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Salobreña Restaurants
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The Best Salobreña Restaurants - El Peñon - Fried Aubergine

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The BEST Eight Salobreña Restaurants...

-- Plus, the Top Chiringuitos, Steakhouse and Barbeque!

Welcome to our guide on the Best Restaurants in Salobreña... The town of Salobreña is not as large as some of its neighbors along the Costa Tropical. However, this quaint little town does have some good eateries.

There are three to four high-end, gourmet spots to eat now and Salobreña's more local beachside chiringuitos have always been well-liked by many.

If you are planning a visit to this pretty little village, definitely give these restaurants a go...

  • The photo above shows a favorite dish in Salobreña, "Fried Aubergine Drizzled with Locally Made Molassis" at the El Peñon restaurant...

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Salobreña Restaurants - The Top FOUR (4)


Salobreña Restaurants - Arais
Restaurante Arais €€-€€€

Hungry? Enjoy the full menu in Resaurante Arais or go for a lighter fare of tapas and drinks in their bar next door. The bar is casual and cozy yet modern and very lively, while the full restaurant is an elegant, high-end food experience with a wonderful selection of fine wines.

Arais tends to lean towards more fish/seafood dishes but they also have a nice selection of meats and pasta. They keep the menu small because their focus is on extremely creative dishes and flavor combinations with a beautiful yet fun presentation.

If you are looking for a fine dining experience on your next trip to Salobreña, Arais is the place!

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Salobreña Restaurants - Hotel Miba
La Miba Restaurant €€-€€€

The La Miba restaurant is located in the La Miba Hotel just outside of the Salobreña old town. It's just a small restaurant but the ambiance is exceedingly high class and the view of the Salobreña castle and the Mediterranean Sea from their terrace is spellbinding.

The food at La Miba is of very high quality and cooked to perfection. The menu specializes in local Spanish cuisine but elevated to a high level.

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Salobreña Restaurants - la traviesa
La Traviesa €€-€€€

La Traviesa is a gem of a find. You will find this quaint little restaurant tucked away within the winding streets and alleys of the Salobreña old town, near the medieval castle. If you are touring the old town, this would be the perfect place to stop for lunch or dinner. The only negative to Traviesa would be... if you are not already at the top... it's quite the walk-up. But walking is preferred because there is no parking in this area and the roads are too narrow for cars to pass.

Once at the top you will be rewarded with gorgeous views from all their terraces. The restaurant doesn't face the sea but has spectacular views of the surrounding town with the mountains in the background.

The food at La Traviesa is fantastic, we have never been disappointed. Try the goat cheese and bacon salad... it's superb!

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Salobreña Restaurants - La Biznaga
La Biznaga €€-€€€

La Biznaga is not a high-end restaurant, they serve traditional Andalusian cuisine and fresh seafood dishes, but the service is excellent!

They are located in a fabulous spot, just across from the beach and the Peñon with amazing views from their terrace. The food is of incredibly good quality and Antonio, the owner, will make your dining experience one to remember.

If you are looking for a good meal, with a nice atmosphere and friendly service... La Biznaga is the place!

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The Best Salobreña Chiringuitos

Chiringuito: a small restaurant or bar, selling mainly drinks and tapas, and sometimes larger meals, in a more or less provisional or no-frills building, often on a beach...


Salobreña Restaurants - El Peñon
El Peñon €€-€€€

El Peñon is probably our favorite Chiringuito because of its cool atmosphere. It's built into the large rock that juts out into the sea along Salobreña's busiest beach. The restaurant is built out of wooden boards and it gives you the feeling of eating in an oversized treehouse while overlooking the beautiful turquoise bay below... sometimes kids are jumping from the rocks above, and past you while you eat.

The food is basic beach fare, but it's great! They barbeque meats and fish in an old boat right out in front of the restaurant, and they specialize in dishes with a traditional touch.

We recommend the "Goat Cheese Salad with Nuts and Drizzled with Local Molasses". Also, the "Fried Aubergine Drizzled with Molasses" is heavenly...

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Salobreña Restaurants - Casa Emiliano
Casa Emiliano €€-€€€

Casa Emiliano is another Chiringuito that sits just across from the Peñon restaurant. They have had a major renovation over the last two years and the new restaurant is modern and very classy.

The food at Casa Emiliano is typical chiringuito fare, fried fish dishes, mussels, paella, tropical salads and meats. And, relative to many of the restaurants along the beach, the quality and selection are very good!

During the summer months, Casa Emiliano is packed, and the mood is festive and fun!

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The Best Barbeque Meats


Salobreña Restaurants - This is BBQ
This is BBQ €€-€€€

Have you ever had Southern Barbeque from the USA? Sweet and Savory ribs with the meat falling off the bone? Spicy pulled pork sandwiches topped with coleslaw and a creamy hot sauce?

If you like barbequed meats, fresh salads and pasta... and you like SPICE... then "This Is BBQ" is the place for you!

Located on a side street, just behind the Salobreña Peñon, you will find this eclectic little restaurant. Currently it is take-out only but they've set up some picnic benches right in front so you don't have to take it far. "This Is BBQ" is a new restaurant is Salobreña but they are doing a GREAT job and their food is incredible!

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The Best Salobreña Steaks


Salobreña Restaurants - Carne A La Piedra
Carne a la Piedra €€-€€€

Everyone knows that Argentina has the best meats! Well, that is just what you will get at Carne a la Piedra. But, how do you like it cooked? You decide!

What makes this restaurant special... and fun... is that you get to cook the meat to your liking. They give you a hot stone and slices of the finest meats around, and you cook them at the table in front of you. The result is hot, sizzling steaks that are cooked to perfection with every bite!

The meats are served with jacket potatoes or fries and a medley of veggies. This is a place the kids will love too!

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