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Nerja Caves Hours
Nerja Caves Hours

Nerja Caves Opening Hours

Nerja Caves - Opening Hours
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Nerja Caves ➜ Hours

The Nerja Caves are open every day (363 days a year) except January 1st (New Years Day) and May 15th (Celebration of San Isidro).

Nerja Caves Timetable

Normal Hours: 9:00 until 16:30 (daily)
Final Entry: 15:30 pm

Special Hours: Easter

From Palm Sunday to Resurrection Day (Sunday)

9:00 until 19:00 pm
Final Entry: 18:00 pm

Special Hours: Summer

From June 23rd to September 11th

9:00 until 19:00 pm
Final Entry: 18:00 pm

Nerja Cave Hours ➜ Normal Hours

Nerja Cave hours are the same ALMOST every day of the year, minus a few exceptions, 9:00 - 16:30. Keep in mind that it will take you a little under an hour to walk through the caves.

Also, tickets are sold with a specific time of entry (to avoid over-crowding), this means that you can only enter when it's your selected time. No one will be allowed to enter after 15:30.

Nerja Cave Hours ➜ Special Hours

Because of the increase in demand during certain times of the year, the Nerja Cave hours are extended. During the high season (June 23rd to September 11th) and Easter week (Semana Santa) the extended hours are from 9:00 - 19:00

Nerja Cave Hours ➜ Night Visits

The night visits start at 17:00.

Nerja Cave Hours ➜ Nerja Museum

Normal Hours: 9:00 until 16:00
Special Hours:

Summer: (June 23 - Sept 11)
and Semana Santa

9:00 until 18:30
The Nerja museum is open 363 days a year, only closing on the 1st of January and the 15th of May.

Nerja Cave Hours ➜ Tourist Train

The Nerja Tourist Train has three schedules depending on the time of year. It normally runs hourly from the 'Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos' from 10:00 - 16:00. During the summer and the week of Semana Santa the hours are extended until 18:00.

* You will find more information on Nerja Train departure times and stops here.

Nerja Cave Hours ➜ Celebration of San Isidro

The Nerja Caves are closed on this day.

The Celebration of San Isidro is a special day in Nerja (May 15) the festivities are dedicated to a 12th-century farmer who has become the patron saint of the farmers and laborers.

On this day, the festivities start at the El Salvador church where mass is given, then a pilgrimage is made to the Nerja Caves. A statue of Saint Isidro is put on a wooden cart pulled by oxen and decorated with brightly colored flowers. It is followed by the people of Nerja, farmers, horses, carts, and carriages as it makes its way to the Nerja Caves. Once there the locals spend the day enjoying music, dancing, and typical Andalucian cuisine. The party usually last through the night.

Nerja Cave Hours ➜ New Year's Day

The Nerja Caves are closed on this day.

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