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The Best Motril Beaches - Playa Motril

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The Motril Beaches Are... Not What You May Have Expected...

When you think of spending a holiday in southern Spain and relaxing on one of its many beautiful beaches... you are probably thinking about the long stretch of coastline from Malaga to Cadiz... the Costa del Sol...

But what many people don’t realize, is that the Costa Tropical (and Motril in particular) has its fair share of incredible beaches.

Take a look at these 7 Motril beaches and you will soon realize why more and more people are giving up the overcrowded and touristy beaches of the Costa del Sol... in favor of the quieter, more natural and less crowded Costa Tropical beaches.

7 Beautiful Motril Beaches and Why We Love Them!

1. Playa Granada - Motril

Motril Beaches - Playa Granada

The town of Motril is the Costa Tropical’s largest and most commercial city, and of all the Motril Beaches, Playa Granada is the most popular and upscale in the area. Over the last 10 years there has been a MAJOR boom along the Motril coastline with new high-end condos and restaurants popping up everywhere.

Playa Granada is almost 1.5 Km long and 20 meters wide and now lined with modern chiringuitos and beach bars from end to end. It is also home to the Belgian King and Queen who have a seaside retreat right in its center, Casa Astrida.

This pretty beach is backed up by the beautiful Charca de Suarez Wetlands Reserve and the Los Moriscos Golf Course, while the high-end and exceedingly popular Playa Granada Resort Hotel and Spa sits at its western-most end.

Playa Granada Beach Guide

Why Visit this Motril Beach?

Visit this Motril Beach if you want to be where the ACTION is, and you like to be pampered a bit…

How to Arrive:

From Motril - get onto the N-340 going west towards Salobreña. Exit at the round-about before Salobreña (GR-14 ramp to E-15/A-7/Granada/A-44/Jaén/N-323/Puerto). Stay to the left and take the 2nd exit to Calle Rector David Aguilar (there will be a sign for Playa Granada). Continue straight to the end of the road where you will then take a left to reach Playa Granada.


Beachside restaurants and bars, showers, large parking facilities, lifeguards, golf course, close to the high-end neighborhoods and resort and has two large campgrounds nearby.

Campsite Playa Granada
Campsite Playa de Poniente S.L.

Recommended Beach Hotel:


Motril Beaches -  Hotels
Playa Granada Club Resort - Motril - This 4-star resort is located in Motril and is one of THE BEST in the area. Free amenities include 6 tennis courts, outdoor pools and evening entertainment. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea with private beach access. This is the perfect place to stay with kids! Read More...


Rent a boat in the Marina del Este beside Playa Berengueles - Almuñécar

Motril Beaches -  Tours
Private Half-Day Luxury Catamaran Sailing Cruise in Granada - Luxury Skippered Catamaran and Motor Yacht Sailing Charters in the beautiful waters of the Costa Tropical. ONLY €110.00, including alcoholic beverages, snorkeling equipment, and use of kayak. tour stars 21 Reviews


2. Playa Poniente - Motril

Motril Beaches - Playa Poniente

Being 2 km long, Playa Poniente is one of the longest of the Motril beaches. It’s wide and sandy and dotted with lively chiringuitos and beach bars.

During the summer months you can expect this area to be very busy as it attracts people of all persuasions, families, singles and especially the youth.

Playa Poniente Beach Guide

If you enjoy camping, there are two large campgrounds that sit just opposite the beach with a great promenade for cycling and running.

The promenade was built in memory of the late Belgian King, Baudouin I, who had a special affection for Motril and especially the coastal areas where he spent many years in his beloved Casa Astrida on Playa Granada.

Campsite Playa Granada
Campsite Playa de Poniente S.L.

Playa Poniente is not usually as popular with international tourist because it doesn’t have the spectacular views that other Costa Tropical beaches have. Unfortunately, it sits close to the Motril port and shares some industrial views to the east.

Why Visit this Motril Beach?

You are looking for a fun and festive day with many activities that will also help to keep you busy.

How to Arrive:

Playa Poniente is the closest beach to Motril’s town center. From Motril, follow signs to the Port. Once at the sea, go west until you arrive at Playa Poniente.


Beachside restaurants and bars, showers, large parking facilities, lifeguards, golf course (Los Moriscos, 2 km), two large campgrounds, bicycle rental and the Charca de Suarez Wetlands Reserve.

Recommended Beach Hotel: Elba Motril Beach & Business Hotel - The Elba Motril Beach & Business Hotel is located next to Playa Poniente in Motril. It offers an outdoor pool, hot tub and rooms with free Wi-Fi and a private balcony.

3. Playa El Cable - Motril

Motril Beaches - Playa El Cable

Sitting right next to the Motril Port is the El Cable beach, which has been designated as “dog friendly”. Most Motril beaches are off limits to animals, so fortunately for Motril dog owners (and their spoiled pups) there is a great beach for the dogs to run around on and let off some steam.

Why Visit this Motril Beach?

If you have a pampered pooch that likes to spend the day at the beach with his best bud...this is your spot!

How to Arrive:

From Motril, drive south towards the port. Just to the right of the port entrance (on a round-about) you will see the Playa El Cable.


Close to urban areas with restaurants and bars

Recommended Beach Hotel: Playa Granada Club Resort - Motril - This 4-star resort is located in Motril and is one of THE BEST in the area.

4. Playa de la Joya - Torrenueva

Motril Beaches - Playa Joya

La Joya beach is a small, secluded cove that can be found just after the small town of Torrenueva going east from Motril. It's one of the most beautiful Motril beaches.

Torrenueva Village Guide

This beach lives up to its name, meaning “the jewel” or as I would call it a “jewel in the rough”. The area around Torrenueva has been very commercialized and built up over the years with an overabundance of greenhouses and industrial plants. The La Joya beach remains completely untouched and natural to this day… a great escape, if you can find it…

The beach itself is quite nice with a huge boulder on one end that gives it a very dramatic look. It’s a favorite among locals and always makes the list for the "Best Costa Tropical Beaches". Access to the beach is via a steep flight of stairs on its western end which can be a challenge for some, but once you reach the bottom you will see that it was well worth the effort!

Why Visit this Motril Beach?

If you are looking for a quiet spot out of the way this is the perfect place!

How to Arrive

From Motril, drive east towards the town of Torrenueva. Just after the village you will come to a round-about, continue straight and there will be a small road off to the right. Be vigilant, it’s hard to spot. You will find ample parking just up the road.


None! Enjoy the natural environment...

Recommended Beach Hotels: Playa Granada Club Resort - Motril - This 4-star resort is located in Motril and is one of THE BEST in the area.

5. Playa Carchuna - Carchuna

Motril Beaches - Playa Carchuna

Another Motril beach is Playa Carchuna which is very popular with campers. There is a great campsite right across from the beach which is, like the rest of the area, very quiet and tranquil.

Carchuna Village Guide

Campsite Don Cactus

There is also a wonderful bike path that runs the length of Playa Carchuna which is a great way to see the area. It runs from Carchuna all the way up to the next town of Calahonda which is a definite must-see if you are here.

The beach itself is sandy, almost 3 miles long and not usually too crowded.

The only problem with this area is the maze of greenhouses that sit just opposite the beach. It’s not a pretty drive in but once on the beach the area is very clean with lovely views.

Interesting sites near Playa Carchuna are:

  • The Sacratif Lighthouse - Built in 1863, this lighthouse stands 17 meters tall & offers amazing panoramic views of the coastline.

  • El Farillo (Torre del Llano) - A sixteenth century Arab tower that was once a lighthouse. It sits between the two beaches of Playa Carchuna and Playa Calahonda, marking the start of the town of Calahonda. The most notable characteristic of this tower is that it seems to be melting or sinking into the ground around it...

  • The Carchuna Castle - Sitting directly across from the Carchuna beach you will find this ancient fortress, built in 1783 under the orders of King Carlos III. It was used as a defensive fort to protect against marauding pirates.

Why Visit this Motril Beach?

If you enjoy camping by the sea in a rustic environment and exploring an area by bike this is the spot for you.

How to Arrive

From Motril, head east on the N-340 towards Carchuna. Take the exit and follow the signs down to the coast. The beach stretches the entire length of the town, all the way to Calahonda.


street parking, showers, umbrellas for rent, biking promenade, beach bars and restaurants on its eastern end.

Recommended Beach Hotel: OYO Hotel El Ancla - El Ancla is a very BASIC hotel located 150 m from the beach in Calahonda. Also: Campsite Don Cactus


Motril Beaches -  Tours
Rent A Boat (No License Needed) and Explore the Costa Tropical Coastline - Enjoy with family and friends an unforgettable trip through the Cerro Gordo National Park past the La Herradura caves, Maro waterfall and Nerja's Balcon de Europa. Read More...


Motril Beaches -  Tours
Jet Ski Tours - Jet Ski rentals in the Marina del Este. There are 4 jet skis available, each with two seats. Explore the Spanish coastline on your own for up to 30 min.



Motril Beaches -  Tours
Kayaking & Snorkeling Tours - Experience the natural beauty and explore the caves of the Cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo while getting a good snorkeling and kayaking workout with this tour.


6. Playa Calahonda - Calahonda

Motril Beaches - Playa Calahonda

Calahonda beach is another Motril beach that always makes the "Best Costa Tropical Beaches" list. It is a wide, sandy beach that juts out into the sea on one end and has a pretty little cove on the other AND it's one of the MOST popular beaches with scuba divers.

The reason scuba is so great here is that the bay is exceptionaly deep, which is how it derived it's name... Calahonda means "deep bay". It also provides numerous aquatic species to study and enjoy.

The town of Calahonda is also a nice place to visit. There are a few great chiringuitos right on the beach with wonderful views of the bay. There is also a nice shady promenade (paseo marítimo) for walking after a good meal.

Calahonda Village Guide

The area around Calahonda (going east) is also known for its rugged cliffs that fall dramatically into the sea and create breathtaking views around every corner.

Playa Calahonda has been designated as a “Blue Flag” beach of excellence.

Why Visit this Motril Beach?

You like to be in town but away from the crowds. You enjoy spectacular views and maybe want to try out scuba diving or snorkeling. There is a very popular school right in town that will assist you with all of your diving needs.

How to Arrive

From Motril, take the A-7 away from town going east. Take exit 342 towards the N-340 and Calahonda. When you reach Carchuna, go left until you get to the village of Calahonda.


shady promenade, showers, umbrella rental, scuba diving school and disabled access. Also many restaurants, beach bars and ample parking.

Recommended Beach Hotel: OYO Hotel El Ancla - El Ancla is a very BASIC hotel located 150 m from the beach in Calahonda.


Playa Calahonda Bay is one of the BEST scuba destinations in Spain... La Herradura is also VERY popular! Playa La Herradura and Playa Berengueles being preferred...

Motril Beach Tours - Scuba
Scuba Tours and Tickets with Gonzalo Diez Tejada - Have you always wanted to dive on the Costa Tropical? Noray Sub shows you the wonderful bay of Calahonda, near Motril in Granada, as you've never seen it... from the bottom of the sea. Read More...

7. Playa Rijana - Castell de Ferro

Motril Beaches - Playa Rijana

Just past the small coastal town of Calahonda, on the old coastal road (N-340), you will come to the last Motril beach on our list and one of the most incredible beaches in the whole Costa Tropical area, Playa Rijana.

Playa Rijana is part of a national park so is very natural and undeveloped. The beach forms a small bay with the ruins of an old Moorish tower on one end with three large rocks that jut out into the sea.

Playa Rijana Beach Guide

Its waters typically tend to be very clear and still which also makes it a popular spot for scuba divers.

To access Playa Rijana park in the parking lot just across the N-340. There is a tunnel that goes under the highway and leads right out onto the sand.

During the summer months this area is very popular with the locals and can be quite busy.

Take a ride down the coast going east after you’ve explored this remarkable beach. The views from the old coastal road of the sea, cliffs and the old roman towers are something not to miss...

Why Visit this Motril Beach?

If you want to spend a day on a remote beach with spectacular beauty...

How to Arrive

Take the N-340 from the town of Calahonda going east for about 5 minutes. Beach access will be on your left.


A small tiki bar and chiringuito

Recommended Beach Hotels: Playa Granada Club Resort - Motril - This 4-star resort is located in Motril and is one of THE BEST in the area.

How to Get to Motril and the Costa Tropical

From Granada: Drive south on the A-44 for 45-50 minutes to reach the Motril Beaches.

From Málaga: Head east on the A-7 for 50 minutes to reach the Motril Beaches.

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