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The Guardia and PeƱon beaches are the two beaches that make up the western coastal area of SalobreƱa, running from the great PeƱon rock down to the small town of La Caleta. They are very popular and always busy during the summer months.

La Guardia is the longest area of the beach that stretches for almost 1 km, while the PeƱon beach is the small cove tucked into the western side of the rock.

They make up what is sometimes called Playa SalobreƱa

La Guardia Beach

The La Guardia beach is one of the most popular beaches in SalobreƱa and has all the necessary services. It is a sandy beach, surrounded by farms and sugar cane plantations and has beautiful views of both the PeƱon and the town of SalobreƱa.

La Guardia Beach - SalobreƱa

The addition of a new promenade has made the beach even more popular in recent months. It runs the length of the beach and is great for walking, and cycling. Bikes can be rented nearby at a low cost.

An artificial reef has also been constructed just off the coast of the Guardia beach, making this area great for scuba diving and snorkeling as well.

Accessing La Guardia Beach

As this beach is just in front of the town, access is easy. There are now paths that run from the SalobreƱa rock all the way down to the beach, which make it easily accessible to anyone staying in the old town.

La Guardia Beach - SalobreƱa

You can also access the beach from the La Guardia district. Between La Caleta and the PeƱon there is a small group of buildings right on the sea, this is the La Guardia district. You can walk or drive to this area and access the beach directly from there. It is usually less crowded at this end of the beach and there are several cafes and restaurants on the street nearby.

Parking: There is a large parking lot on your left when you pull into the La Guardia district. Parking is free.

Recommended Beach Hotels:

Hotel Avenida Tropical (3-star) and Hotel Miba (new, highly recommended) are the two closest hotels to the La Guardia beach area.

There are also some great apartments available even closer to the beach: Garrido Apartments (closest to La Guardia Beach) and the SalobreƱa Primera Linea de Playa (which are just behind the PeƱon, on the beach and very highly rated).

El PeƱon Beach

Tucked into the side of the great PeƱon is a little cove by the same name. It is perfectly situated to all the nearby restaurants and bars. You can climb to the top of the Rock to enjoy breathtaking views of the entire coastline and SalobreƱa to the north.

PeƱon Beach - SalobreƱa

This cove is also a favorite among young children who enjoy jumping from the rocks and feeding the fish that come in for a mid-day snack.

The PeƱon restaurant, which was built right on top of the rock, is a favorite among locals and tourist alike. Try out some of their classic local dishes, like the goat cheese salad sprinkled with molasses or the grilled squid.

La Guardia Beach - SalobreƱa

Available Services

  • Showers
  • Changing Rooms
  • Sun Beds and Umbrellas
  • Boat Rental
  • Aquatic Club (next to the rock in high season)
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Shops and Boutiques

Beach Information

Type: Family / Sports Beach
Length: 1 kilometer
Surface Area: 25 meters wide
Max Capacity: 420 users
Sand Type: Pebbles and sand
Facilities: All Services - see above
Access: Via the Guardia District or main road from town

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Where to find La Guardia Beach