Nerja to Frigiliana
Nerja to Frigiliana

Nerja to Frigiliana:
5 Easy Ways to Reach Frigiliana from Nerja

5 Easy Ways to Get From Nerja to Frigiliana

Located on Spain's sun-kissed Costa del Sol, Nerja and Frigiliana are two of Andalucia's most treasured villages, so it is no wonder that tourists flock here year after year. Set against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, Nerja is famous for its wide sandy beaches and the famous Balcony of Europe. In contrast, Frigiliana, perched on a mountainside, is a mosaic of whitewashed houses and cobblestone streets with panoramic views.

For those staying in the coastal town of Nerja and wanting to venture inland, Frigiliana is just a short drive away. Covering a distance of about 6 km (3.7 miles), the trip between the two towns is easily done. For more information about getting from Malaga to Nerjaread this guide.

⭐ Here's a detailed guide on the 5 BEST ways to get from Nerja to Frigiliana.

How far is Frigiliana from Nerja?

  • checkDistance from Nerja to Frigiliana: Approximately 6 km (3.7 miles)
  • checkDriving time: Around 15 minutes, depending on traffic and the exact start/end points.
  • checkBus travel time: The bus ride takes 20-25 minutes, depending on stops.


Getting From Nerja to Frigiliana by Car

The easiest and most direct way to get from Nerja to Frigiliana is by car and the quickest route takes just 14 minutes. It's a beautiful drive with views of the coast and then winding along a country road up into the hills. 🚗

Nerja to Frigiliana Driving Map

Follow these driving directions from the Nerja Bus Station to the village of Frigiliana, 6.3 km.


  • Start at the Nerja Bus Station (located here), drive west on Avenida de Pescia/N-340
  • At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Av. Alcalde Antonio Villasclaras
  • Go through 2 roundabouts (1.6 km)
  • At the third roundabout, take the 3rd exit (150 m)
  • At the next roundabout, take the 1st exit onto MA-5105 (3.0 km)
  • Continue on Av. de Andalucía. Drive to C. San Sebastián in Frigiliana (1.0 km)
  • At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit
  • Continue straight and you will arrive in Frigiliana in 2 minutes.

Car rentals:

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Parking options:

Parking in Frigiliana can be a bit difficult during the high season, so make sure you arrive early! If you get there early, you can usually find free parking on the road into town. If that is full, there is also a parking garage at the bottom of the village (location here).

During the summer, you may have to park quite far out of town and walk to get a free spot on the street. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. The town itself is quite hilly and requires a lot of walking too.

Nerja to Frigiliana Parking Prices
** Parking Prices in Frigiliana


Getting From Nerja to Frigiliana by Bus

Grupo Fajardo usually operates the bus route between Nerja and Frigiliana and the buses leave from the main bus station in Nerja, which is convenient if you are staying in the town center.

The journey will take about 15 minutes and the buses run almost hourly every day, including Sundays and holidays but with a more limited timetable. The first bus leaves Nerja at 7:20 in the morning and the last returns from Frigiliana at 20:30. Click here for more Nerja to Frigiliana bus information with detailed prices and schedules.

The fare is cheap at just over 1.00 euro each way, making this a very popular choice for summer visitors. You can buy tickets on the bus or at the bus station, and you can also buy tickets in bulk if you plan to make the trip often.

Be sure to check the schedule before you go...especially during the holiday or summer season.


Getting From Nerja to Frigiliana by Taxi

For those looking for a more direct and faster option, taxis are readily available in Nerja. The trip to Frigiliana by taxi is quick, but fares can vary depending on the time of day and the specific taxi company. 🚕

We also recommend that you ask for a price before you start.

There are three taxi stations in Nerja or you can call Radio Taxi, the official taxi service (952 520 537). The price of a Nerja taxi to Frigiliana is approximately 14.00 euros.

Taxi Stands:

  1. Plaza La Ermita: map here
  2. Bus Station: map here
  3. Tutti Frutti Plaza: map here.


Getting From Nerja to Frigiliana By Bike or On Foot

Yes! You read that right... It is possible to get from Nerja to Frigiliana by bike or on foot and people do it all the time!

For the more adventurous, the idea of cycling or even trekking may be appealing and there are several bike rental companies in Nerja that cater to all levels of ability (and rent both conventional and electric bikes).

The route between the two towns is scenic but keep in mind that it requires a good level of fitness due to the uphill climbs. Safety gear, hydration and a map are essential.

Although trekking is not the most common mode of transportation, it offers the most immersive experience of the area's stunning scenery... just remember to wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water.

From Nerja to Frigiliana by Bike: 45 minutes
Trekking From Nerja to Frigiliana: 1 hour and 40 minutes


Guided Tour to Nerja and Frigiliana

From Nerja Caves
** Nerja Caves

A final option for visiting Frigiliana from Nerja is to join a guided tour. Most of these tours are available from either Málaga or Granada and take you to Nerja, the Nerja Caves and the small village of Frigiliana.

Here are some options:

  • From Malaga: Due to its proximity to Nerja and Frigiliana, Malaga has two great tour options. And one of these tours includes a visit to the Nerja Caves, a top sight on the Costa del Sol (known for its impressive stalactites and stalagmites which are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records). In Frigiliana, both tours include a walk through the old town, exploring its pretty flower-filled streets and alleys.

  • From Granada: Although a little further away, Granada also has a tour to Nerja and Frigiliana. These tours are a little longer due to the additional travel time, but make for a wonderful day trip.

What Should You Know Before Visiting Nerja?

Is Nerja worth a visit?

Absolutely! Nerja is one of my favorite towns along the coast and is much prettier and less developed than some of the other Costa del Sol villages like Marbella and Estepona, although it can get very crowded in the summer. The best time to visit is from the beginning of May to the end of June or September to November.

There's really no end to what you can do in Nerja, but make sure you see these "top sights" while you're here.

What Should You Know Before Visiting Frigiliana?

Is Frigiliana worth a visit?

Again, yes! The historic charm of Frigiliana is immediately apparent upon arrival. The old town is a maze of small streets and alleys with panoramic viewpoints, artisan shops and small cafes sprinkled throughout (take a photo tour). The tourist office will be happy to give you a map of the main sights and show you how to get around the village.

Some of the most important aspects of Frigiliana are:

  • Frigiliana's ceramic tiles: Scattered throughout Frigiliana are ceramic tiles that illustrate the history of the village, especially the Moorish influence and the Battle of Frigiliana.

  • The festive spirit of Frigiliana: Frigiliana's annual Festival of the Three Cultures pays tribute to its Christian, Jewish and Moorish roots with music, food and historical reenactments. Come in August to enjoy these festivities!

  • Surrounding countryside: Frigiliana is surrounded by the Sierra de Tejeda Almijara and Alhama Natural Parks, and as such is fortunate to have wonderful hiking trails and rustic country cottages for rent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why travel from Nerja to Frigiliana?

So many people visit Nerja every year, it's home to the famous Nerja Caves and of course 21 gorgeous beaches with spectacular Mediterranean views. But what many people don't realize is that the small village of Frigiliana sits just over the hills and is the perfect day trip destination from Nerja.

What is the distance from Nerja to Frigiliana?

The distance between Nerja and Frigiliana is approximately 6 km or about 3.7 miles from the Nerja bus station to the Frigiliana bus station. The trip will take you less than 15 minutes by car or about 20 - 25 minutes by bus if there are stops.

Is there a Nerja to Frigiliana train?

Unfortunately there are no train stations in either town. The only options are by private car, renting a car, taxi, bus or joining an excursion.

How much is a taxi from nerja to frigiliana?

Fares change every year, but typically the price of a taxi between the two villages is around 15.00 euros each way.


The trip from Nerja to Frigiliana is short and easy and well worth your time. As we said above, these towns are two of the most popular towns on the Costa del Sol and you should see them both if you can.

If you are planning to visit Nerja and have some extra time, we highly recommend that you spend at least a couple of hours exploring the small mountain town of Frigiliana. You won't regret it!

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