediterranean coast of Spain in the Andalucia (Andalus) region. Moclin is located in an area called El Poniente Granadino, or "western Granada". Moclin is very easily accessible by large roads that connect with a major highway.

Getting There

  • Moclin is about 30 minutes drive due west of the city of Granada. Follow the signs to the Granada airport. Continue on the same highway past the Granada airport and look for the signs to Moclin about fifteen to twenty minutes after passing the Granada airport.

    The nearest coast is at Salobreña, about one hour away. To get to Salobreña from Moclin and Granada city, take the N-323 highway south through the Sierra Nevada mountains. The town of Almuñécar situated on the coast of the Costa Tropical is only a little further away, to the west of Salobreña along the N340 highway heading towards Malaga.

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