Bars in Nerja
Bars in Nerja

Nerja Nightlife: The Ultimate Guide to the 17 Best Bars in Nerja

The Best 17 Bars in Nerja - Dancing at Malagrana Bar
** Nerja Nightlife - Dancing at Malagrana Bar

Nerja is known for its nightlife! Unlike some of its quieter neighbors (think La Herradura or Frigiliana), Nerja loves to party! 🎉 You can enjoy anything from a laid back evening at the local pub to high energy late night clubbing.

a perfect night out in Nerja:

Start your evening in one of Nerja's best restaurants, where you can enjoy typical Andalucian dishes surrounded by the classic beauty of "Calle Carabeo" or the bustling seaside setting of "Plaza de los Cangrejos".

As night falls, explore the town's narrow, cobbled streets and enjoy an after-dinner drink on one of the many quaint rooftop terraces along Calle Pintada, with views of the Mediterranean in the distance.

Later in the evening, stroll over to Tutti Frutti Plaza. This well-known nightlife hotspot, which comes alive around 10 p.m., is a collection of more than a dozen bars, pubs and nightclubs, each with its own unique vibe that promises an unforgettable night of fun and good company.

And for those whose energy knows no bounds, Nerja's late night discotecas await. These two pulsating nightclubs (Sala Rockefeller & Discoteca Jimmys) open their doors to night owls around 12:00 am and offer the chance to dance to the rhythm of the latest hits and timeless classics until the early hours of the morning, around 6:00 am - 7:00 am.

So whether you're in the mood for a quiet evening under the stars or an all-night dance marathon, Nerja's nightlife will not disappoint... Just remember to stay hydrated... and enjoy the festive spirit of Nerja after dark!


Dining Out: Oliva, Bakus, or El Pulguilla (tapas bar)
Cocktail Hour: Buddha Bar Rooftop Terrace, Volks Bar Sevillano
Tutti Frutti Bars: Premium Cafe or Agora VIP Club
Late Night Discoteca: Sala Rockefeller
Flamenco Evening: El Burro Blanco Flamenco Bar
Laid-back English Pub: Hemingway's

Top 5 Nightlife Destinations in Nerja

Nerja's nightlife extends well beyond the popular Tutti Frutti Plaza with a variety of options for evening entertainment. Here's a guide to the top 5 areas where the night comes alive in Nerja:

  • The Balcon de Europa Plaza
    The Balcon de Europa is an enormous panoramic terrace that becomes a hub of activity at night... you can enjoy spectacular sunsets from any of the bars and cafes in this area. The Balcon is made even more special by singers and other artists who perform along the promenade... making it an essential stop on a night out in Nerja.

  • Burriana Beach Promenade
    For a more relaxed evening out, Burriana Beach is the place to be. The beachside chiringuitos (beach bars) offer a range of refreshing cocktails at affordable prices and some even have live music... all complemented by the soothing sounds of the sea. This area is within walking distance of the Parador de Nerja.

  • Pintada Street (old town)
    During the day, Pintada Street is a shopper's dream, but as night falls, it transforms. The cozy wine and tapas bars that line the street are the perfect start to an evening out. Later, as night falls, make your way to one of Nerja's trendy rooftop terraces, where you can relax and enjoy a drink under the stars.

  • Tutti Frutti Plaza
    No list of Nerja's nightlife would be complete without mentioning Tutti Frutti Plaza. Known for its lively atmosphere, this rowdy plaza is the heart of Nerja's party scene. While it's famous for its bars and dance clubs, you'll also find plenty of nearby restaurants and tapas bars, perfect for fueling up before a long night of dancing.

  • Sala Rockefeller & Jimmy’s Nerja
    These are Nerja's two late-night discos, they usually get going around 12:00 am and stay open until the early hours of the morning, around 6-7 am. During the summer they also host extravagant dance parties with outrageous costumes and themed cocktails.

Best Restaurants in Nerja

Check out our carefully curated list of Nerja's top 20 restaurants and learn more about the town's laid-back dining scene and some of its tastiest dishes.

Tapas Bars and Routes

For more information on the Nerja tapas culture, our picks for the 12 best tapas bars, as well as the most popular tapas dishes and practices... read our article: "The best tapas in Nerja".

The 17 BEST Bars in Nerja - Nerja Nightlife at its Best!

From cozy tapas joints to pulsating nightclubs, Nerja's eclectic bar scene caters to all tastes and moods. Check out Nerja's nightlife with our list of the 17 best bars the town has to offer.


Bar Esquina Paulina

Bar Esquina Paulina - Bars in Nerja

Bar Esquina Paulina - $$ - $$$- Traveler's Choice
Calle Almirante Ferrandiz 45
Bars in Nerja | Mediterranean | European

I stumbled upon Bar Esquina Paulina one night a few years ago while exploring the winding streets of Nerja's old town, and I love it! It's just a tiny little bar a short walk from the Balcon de Europa, but it has a festive atmosphere and a fantastic selection of wines and beers.

The tapas here are also really good, you can't go wrong with the Serrano ham or the fresh tomato salad... they are just delicious. If you can, sit at one of the small tables outside in the alleyway, it's the perfect place to relax on a warm evening, sipping a sangria and enjoying the fresh night air... no wonder this bar has become such a popular hangout in Nerja!

Where is it located? Bar Esquina Paulina can be found by walking north from the Balcon de Europa through the shopping district, following Calle Puerta del Mar and Calle Almte. Ferrándiz, you will pass the Buddah Bar Lounge on your left. Continue up the street past Pinocchio's Restaurant and the bar will be tucked away around the corner (or 'esquina' in Spanish, hence its name).


Terraza Buddha Lounge Bar

Terraza Buddha Lounge Bar - Bars in Nerja

Terraza Buddha Lounge Bar - $$ - $$$
Calle de la Gloria 13
Bars in Nerja | Mediterranean | European

Buddha Lounge Bar in Nerja is famous for its fantastic roof terrace, which is undoubtedly its best feature. The view from the top, with a cocktail in hand, makes you feel like you're in an exclusive club, far above the bustling streets.

I've been here a few times and honestly, the experience varies. It's a great place to come for an after-dinner drink, and on a good day the food and cocktails are absolutely on point. It's the kind of place you'll find yourself coming back to night after night, especially if you can get a seat on the terrace to enjoy the action below.

If you come during high season, it can be a bit hit or miss... if it's too busy, service can be slow... and let's not even get into the elevator situation.

But all in all, the Buddha Lounge Bar is worth a visit, especially for the rooftop experience. On a less crowded night, it's a wonderful place for a relaxing drink with friends or a romantic getaway.


Cochran's Terrace Bar

Cochran's Terrace Bar - Bars in Nerja

Cochran's Terrace Bar - $$ - $$$
Paseo Balcon de Europa
Bars in Nerja (Pub) | International (Irish) | European

Cochran's Terrace Bar, is located on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, just a heartbeat away from the Balcony of Europe. It's a popular bar, especially among the Irish community and those looking to celebrate special occasions like weddings... thanks to its stunning views of Playa El Salón beach.

Cochran's isn't known for its food, it tends to serve bar food, but it's decent enough for a relaxed meal or a casual bite. And the atmosphere, which is complemented by live music on Fridays and Saturdays, adds to the charm. From Tuesday to Sunday... you can also watch live sports (English League, Spanish League, Champions League, F1, Rugby 6 Nations).

It's a place where you can enjoy a pint of beer or a glass of wine while soaking up the sun and the picturesque Mediterranean views. Sometimes a great view and a sunny terrace is all you need for a good time.


El Burro Blanco Flamenco Bar

El Burro Blanco Flamenco Bar - Bars in Nerja

El Burro Blanco Flamenco Bar - $$ - $$$
Calle de la Gloria 3
Bars & Clubs in Nerja | Mediterranean | Spanish | Flamenco

Tucked away in the old town is Nerja's only live flamenco show. It's actually more than just a show... it's a window into the heart of Spanish culture and the perfect way to spend an evening out in Nerja.

The performance is mesmerizing, truly capturing the essence of flamenco with every stomp and twirl. The accompanying musicians, with their guitar melodies and heartfelt vocals, add even more to the magic of the evening.

The show, which begins at around 8:30 p.m. and lasts one to two hours, is an absolute bargain for the quality of entertainment you receive. At €20 per person, including a drink, it's an experience that offers incredible value for money. Just remember to bring cash, as cards aren't accepted for those extra drink refills.

Also keep in mind that the space can get quite warm, so be prepared for some authentic Spanish heat.


El Molino

El Molino - Bars in Nerja

El Molino - $$ - $$$
Calle de San Jose 4
Bars in Nerja | Mediterranean | Spanish

I recently checked out this small but cheerful bar in Nerja. It's not your typical flamenco bar... but the place has a raw, authentic vibe that really draws you in. The live music, a mix of flamenco and Gypsy Kings-style tunes, creates an atmosphere that's both electric and truly Spanish.

El Molino seems to be a little chaotic at times, but that's part of its charm. And the flamenco may not be what you expect, there are no dramatic costumes or choreographed routines, but the dancers and musicians perform with such passion that you can't help but enjoy it.

This Nerja bar is a great place to relax with a drink and immerse yourself in Nerja's unique nightlife.



Hemingways Bar - Bars in Nerja

Hemingway's - $$ - Traveler's Choice
Plaza de los Cangrejos
Bars in Nerja | Mediterranean | English Pub

Located near the bustling Plaza Cangrejos and a stone's throw from the beautiful Playa Torrecilla, Hemingway's is a genuine Nerja pub, open every day from 6pm to midnight. It's the perfect place for a nightcap or a night out.

If you're staying at the Hotel Riu Monica, it's an especially great place to drop in. The pub has an outdoor terrace...perfect for those warm Nerja evenings, and air conditioning inside (which is a godsend in the hotter months).

Mark, the owner, is the life and soul of the place, telling stories and making sure everyone has a great time. But, the cocktails here are the highlight; they're inventive and perfectly mixed, often with a personal touch that adds to the experience.

Hemingway's is a British favorite, and it's easy to see why. The atmosphere is friendly and convivial, making it easy to mingle with other patrons. It's not just a pub, it's a cornerstone of Nerja nightlife, embodying the warmth and charm of this beautiful Spanish town.


Discoteca JIMMY's

Jimmy’s Disco - Bars in Nerja

Discoteca JIMMY's - $$ - $$$
Calle Antonio Millon 2
Bars in Nerja | Mediterranean | Discoteca

Discoteca JIMMY's stands out as one of the few late night bars/clubs in town, attracting a young and energetic crowd, especially after hours in Plaza Tutti Frutti.

Known for its electric atmosphere and pulsating music, this nightclub has been a mainstay of Nerja's nightlife scene for over 35 years.

The club offers a great space for dancing and socializing, and its location, close to other popular hotspots like Plaza Tutti Frutti, makes it a convenient choice for continuing the night's festivities well into the morning hours.

Discoteca JIMMY's opens around 12:00 am and goes until around 6-7:00 am.


Tutti Frutti Bars

Tamareo Bar in Plaza Tutti Frutti - Bars in Nerja

Tutti Frutti Plaza in Nerja is not just a single bar, but a bustling hub of nightlife with an eclectic collection of bars, pubs and nightclubs. This vibrant square becomes a magnet for all ages (especially in the summer) looking for a wild night out.

With its variety of venues, each offering its own unique atmosphere and music, Tutti Frutti Plaza offers an unforgettable night of fun and entertainment in the heart of Nerja.

Most of the Tutti Frutti bars open at 22:00 hrs and close at 03:00 hrs.

Tutti Frutti Bars: Rockefeller Premium, Ocean Cafe, Premium Cafe, The New SE7EN Cafe, RR Bar, Maui, TAMAREO, Theba’s Pub, Obelix Plaza, Agora VIP Club, Bulevar, Malagrana, Fabrik Pub


Rack and Ruin Sports Bar

Rack and Ruin Sports Bar - Bars in Nerja

Rack and Ruin Sports Bar - $
Calle Los Huertos
Bars in Nerja | European | British

This little bar, tucked away on Calle Los Huertos, is a breath of fresh air.

With a mix of British and European styles, Rack and Ruin Sports Bar is a bit of an expat hub. They have live sports on numerous TVs and the drink selection is just right.

The prices are reasonable, which is always a plus in my book. It's the kind of place where you can sit on the front or back patio, enjoy a cold beer and just watch life go by. The service is what you'd call 'cozy'. The staff, especially the waitresses, are always ready to chat when they're not too busy running around. And the food is great for a pub, especially if you're just looking to wind down with something simple and tasty.

It gets pretty busy when there's sport on, so be warned - get there early if you want a good seat. It's a relaxed, friendly sort of place where you can easily spend an afternoon or pop in for a quick drink. If you're ever in Nerja, give it a try, especially if you're missing a bit of that British pub atmosphere.


Sala Rockefeller

Sala Rockefeller Nightclub - Bars in Nerja

Sala Rockefeller - $$ - $$$
C. el Chaparil, 7
Bars in Nerja | Mediterranean | Spanish Discoteca

So I checked out Sala Rockefeller, and let me tell you, it's quite the scene for the younger crowd, especially after they've hit Plaza Tutti Frutti.

Open from about half past midnight until the wee hours of the morning, this place has a real buzz to it. The music here is a solid mix, with the DJ throwing in some English tracks now and then, which is a nice touch.

The atmosphere? Wild and crazy. It's the kind of place where you can really let your hair down and dance the night away. But it does get pretty crowded, and it's easy to see why, the vibe is just right for a night out with friends or even celebrating something special.

If you're in Nerja and looking for a place to enjoy good music and cocktails, Sala Rockefeller is well worth a visit. Just go in with the right expectations and you'll probably have a great time.


Cave Bar (Bar La Cueva)

Cave Bar (Bar La Cueva)- Bars in Nerja

Cave Bar (Bar La Cueva) - $
Calle los Gladiolos El Capistrano Village
Bars in Nerja | European | British Pub

So this cute little place is called the Cave Bar, and it's tucked away in El Capistrano Village. It's a cozy British-style pub that's a hit with both the locals and tourists.

They serve classic British pub food like a hearty pork pie or some tasty fish and chips... The fish and chips are especially good, and they do a special on Fridays that's quite popular!

The Sunday roast is also apparently quite good, and for dessert lovers, the apple pie and sticky toffee pudding are highly recommended.

One thing that really stands out is the cool, cave-like setting, which makes for a unique dining experience. Plus, the staff is super friendly...they make you feel right at home.


Oculto Night Restaurant & Club Nerja

Oculto Night Restaurant & Club - Bars in Nerja

Oculto Night Restaurant & Club - $$$$- Traveler's Choice
Calle de Castilla Pérez 11
Bars in Nerja | Mediterranean | European

Oculto, which means hidden in Spanish, is a secret spot that is well worth the search.

The interior is a mix of cool, elegant and cozy, and the place has a unique charm that sets it apart. To eat here, you have to make reservations and you will be given a passcode to access the hidden inner dining area.

Their food? Delicious. I tried the sushi and the lotus burger - both were fantastic. The wine selection is also impressive, and they really know their stuff when it comes to pairing.

Oculto is not just a restaurant. After dinner, the place turns into a bit of a nightclub scene with great music. Perfect for a night out with friends or a special occasion.

If you're in Nerja, you must check it out. It's a dining experience you won't forget.

Try the sushi selection (highly recommended), the lotus burger (a crowd favorite), the tuna tataki (for something lighter but still tasty), the corvina (a type of fish) and the lamb kebab.


The Irish Harp Bar

The Irish Harp Bar- Bars in Nerja

Irish Harp Bar - $
Calle Carabeo
Bars in Nerja | Mediterranean | Irish Pub

The Irish Harp in Nerja is a favorite, mainly for its warm, welcoming atmosphere and character. It's a place where everyone feels included and there's always a story to tell.

The Irish Harp is a comfortable pub with a strong sense of community and Irish charm. It's a place where you can enjoy a good pint of Guinness, live music and the company of friendly staff and fellow patrons. Whether you're looking for a cozy place to watch a game or just enjoy a relaxing evening, The Irish Harp seems to be a solid choice in Nerja.

Other Irish bars include Irish Annie's, the Anchor Bar and Busker's Bar.


Bar El Fuego

Bar El Fuego - Bars in Nerja

Bar El Fuego - $$
Calle de Filipinas
Bars in Nerja | Mediterranean | Danish Pub

Bar El Fuego has earned the reputation of being THE place to be in Playa Burriana (especially if you are staying at the Parador de Nerja)... and for good reason.

The atmosphere is a little out of the ordinary. It's a mix of a sports bar with a cozy, friendly feel, the kind of place where you can kick back, play a little pool, or watch your favorite sports on TV.

It's not just about the drinks either, it's about the whole experience. There are Dutch snacks and fries to nibble on, and let's not forget the El Fuego beerfood platters (hot and varied)... they're a hit, especially when paired with their ice-cold beers.

One of the highlights is the perfect mix of football and Moto GP fans, all catered for by the Dutch owners who have a knack for entertaining. All in all, it's a great place to stop off after a day at the beach, with TV screens for sports, outdoor tables with shade, and an overall good old pub vibe.


Punta Lara Bar

Punta Lara Bar - Bars in Nerja

Punta Lara Bar - $
Urb. Punta Lara
Bars in Nerja | Mediterranean | English Pub

Punta Lara Bar in Nerja is a great choice for those staying at the Marinas de Nerja Beach and Spa or the nearby urbanization. Located just a short stroll from Playa Playazo, this cozy bar is known for its friendly atmosphere and inclusive spirit. It's also conveniently located for anyone staying at the Nerja campground.

Punta Lara Bar is a local favorite where everyone from passing dog walkers to horseback riders find a warm welcome. It's THE place to be for a laid-back evening on the western end of Nerja.

With great service and a lively atmosphere, it's particularly welcoming to English speakers and offers a comfortable spot for a casual drink or to watch a game.


Rincon del Sol Bar Chill-Out

Rincon del Sol Bar Chill-Out- Bars in Nerja

Rincon del Sol Bar Chill-Out - $$ - $$$ - Traveler's Choice
Burriana Beach
Bars in Nerja | Mediterranean | European

One of our favorites! Rincon del Sol, located at the eastern end of the picturesque Burriana Beach and not far from the magnificent Parador de Nerja, is a favorite with beach lovers who want to spend all day in the sun.

This charming bar and restaurant is known for its fantastic beach beds, perfect for lounging on the beach after a hearty meal, and its proximity to the starting point for kayaking trips to the famous Maro nature reserve.

The bar's warm ambience and friendly staff create a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy a variety of Mediterranean and Spanish dishes like a refreshing sangria, a delicious goat cheese salad or a delicious bruschetta and prawns.

Known as the "Best Beach Bar in Burriana", it's a favorite spot for locals and summer visitors to enjoy a day on the beach with Nerja's beautiful coastline as a backdrop.




Volk's Bar Sevillano - $$-$$$
Calle de la Gloria 14 Terraza Superior
Bars in Nerja | Mediterranean | European

Volk's Bar on Calle Gloria in the old town of Nerja is a summer favorite. It's one of the many rooftop bars in the area with views of the village streets below and the sea in the distance.

Just a short walk from the Balcon de Europa, this bar is located on the rooftop of the popular restaurant Rincón Sevillano and beside a wonderful little hostel called Pensión Sevillano.

Pensión Sevillano is a 1-star guest house with air-conditioned rooms, private bathrooms and free WiFi. And it's the best location in town! It is located just 300 meters from Calahonda beach and 100 meters from the center of town, with its quaint shopping quarter and tapas bars.

4 Best Nightclubs in Nerja

Nerja's nightclubs offer a wonderful escape where the music never stops and the dance floors are always full. These clubs are perfect for those who want to dance the night away, with a mix of beats that cater to an international crowd.

Tutti Frutti Discos: TAMAREO and the Agora VIP Club.

Late Night Disco Clubs: Sala Rockefeller Club (Calle el Chaparil) and Jimmy´s Disco (Calle Antonio Millón)

6 Best Irish Bars in Nerja

The Irish bars in Nerja are warm and welcoming with a cozy atmosphere where traditional Irish hospitality is the order of the day.

Known for their lively music, hearty pub fare and generous selection of beers and whiskies, these bars are a popular destination for locals (and visitors) seeking a touch of Irish charm in the heart of Spain.

6 Laid Back Irish Bars: Irish Harp Bar, Buskers Irish Pub (live Irish music, sports and tvs), Cochran´s Irish Pub, Irish Annie's, O'Learys Irish Bar and The Anchor Bar

4 Best English Bars in Nerja

The English pubs in Nerja capture the typical British pub experience and offer expats a home away from home.

With their classic pub food (think fish & chips and bangers & mash), wide range of ales and beers, and familiar, welcoming atmosphere, these 4 pubs are the perfect place to watch sports, meet friends and enjoy a drink.

4 Popular English Pubs: Hemingway's, Rack and Ruin Bar, Ck's Bar and Rnr Bar & Dining

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