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Molino, Salomar & Mayorazgo

Molino, Salomar & Mayorazgo

Molino, Salomar & Mayorazgo

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These three beaches make up the eastern coastal area of Salobreña, running almost 2 kilometers from the Peñon to the Punta del Rio beach. They are wide, sandy beaches located in front of the newer, more modern area of town. They are the busiest beaches in Salobreña and have the most services.

The first beach, Playa Molino, starts just on the opposite side of the Peñon and runs up to the first riverbed, Salomar and Mayorazgo follow.

Molino, Salomar & Mayorazgo

The three beaches are really just one long continuous beach, but they are divided by two riverbeds that run through them, and out to sea.

Chiringuitos and beach bars line the beach.

Available Services - (on all three beaches)

  • Showers
  • Changing Rooms
  • Sun Beds and Umbrellas
  • Boat Rental
  • Aquatic Club (next to the rock in high season)
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Shops and Boutiques

Accessing the Beaches

Because these beaches are in the middle of town, they are easy to access. Just drive or walk to the main coastal road and turn left. There is a promenade that runs the length of the beach as well as plenty of parking (in high season get there early because parking fills up fast).

Water Park

For fun: Just in front of the Molino beach you will see a floating bouncy park (during high season only). These are terrific for wearing out the kids, after an hour of bouncing on this you will ALL be ready for a siesta!

Tickets are bought just in front of the park (on the beach) and are booked in one-hour intervals.

Molino, Salomar & Mayorazgo

Recommended Beach Hotels:

Hotel Avenida Tropical (3-star) and Hotel Miba (new, highly recommended) are the two closest hotels to the Molino, Salomar & Mayorazgo Beaches.

There are also some great apartments available even closer to the beach: Garrido Apartments (closest to La Guardia Beach) and the Salobreña Primera Linea de Playa (which are just behind the Peñon, on the beach and very highly rated).

Further down the beach towards the Salomar & Mayorazgo Beaches you also have: Vacaciones en el Mar .

Beach Information

Type: Family Beaches
Length: 2 kilometers
Surface Area: 64 meters wide
Max Capacity: 2000 users
Sand Type: Fine sand and small pebbles
Facilities: All Services
Access: Via the main coastal road - parking is available

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Molino, Salomar & Mayorazgo Beaches