Almuñécar Museums
Almuñécar Museums

Enjoy the Almuñecar Museums

Almuñecar can boast 5 musuems to visit in it's area alone. There are museums featuring local Spanish cuisine, an aquarium, Bonsai trees and exotic birds, not to mention the ancient monuments of the San Miguel Castle and Cuevas de Siete Palacios.

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Almuñécar museums - aquarium
The Children's Aquarium - The Almuñécar Aquarium is a 3000 square meter underground complex that exhibits Mediterranean Sea fauna on two levels. There is a fantastic underground tunnel where you can see the stingrays and sharks swimming overhead.


Almuñécar museums - bonsai
The Bonsai Museum - This splendid little park was opened in December of 2009 after months of work on its intricate water canals. Enjoy the beautiful moroccan fountains and coy pond!



Almuñécar museums - casa-morgan
Casa Morgan Gastronomic Museum - The Casa Morgan restaurant is a very unique experience. It is not only a local favorite but it has also been recognized by Almuñécar as a gastronomic museum. The views from the terrace are spectacular and live music is often playing.


Almuñécar museums - san-miguel
San Miguel Castle Museum - Located within the walls of the San Miguel Castle is the City Museum. There are full size displays of how Almuñécar looked through the ages; Phoenician times, Roman times and Moorish times.


Almuñécar museums - 7-palacios
7 Palacios Museum - The Archaeological museum is located in the heart of the Casco Antiquo or Almuñécar "old town", very close to the castle. It holds the cities archaeological treasures such as an ancient Egyptian urn that dates to the 14th century BC.


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