Nerja Caves Tickets
Nerja Caves Tickets

Nerja Caves Ticket Packages

Nerja Caves - Ticket Packages
** Nerja Cave Ticket Packages and How to Purchase!

Nerja Caves ➜ Packages

There are several packages available if you're thinking about visiting the Nerja Caves. Keep in mind that if you are also considering a visit to the Nerja Museum or a ride on the Nerja Train, a package ticket is a better value!

Here are the three available packages to the Nerja Caves:

Nerja Caves Tickets - Package One

  • 1 Ticket for the Nerja Cave Visit
  • Free Download of Mobile Audio Guide
  • 1 Ticket for the Nerja Museum

This ticket is for a general cave entry. You will be able to download an Audio Guide in up to 15 different languages and follow along on your own. You will explore the cave's immense chambers and see the worlds biggest Stalactite! You will also get one free admittance to the Nerja Museum to learn more about what has been found inside the cave and its long history.

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* Sometimes not available during high season. Also try: entradas.cuevadenerja.es

Nerja Caves Tickets - Package One

  • 1 Ticket for the Nerja Cave Visit
  • Free Download of Mobile Audio Guide
  • 1 Ticket for the Nerja Museum
  • Roundtrip Ticket on the Nerja Train

This ticket includes everything in the first ticket plus a roundtrip ticket on Nerja's "Little Tourist Train". One of the best ways to get to the caves is to catch the train from Plaza de Los Cangrejos and make your way along the coast past some of Nerja's main sites, like the Barco de Chanquete and the Eagle Aqueduct. The ride takes about 30-minutes.

Nerja Caves Tickets - Package One

Don't miss the chance to tour the Nerja Caves with one of Spain's most beloved actors. "Tito", from the well-known 'Verano Azul' series, will lead you through the caves in total darkness (except for flashlights & headlamps) to experience first hand what it must have been like for the 5 young boys who discovered the caves so long ago...

  • 1 Ticket for the Nerja Cave Visit
  • Meeting in person with this iconic actor
  • Souvenir Headlamp
  • Memories that will last a lifetime!

When is it FREE to enter the Caves of Nerja?

In order to get the FREE tickets to the Nerja Caves, you must adhere to the following guidelines...

  • Free Tickets are available for Monday to Friday at 9:30 a.m. ONLY
  • There is a limited capacity of 60 free tickets per day.
  • Only for members of the European Union.
  • A physical audio guide is not included but you can download a version here to your phone.
  • Tickets can ONLY be purchased online (48 hours before the day of the visit).
  • Maximum of 2 tickets per person
  • Entrance is for 9:30 am. If you are late, you will not be admitted.
  • These tickets do not include free entry to the Nerja Museum.

Nerja Cave Tickets Include ➜ the Nerja Museum

The Nerja Museum is located in the middle of town in the Plaza de España, just behind the town hall and tourist office. It houses three floors of interesting relics that have been found inside the nearby caves, including a full sized female skeleton dating from the Paleolithic era.

You will also learn about the history of the village, how it has changed over the years, and its strong cultural Andalucian heritage.

Museum Hours:

Normal Hours: 9:00 until 16:00
Special Hours:

Summer: (June 23 - Sept 11)
and Semana Santa

9:00 until 18:30
The museum is open 363 days a year, only closing on the 1st of January and the 15th of May.

* You will find detailed pricing for the Nerja Museum here.

Nerja Cave Tickets Include ➜ the Nerja Train

If you have kids (or even if you don't!) the Nerja "Tourist Train" is a great way to get to the Nerja Caves. This is not a typical "Tourist Train" that you might find in other towns... it's less of a "tour" and more of a nice ride to get you from point A to point B.

The train starts from the 'Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos', not far from the Balcon, and will take you all the way to the caves. It doesn't make many stops (only the town of Maro) and is not "hop-on, hop-off" but it will pass by some of Nerja's top sites, like the Barco de Chanquete and the Eagle Aqueduct. It will sometimes stop for photos but that's not certain.

The best thing about the Nerja Train is that you don't need to worry about driving, parking, finding your way... etc. And, it's open-air so the ride is breezy and relaxing. The ride will take about 35-minutes

* You will find more information on the Nerja Train pricing and departure times here.

Nerja Caves ➜ Day Trip Tickets and Tours

Day Trip Tickets and Tours to Nerja & the Nerja Caves
Day Trips and Tickets to Nerja & the Nerja Caves If you're just learning about the incredible white village of Nerja and its world famous caves, and your not sure if you have the time on your itinerary. Don't worry! There are tours leaving from Malaga and Granada that will bring you to Nerja for the day and include tickets to the Nerja Caves a well...

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