Penon del Santo in Almuñécar
Penon del Santo in Almuñécar

The Peñon del Santo in Almuñecar

El Peñon Del Santo (the "Rock of Christ") is a series of rocks jutting out to the Mediterranean Sea from the Almuñecar Old Quarter. It is the most characteristic view of Almuñecar shown in travel guides and other panoramic photos because of its dramatic beauty and uniqueness. An attractive park with wide stairs is built on the Peñon. Climb up the Peñon for spectacular views of the Old Quarter, the coastline and the sea. The large cross on top of the Peñon, facing south towards Morocco, marks the defeat of the Arabs, their surrender at Almuñécar, and the beginning of Christian rule in 1489. It was originally erected in 1900.

To get there, simply walk to the coast and look for the large series of rocks jutting out into the sea.

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