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Ron Montero Rum

The Ron Montero Bodega

Ron Montero Rum Bodega

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Ron Montero Rum is... Delectable...

If you're in the area and looking for something to do...and you like to DRINK... then this is a fun option! Tour the Ron Montero Rum Factory in Motril and get a FREE taste of their rums!

Keep reading to learn more...

But First... A Little History of the Ron Montero Bodega?

The success of the Ron Montero Rum Bodega is based on hundreds of years of cultivation of its most important ingredient... Sugarcane!

Thanks to the Moors, that had at one time ruled Andalucia, the Costa Tropical used to be completely covered in massive sugarcane fields.

The Moors had created sugarcane plantations up and down the Spanish coast that were very successful. They produced only the highest quality sugar products; light and dark sugars, honey and molasses

Ron Montero Rum Bodega - History Ron Montero Rum Bodega - Sugar Cane

Up until recently, and for thousands of years, sugarcane had been a VERY important part of the local economy. It was the production of these sugar products, that were sold to the King in the city of Granada, that made the coastal areas very rich.

And, with the production of these delicious sugars came the eventual creation of fine Spanish rums...

Motril has since always been associated with its Ron Montero Rum, which proudly bears its name, and its history, throughout Spain and the rest of the world.

The Ron Montero Rum Bodega - Everything You Should Know!

Having grown up in an environment rich in knowledge of sugarcane cultivation and processing, Don Francisco Montero had a dream... He wanted to open his own rum distillery.

In 1963, this dream came to pass as the Ron Montero Rum Bodega and Distillery opened its doors for the first time in Motril.

His success came from his determination and insistence to:

  • Always use the best, highest quality raw ingredients
  • Use the traditional artisanal methods in processing the raw ingredients
  • And, above all else, to have patience...

Ron Montero Rum Bodega Ron Montero Rum Bodega

To this day, the Ron Montero distillery is a family-owned business. It began with the vision of Don Francisco Montero and continues today with the persistence and dedication of his nephew Joaquin Martin Montero.

Joaquin was the director of Europe's last sugar mill and ONLY molasses distillery in all of Europe located in the town of Salobreña. He acquired the Bodega from his uncle in 2007. The tienda is currently managed by his wife and daughter.

The successful Ron Montero brand provides its rums to all of Spain, as well as internationally.

The Seven - Step Process to Enjoying a Perfect Rum:

Don Francisco Montero's seven steps to enjoying the perfect rum are...
  • Finding Raw Products: The process starts with finding and milling raw sugar cane using traditional artisanal methods

  • Fermentation: converting the sugars to alcohol

  • Distillation: purifying the alcohol by heating it so that it vaporizes. Then cooling and condensing the vapor and collecting the resulting liquid.

  • Aging: One of the most important steps… the alcohol is aged in virgin 500-liter barrels.

  • Adding Flavors: At the right moment adding the special flavors that make a Ron Montero Rum so unique

  • Blending: Creating the final product which only the “Rum Master” can do...

  • Enjoying: Bottoms up! Open a bottle of Ron Montero Rum and make a toast... Enjoy the flavors with family and friends...

Ron Montero Rum Bodega

The TOP 4 Ron Montero Rums

Today Ron Montero sells 240,000 liters of rum a year...
  • Ron Plata: The lightest of the Montero Rums, it's "light and mellow... perfect for cocktail lovers"

  • Ron Palido: Montero's pale rum, it has a deep amber color with distinctive flavors...

  • La Reserva: Montero's award winning dark amber rum with strong oaky flavors and hints of sugarcane

  • Ron Francisco Montero: An exclusive rum to mark a special occasion. It was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the distillery... and aged in casks of the same age

Where to Buy Ron Montero's Rums

All of the above products can be purchased in the bodega in Salobreña or you can buy them online.

Check out Ron Montero Rums Online.

Take a FREE Tour of the Rum Factory

The distillery offers FREE guided tours from Tuesday to Saturday (12.00 - Spanish / 1:00 - English) where you will learn more about the history of the bodega and get a chance to sample some of their best rums...

To make a reservation, you can contact them by email or phone.


Address: - Camino de la Vía s/n, 18600 Motril, Granada, Spain

Info: info@ronmontero.com / (+34) 958 600 183
Sales: ventas@ronmontero.com / (+34) 958 600 183
Tours: visitas@ronmontero.com / (+34) 629 223 428

Tour Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 12:00 (Spanish) & 1:00 (English)

Email address: info@ronmontero.com

Webpage: www.ronmontero.com

For groups please email them to discuss arrangements.

Other Great Tours that Include the Ron Montero Rum Bodega

If you're not familiar with the Costa Tropical, take this tour! It includes a drive down the beautiful coast, a visit to the Sugarcane Museum in Motril, a tour of the Ron Montero Bodega, lunch and beverages...

Tours are available in English and Spanish.

Ron Montero Tour
Excursion from Nerja to the Costa Tropical and Motril -- includes lunch - You will enjoy an amazing day discovering the historic old quarter of Motril and learning more about the history of the sugarcane industry in the area...Including a trip to the Ron Montero Rum Bodega to sample the rums...
Check Tour Prices & Availability...

Where is the Ron Montero Rum Bodega?

How to Get to Motril and the Costa Tropical

From Granada: Drive south on the A-44 for 45-50 minutes to reach the Motril Beaches.

From Málaga: Head east on the A-7 for 50 minutes to reach the Motril Beaches.

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