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Balc贸n de Europa
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The Balc贸n de Europa

The Balc贸n de Europa

The thing that Nerja is most well-known for, besides its insanely beautiful beaches, is the Balc贸n de Europa at its center. 鈥淏alc贸n de Europa鈥 translates to 鈥淏alcony of Europe鈥... and oh, what a balcony it is!

One of Nerja鈥檚 most iconic hotels, the Hotel Balc贸n de Europa, (and one we highly recommend) sits just at the end of the Balc贸n, most of its rooms enjoying stunning Mediterranean Sea views.

Balc贸n de Europa - Nerja Spain Balc贸n de Europa - Boquete de Calahonda
** Boquete de Calahonda - Balc贸n de Europa - Nerja

Balc贸n de Europa 鉃 The Mesmerizing Views

The 'Balc贸n de Europa' was built into the jagged rocks and cliffs along the seafront in Nerja, separating two of its most popular beaches, Playa Calahonda and Playa la Caletilla... the beautiful Playa el Salon can be seen in the distance.

A walk to the end of the promenade will reward you with breathtaking views down the coast! To the west you will see Playa Burriana, the white washed village of Maro, and the cliffs of the Maro Nature Reserve that end in another popular seaside village, La Herradura.

To the east you can see all the way to the famous port city of Malaga and on a clear day, sometimes glimpse views of Africa... just across the sea.

Nerja Balc贸n de Europa Views - Andaluc铆a - Spain
** Beautiful Views from the Balc贸n de Europa - Nerja, Spain

Balc贸n de Europa 鉃 The Beaches

There are three Nerja beaches that can be accessed directly from the Balc贸n...

  • Playa Calahonda - This is the beach seen most often in beautiful photos of Nerja on the eastern side of the Balc贸n de Europa. It is small but very popular with a lively atmosphere.

  • Playa la Caletilla - Just in front of the Hotel Balc贸n de Europa, this lovely little cove is perfect for families with small children.

  • Playa el Salon - Once an old fishermen's beach, Playa el Sal贸n is one of Nerja's most popular beaches and is accessible directly from the Balc贸n de Europa. It's charming fishing huts, now used as summer homes, can still be seen today built into the surrounding cliffs.

Playa Calahonda - west of Balc贸n de Europa Playa la Caletilla - East of Balc贸n de Europa
** Beaches to the East & West of the Balc贸n de Europa

Balc贸n de Europa 鉃 The Balcony

The area around the Balc贸n de Europa is a hub of activity, full of wonderful restaurants, bars, cafes, and artists lining the streets to paint the magnificent views. Singers and dancers come to delight you with impromptu performances of authentic Spanish ballads, flamenco dancing, or an enchanting Spanish guitar melody.

The streets near the Balc贸n are completely pedestrianized so you can feel free to wander about safely... Take Calle Puerta del Mar into the shopping district, past small boutiques, Moroccan shops, cafes, and art galleries.

Balc贸n de Europa - Nerja Spain
** More Beautiful Views from the Balc贸n de Europa - Nerja

Balc贸n de Europa 鉃 The History & King Alfonso

Originally, where the Balc贸n de Europa now sits, there was a castle called the 'Castillo Bajo' or 'Lower Castle' in English. It was built in the 16th century and later renovated in the 18th century. Two canons were added to the structure that can still be seen today along the promenade.

So, the story goes... during the Spanish War for Independence, the castle was destroyed by bombardment from an English ship.

Later, an earthquake further damaged the castle which prompted a visit from King Alfonso XII. Upon seeing Nerja with its magnificent beauty and spectacular sea views he declared that... "He had found the Balcony of Europe"... and this is how our dear 'Balc贸n de Europa' received its name.

A bronze statue was erected in honor of King Alfonso that stands proudly at the end of the Balc贸n... admiring the coastline he so adored.

Balc贸n de Europa - Fountain - Nerja Spain Balc贸n de Europa - King Alfonso - Nerja Spain
** Blue Fountain & King Alfonso - Balc贸n de Europa

Balc贸n de Europa 鉃 Top Sites

See if you can find these interesting sites while exploring the area around the Balc贸n de Europa.

  • The Castle Canons - Left over from times past these two canons sit at the far end of the Balc贸n and were once part of the strategic castle that occupied the place. They date to the 18th century.

  • Boquete de Calahonda - The large white rectangular structure adorned with colorful pots of Geraniums is a focal point of the Balc贸n. If you walk around the corner and down the stairs you will find yourself on Playa Calahonda.

  • The Calahonda Pathway - There is a lovely path that extends past Playa Calahonda in both directions. It's a wonderful place for walking in the evening. Going east the path was recently extended and goes all the way to Playa el Salon.

    During the summer months, you will usually find artists selling jewelry and other interesting crafts.

Balc贸n de Europa - Nerja Spain Balc贸n de Europa Cannon - Nerja Spain
** Balcony & Canon - Balc贸n de Europa - Nerja

  • The Blue Fountain - Built in 1995, this pretty fountain is built into the Boquete de Calahonda. It's a nice place to stop and cool yourself off on a hot day.

  • El Salvador Church - The church sits on the westernmost end of the Balc贸n de Europa Plaza. It's a popular spot for destinations weddings and is usually brimming with activity... especially during the spring and summer. Brides and Grooms can often be seen leaving the church in an explosion of rice and confetti.

    The original church was built in 1505, but the church you see today was rebuilt in 1697.

  • Monument to the 'Nerja Caves Discoverers' - At the end of the Balc贸n you will find a small monument dedicated to the 5 boys that discovered the Nerja Caves in 1959 and put this little village on the map.

  • Monument to King Alfonso - A statue of King Alfonso, the man that declared Nerja the 'Balcony of Europe'.

  • Monument to Chanquete - Along the Calahonda pathway and below the Balc贸n, you will find a statue dedicated to the loveable character, 'Chanquete', in the famous Spanish series (filmed in Nerja) "Verano Azul".

Balc贸n de Europa - Nerja Caves Monument Balc贸n de Europa - Monument to Chanquete
** Monuments to the Caves & Chanquete - Balc贸n de Europa

Balc贸n de Europa 鉃 The Best Hotels

Located in the heart of the old town there are many great options for accommodation near the Balc贸n. Our top recommendations are:

The Hotel Balc贸n de Europa Built into the famous Balc贸n de Europa, this hotel sits right on Caletilla Beach. It offers an outdoor pool, Free Wi-Fi, a restaurant, and balconies with stunning sea views. Located in the center of Nerja, it's also close to all the shops, bars and restaurants.
BEST LOCATION! tour stars

Three Other Good Hotel Choices
Hotel Plaza Cavana - tour stars
Hotel Carabeo - tour stars - Great Location, Very Nice!
Hotel Puerta del Mar - tour stars

Balc贸n de Europa 鉃 Home to Green Monks

Something your kids will enjoy while visiting the Balc贸n de Europa is counting how many green parrots they can spot. These busy green birds can be seen just at the top of the palm trees lining the Balc贸n... busily building their nests and squawking loudly. If you don't spot one right away, stay very quiet and you will certainly hear their raucous squeals from above!

Parrots - Balc贸n de Europa - Nerja Spain Parrots - Balc贸n de Europa - Nerja Spain
** Parrots in the trees along the Balc贸n de Europa - Nerja, Spain

These little green guys are called Monk Parakeets (Myiopsitta monachus), also known as Quaker Parrots. They are originally from South America (specifically Argentina) but arrived in Spain in 1975... as domestic pets...

A few sly parrots escaped from their cages and began colonizing the larger cities and towns (like Malaga and Nerja). Today, you will find them all over the Costa del Sol!

Balc贸n de Europa 鉃 The Nightlife & Where to Eat

The Balc贸n area is ALWAYS bustling with activity! During the day you will see tourist milling about admiring the views, enjoying a tapa in one of the cafes, watching the local artists paint, or just relaxing and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

But if you think the plaza is alive during the day... try it at night! During the summer, the Balc贸n Plaza is a magical place to be. It's a wonderful place to enjoy a meal while taking in the electric atmosphere. Here is our list of the 20 BEST Restaurants in Nerja.

OH! And before you leave... stop at Albi for an ice cream (in a chocolate cone). It's the best in Nerja!

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