La Mamola, Spain
La Mamola, Spain

La Mamola

La Mamola

La Mamola - The Basics

La Mamola, a small Andalucian village of just under 2000 inhabitants, is located on the Mediterranean seashore in the Costa Tropical under the watch of the ancient Torre de Cautor dating from the XVI century.

La Mamola belongs to the municipality of Polopos, which is an area in the eastern most part of the Costa Tropical that encompasses several different towns.

  • Castillo de Baños is located on the Mediterranean Sea.

  • The pretty rural village of Polopos is just a short drive (10 km) up into the mountains.
  • Haza del Lino, Haza del Trigo and La Guapa are nearby, but very small.

A Seaside Village in the Costa Tropical

La Mamola Bay

Although a traditional fishing village, La Mamola has grown in recent years as a tourist and holiday attraction, yet has still retained its quaint traditional Andalus character.

The Playa de La Mamola (La Mamola Beach) offers wide beaches, clean waters, several jetties for fishing, bars, restaurants, small supermarkets, bakeries, fish markets, gift shops, tobacconist, and other services.

The mountain and maritime character of La Mamola and the Costa Tropical offer a variety of traditional delicious Spanish and Andalucian (Andalus) foods that can be enjoyed in any of the beach-side Chiringuitos.

La Mamola Jetty
** Jetties are popular for the fisherman

7 Things To Do in La Mamola

1. Visit Castillo de Baños

Nearby and worth a visit is the Castillo de Baños (or the Castle Of Baths, dating from the XVIII century) located in the small village of the same name.

Visitors to Castillo de Baños should also visit the Centro de Interpretación de las Defensas de la Costa Granadina (or the Center for the Interpretation of Granada's Coastal Defenses).

Castillo de Banos

2. Climb the Torre de Cautor

Rising 80 meters above the town of La Mamola you can't miss the 16th century Torre de Cautor, still standing proudly, in all of its Moorish splendor. The tower once communicated with the castle in Castillo de Banos and the Torre de Melicena, protecting the tiny bay from any maritime danger.

Today you can climb to the top of the hill where the tower is located, there is a small promenade that encircles the tower and provides beautiful views in all directions.

La Mamola Torre Cautor

La Mamola from Above
** Views of La Mamola and its Jetties from the Tower Above

3. Visit the Iglesia de la Asunción

The Iglesia de la Asunción has been rebuilt in recent years (1972) as the original church had fallen into a state of disrepair.

La Mamola Church

La Mamola Church

4. Relax on the Mamola Beach

Enough said! La Mamola may be a rustic place to visit but the beach is wide, clean and inviting. Because this is such an out of the way spot the beach is never crowded.

La Mamola Beach

5. Visit the Local Market

Every Thursday the small town comes alive with a market that runs almost the entire length of the beach. There you will find local fresh fruits and vegetables, pollo asado, spices and other specialty items.

It's a great place to find a bargain!

La Mamola Market

6. Take a Walk down the La Mamola Promenade

Like most of the coastal towns, La Mamola has a promenade that runs from one end of the beach to the other. It is lined with towering Palm trees and delishous chiringuitos.

La Mamola Promenade

7. Visit the Rural Village of Polopos

Visit the quaint mountain village of Polopos that lies just 10 km north of La Momola up a winding country road.

The village has become quite well-known in recent months due to the Dutch reality show being filmed there; "Het Spaanse Dorp: Polopos". The town is bustling with Dutch tourist, camera men and the main characters on the show who you can see mixing with the locals.

For more information, read our Polopos Guide.

Village of Polopos

Village Information

Municipality: Polopos
Region: Costa Tropical
Post Code: 18750
# of inhabitants: ~ 1800
Distance to Granada: 89 km

Where is La Mamola located?

La Mamola in the Granada province is a traditional small fishing village located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain in the Andalucia (Andalus) region, east of the cities of Motril and Almuñécar along the N-340 highway and about a one-hour drive from the cities of Granada and Malaga. La Mamola is easily accessible by the main N-340 highway

La Mamola is on the easternmost edge of the Granada coast (or the Costa Tropical) and borders on the Almería province, a desert area that offers incredible attractions of its own.

Where to Stay in La Mamola

Getting To La Mamola by Car:

The fastest and easiest way to get there is by renting a car.

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  • From Granada, take the major N-323 highway to the coast. Once at the Costa Tropical town of Salobreña, take a left on the principal Costa Tropical highway N-340 heading east towards Motril and Almería. In about 30 minutes, there will be exit signs for La Mamola.

  • From Malaga, take the N-340 highway going east towards Almuñécar, Motril, and Almería. 30 minutes after passing Motril (located to the east of Almuñécar and Salobreña) and close to the town of La Mamola, look for the exit signs for the town of La Mamola.

    Getting There by Train & Bus:

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    La Mamola on the Map

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