Almunecar Beaches - Playa Puerta del Mar

Playa Puerta del Mar - Almuñécar

Almunecar Beaches - Playa Puerta del Mar

One of the most popular beaches in Almunecar and the busiest is Puerta del Mar. It lies to the east of the Peñon de Cristobal and stretches from the great rock all the way up the coast to the AquaTropic water park. From Puerta del Mar you have breathtaking views to the ancient San Miguel castle and the cross atop the mighty Peñon. The Punta de la Mona and Marina del Este can been seen in the distance.

Puerta del Mar is an oddly shaped beach with jetties and other areas that jut out into the water forming interesting points and small coves for swimming. This pretty beach is Almunecar's second longest and runs the entire length of town providing access to numerous amenities and accommodations. On the western end of the beach, below the Peñon, is a smaller beach that most consider to be part of Puerta del Mar. This smaller beach is very lively and popular with the youth as it has many tropical, open air bars and clubs that sit right on the beach with outdoor sofas and lounge seating available.

Almunecar Beaches - Playa Puerta del Mar

There is a palm tree lined promenade that runs the length of Playa Puerta del Mar with restaurants and bars on the opposite side. A large number of apartment rentals can be found here as well, which allow for great access to the beach and town.

Other amenities include: water sports and equipment rentals, bathrooms and changing rooms, umbrella and lounge chair rentals and nearby food and drink.

For fun: Cross the street and wind through the old town making your way up to the San Miguel Castle. Or, enjoy an afternoon at one of the beachside cabana bars.

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Almuñécar Hotels - Casablanca
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Beach Information

Type: Family Beach
Length: 770 Meters
Surface Area: 33,000 m2
Max Capacity: 6,600 users
Sand Type: fine sand
Facilities: Yes All
Access: Street and underground parking

Almunecar Beaches - Playa Puerta del Mar

Getting There

It is located on the eastern side of the Peñon de Cristobal. Access is from the main road that runs along the coast. You can also walk down from the Paseo Puerta del Mar which runs along its western end. The Paseo is a nice place to walk during the day as there are many small shops and restaurants all around it. Underground parking is also available under the Paseo Puerta del Mar.

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