Almunecar Beaches - Playa Calabajio

Playa Calabajio - Almuñécar

Almunecar Beaches - Playa Calabajio

One of the lesser known beaches in the area is Playa Calabajio. It runs about 200 meters in length, one of the smallest in Almunecar, and is located between Playa Pozuelo and Playa Cabria. Access to this beach is off the main 340 Highway going towards Motril but right before the bigger than life Hotel Calida.

In the last ten years an amazing tropical Mediterranean oasis has been planted which runs from the top of the hill, where you can find a small look-out, down the hillside to the sea and back up the other side. The beach is literally surrounded by hundereds of Cypress trees, palm trees, Oleander and other tropical plants. This creates a very special atmosphere that is hard to find anywhere else.

The park is also full of nice walking paths that will take you to the top of both surrounding points so that you can enjoy the amazing views down the coast.

Almunecar Beaches - Playa Calabajio

Just a quick walk down the hill from Hotel Calida and also equipped with a full service higher end Bar / Restaurant "Chill Out", this beach is perfect for families with children or for a romatic getaway.

For Fun: Explore the new gardens, climb the hill running behind the beach to the lookout above for beautiful vistas of Almunecar to the west and the cliffs and watch tower to the east.

Best Hotel Near Playa Calabajio

Almuñécar Hotels - Playacalida
Hotel Playacalida Spa Located on top of a cliff overlooking Almuñécar and the Cabria and Calabajio Beaches. This is one of the larger hotels in the area and features an infinity pool, lazy river, restaurant, bar, spa, free Wi-Fi and much more.

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Beach Information - Playa Calabajio

Type: Family Beach
Length: 200 Meters
Surface Area: 8,800 m2
Max Capacity: 1,760 users
Sand Type: Black, fine sand
Facilities: Parking, Shower and Restrooms
Access: Hotel Calida road

Almunecar Beaches - Playa Calabajio

Getting There

Via the road adjacent to the Hotel Calida, there is a path from the hotel too.

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Where to find Playa Calabajio

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