The Costa Tropical Beaches

The beaches in the Costa Tropical are special, I can’t even begin to describe the natural beauty of this area. Imagine the craggy Sierra Nevada Mountains that soar to the clouds, blanketed in snow; this is the backdrop. Now, imagine sandy beaches with deep blue and turquoise water protected by the high cliffs that drop down from the Sierras. The cliffs are natural and untouched, each boasts its own small window into the past with the “torres” or watchtowers that sit on top. These torres are a constant reminder of times past, starting with the Phoenicians and later, the Romans and Moors.

Now imagine the flowers; the pinks, oranges, purples and blues of the borgainvilla that climb and wind around everything they can find. Picture thousands of palm trees lining the beaches and towns, the majestic Phoenix Palm that explodes in a firework-like display of color and palm tiers and the Date Palm that soars ever higher with bright bursts of orange dates hanging from their trunks. Now imagine scuba divers bobbing in and out of the waters around the coral reefs, wind surfers dotting the sea and colorful parapentes dotting the skies, sail boats anchored around the natural coves, and swimmers spashing in the waves or just relaxing on the sand and enjoying the perfect weather.

Can you imagine anything better? If not.... it's time to visit this beautiful coast.

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