Almunecar Museums - San Miguel

The San Miguel Castle Museum

Almunecar Museums - San Miguel

The town of Almuñecar was first settled by the Phoenicians upon a rocky hill overlooking the fertile valley during prehistoric times, since then it has been occupied by a succession of cultures including the Phoenicians, Romans, Muslims and Christians.

The Castle of San Miguel was built just at the top of this hill surrounded by the Casco Antiguo and overlooking the entire coast. Upon entering the castle, you will notice that it is made up of the remains of the three most significant civilizations that inhabited it, namely the Romans, Moors and Christians.

Many of the remains are still visible today but those of particular interest are the Islamic fortress walls which were constructed in the 11th century.

Almunecar Museums - San Miguel

Over the years, many modifications have been made to the castle. In December 1489, during the Muslim surrender, the castle became a Christian fortification. New additions were made to strengthen the southernmost outer wall, a new defensive battery with increased artillery was constructed and the new caponier-bridge on its northern facade was added.

The castle continued to serve as a bastion of defense until the War of Independence when it was badly damaged. From 1851 to 1977 it was used as the town’s cemetery.

New interest in the castle resurfaced in 1980 when a man by the name of Dr Federico Molina Fajardo began an archaeological investigation of the structure. He later began the reconstruction of the mighty fortress in 1991 with an addition of the museum that resides today within its walls.

Take a walk through the castle and you will see with your own eyes the influence each culture has had through the years. The ruins are clearly marked with descriptions of what each culture contributed in terms of defense and design. Small alcoves have been created with additional exhibits about life in the area at that time and important relics are also on display that were found during its many excavations.

Almunecar Museums - San Miguel

The newest building at the top, which has also been newly renovated, houses large models of the city through the ages and tells the story of its ancient people through audio and video re-enactments.

Be sure to walk up to the southernmost facing wall where you will enjoy fantastic views of the entire coastline. Here you can also see remains of the ancient aqueduct that used to run from the castle to the Penon during Roman and Moorish times.

San Miguel Museum Contact Information


Explanada del Castillo
Barrio de San Miguel
18690 Almuñécar, Spain

Contact Information

Phone: 650 027 584
Email: turismo@almunecar.info

Opening Hours

Nov 1st - March 31st
Tuesday to Saturday:
10:00 - 13:30 / 14:00 - 18:30

Sunday: 10:00 - 1:00
Closed Sunday afternoons
and Monday


Adults: 2.35 Euros
Children under 5: FREE
Children (5 - 14 years): 1.60 Euros
Seniors (over 65): 1.60 Euros

  • Prices include the San Miguel Castle and the 7 Palacios Museum

  • Last entrance is 30 minutes before closing

  • Free entry on Fridays from 10:00 - 1:30

Getting There

It is located above the Peñon de Cristobal and actually connected via an ancient aqueduct. Take the coastal road to the Peñon then drive inland towards the Parque Majuelo.

There is a road to the right of the park that goes up to the top of the castle. The Museum is located within the walls of the castle.

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