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Castillo de Baños, Spain
Castillo de Baños, Spain

Castillo de Baños

Castillo de Baños

Between Motril and Almería lie a string of villages along the shores of the Mediterranean, one of which is Castillo de Baños. The villages are all located in the plain of Puerta de Baños in the Municipality of Polopos.

The 5 other villages are:

A Village by the Sea

Because of its proximity to the sea, Castillo de Baños is largely a fishing village, even though rural tourism has started to encroach giving way to camping sites and new development.

Water Front Castillo de Baños

Most of the beachfront is made up of huge rocks that jet out into the sea. For this reason, Castillo de Banos is not a great place for a beach day.

However, it does have approximately 2.5 km of beach on its western end, so relaxed living by the sea is still possible here.

The town is mostly known for the castle at its center, but there are a few restaurants and places to stay.

Water Front Castillo de Baños

Castillo de Baños Castle!

Castillo de Baños has developed with a similar history to the rest of the coast: occupation by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Moors.

The Hornabeque Fortress was initially built in the 16th century, during the time of King Philip II. It was later rebuilt in the 18th century.

Castillo de Baños

The design of the Castle is a model that was used in many locations since the year 1764, one main rounded section with a rectangular tower at either end, almost a horseshoe-like shape.

The reconquest of the area by the Catholic Kings led to a new epoch in their history. In the 19th century, the area became known for its production of raisins, wines as well as its mills.

Castillo de Baños

Cuisine in Castillo de Baños

The cuisine in Castillo de Baños is rich and varied. You will find a variety of fried fish, sausages, pork loin cooked in olive oil, goat stews and desserts unique to the area.

The influence of international cooking has not gained importance here so one can truly savor the real, local dishes whose origins date back to Moorish times.

Village Information

Municipality of: Motril
Region: Costa Tropical
Post Code: 18750
Distance to Granada: 85 km

Where is Castillo de Baños located?

Castillo de Baños is located on the Mediterranean coast of the Granada province of southern Spain, in an area called Costa Tropical because of its temperate climate and lush vegetation.

Nearby to the northwest and in the shadows of the Sierra Nevada mountains is the large port town of Motril.

Where to Stay in Castillo de Baños

Getting To Castillo de Baños by Car:

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  • From Motril take the A-7 going east towards Almeria for about 26 minutes.

Getting There by Train & Bus:

Granada and Malaga both have great train stations and are accessible from anywhere within Spain. In general, the railway system in Spain is great and runs very smoothly. You can travel all over the country easily and quickly and usually at a low cost to you.

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From each of the train stations (Malaga & Granada) you can get a direct bus to Castillo de Baños. The entire journey will take you about 2-3 hours. Best site for finding the cheapest bus fares is also OMIO!

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Castillo de Baños on the Map

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