Nerja to Frigiliana Bus Information
Nerja to Frigiliana Bus

Nerja to Frigiliana Bus Info:
Getting from Nerja to Frigiliana by Bus

Nerja to Frigiliana Bus Information

So you've made it to Nerja by following our guide on how to get from Malaga to Nerja and now you want to visit the charming mountain village of Frigiliana.

Remember that there are 5 ways to get from Nerja to Frigiliana, but in this post we will give you all the information you need to travel between these two charming villages by bus.

Here's a detailed Nerja to Frigiliana Bus guide with daily schedules, prices, and information about the bus stations.

Important Distances

From To Distance
Málaga AirportNerja69 km (47 min)
Málaga CityNerja58 km (49 min)
NerjaFrigiliana6 km (11 min)
NerjaNerja Caves4 km (8 min)
FrigilianaNerja Caves9 km (14 min)

* These distances are by car. Public transportation takes longer due to the number of stops. Check the bus schedule below for exact travel times.

Nerja & Frigiliana Bus Stations

Let's start by talking about the bus line that runs between the towns of Nerja and Frigiliana. It is called Grupo Fajardo and it runs between many of the towns along the coast. It is headquartered in Almunecar (another wonderful town you should visit) but has a line that does nothing more than make the trip from Nerja to Frigiliana all day.

This route starts at the Nerja bus station (see below) and ends in Frigiliana in front of the Plaza de El Ingenio. Frigiliana doesn't really have a bus station, so the bus stops at the bottom of the village, which is just a 5 minute walk from the old town.

Nerja to Frigiliana Bus Information
Nerja Bus Station:
C. Antonio Jiménez, 4, 29780 Nerja, Málaga
Tel: 902 42 22 42
Nerja Bus Station Map
Frigiliana Bus Station:
Calle Real, 29788 Frigiliana, Málaga
Frigiliana Bus Station Map
Grupo Fajardo (local line):
(Nerja to Frigiliana Bus) www.grupofajardo.es
Phone: 958 882 762 / 902 106 286
Address: Polígono taramay, Naves 4 y 5 Almuñecar (Granada)
E-mail: tráfico@grupofajardo.es

Alsa (national line): www.alsa.es

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Nerja to Frigiliana Bus Schedule

As you can see from the bus schedule below, the nerja frigiliana bus runs almost hourly from Nerja up into the hills of Frigiliana. Most days there are 6 departures from Nerja in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. The bus also runs on Sundays and holidays, but with fewer departures.

The trip will take you about 20 minutes (one way).

Nerja to Frigiliana Bus Schedule
Monday - Saturday Sundays & Holidays

Frigiliana to Nerja Bus Schedule

Here are the return bus times from Frigiliana to Nerja. Note that the last bus leaves Frigiliana at 21:00, so you don't want to miss it. If you need to leave later there are plenty of taxis available.

Frigiliana to Nerja Bus Schedule
Monday - Saturday Sundays & Holidays

Nerja to Frigiliana Bus Ticket Prices

If you are traveling by bus between Nerja and Frigiliana, you have several ticket options. A single trip costs €1.20 (payable on the bus or at the station). If you plan to travel back and forth a bit more, you can buy a pass for 10 trips for €9.60.

If you're a daily traveler, there's a monthly pass for €50 that lets you make as many trips as you want in 30 days. And if you're somewhere in between, there's a pass for 40 trips for €36.

All of these tickets can be purchased at the kiosk at the Nerja bus station.

Nerja to Frigiliana Bus Prices
10-TRIP PASS €9.60
(unlimited individual trips)
40-TRIP PASS €36

Malaga to Frigiliana Bus Info

If you are in Malaga and want to get to Frigiliana, it's very easy. All you have to do is take a bus from Malaga to Nerja and then change at the Nerja bus station for one of the buses to Frigiliana mentioned above.

Here is a bus schedule for the Málaga-Nerja route, including departure times, travel times and arrival times. Most of these buses allow pets and sports equipment on board.

As you can see, the duration of the routes varies depending on the departure time. The shortest duration is just 50 minutes, which is the only direct route at 17:30 with no stops.

These tickets can be purchased online by clicking the button below.

Málaga ➜ Nerja Bus Schedule
Departure Duration Arrival Stops
06:30 01:30 h 08:00 10 Stops
08:30 01:30 h 10:00 10 Stops
09:15 01:25 h 10:40 5 Stops
10:45 01:25 h 12:10 5 Stops
11:15 01:15 h 12:30 4 Stops
12:00 01:25 h 13:25 5 Stops
12:15 01:10 h 13:25 1 Stop
12:45 01:30 h 14:15 10 Stops
14:00 01:25 h 15:25 5 Stops
15:00 01:15 h 16:15 2 Stops
15:30 01:25 h 16:55 5 Stops
16:00 01:15 h 17:15 3 Stops
16:30 01:25 h 17:55 5 Stops
17:15 01:30 h 18:45 10 Stops
17:30 00:50 h 18:20 Direct
17:45 01:20 h 19:05 4 Stops
18:30 01:25 h 19:55 5 Stops
19:00 00:45 h 19:45 Direct
19:45 01:30 h 21:15 10 Stops
20:15 01:15 h 21:30 4 Stops
21:15 01:30 h 22:45 10 Stops
22:00 01:15 h 23:15 4 Stops
23:00 02:00 h 01:00 20 Stops

⭐ These times vary slightly on Sundays. Please check the Online Timetable for more up to date information on Nerja to Frigiliana Bus departure times on Sundays.

Malaga Airport to Frigiliana Bus Info

If you would like to get from the Malaga airport to Frigiliana you will again need to take a bus first to Nerja. From there change buses to Frigiliana. Unfortunately there is only one daily bus from the Malaga airport to Nerja. See the table below for details.

Málaga Airport ➜ Nerja Bus Schedule
Departure Duration Arrival Stops
14:30 01:45 h 16:15 3 Stops

⭐ ⭐ If you've never been to Nerja or Frigiliana, you're in for a treat! We have lived and traveled in this area for the last 20 years and can tell you in no uncertain terms... you're going to love it! To give you an idea of what to expect, here is a brief overview of each village.

A brief Overview of Nerja

Nerja, a picturesque coastal town on the Costa del Sol, is a highlight of southern Spain. People come for its stunning beaches and of course the famous Nerja Caves with ancient paintings and amazing stalactite formations.

The town is also known for the Balcón de Europa, a beautiful oversized terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the 19th century Eagle Aqueduct, and the nearby Maro-Cerro Gordo Nature Reserve with rugged cliffs and secluded beaches and coves.

Because of its popularity, you will find a wonderful selection of hotels and villas along the coast and up into the hills...

A brief Overview of Frigiliana

Frigiliana, another charming village on the south coast of Spain, is famous for its well-preserved old town with narrow cobbled streets and whitewashed houses. It is located in a beautiful natural setting where you can also enjoy wonderful hiking trails that wind through the surrounding hills. There are also lovely country houses to stay in... for a quiet escape and a taste of traditional Andalucian life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you take the bus from Nerja to Frigiliana

The only place to catch the bus from Nerja to Frigiliana is at the Nerja bus station. Located at Calle Antonio Jiménez #4.

Where do you take the bus from Frigiliana to Nerja

Since Frigiliana does not have a bus station, you will catch the bus just opposite the parking lot at the bottom of the town. Walk down from the Plaza de El Ingenio and turn left at the roundabout. It will pick you up right next to the Hotel Villa Frigiliana.

Are there buses between Nerja and Frigiliana at night?

The last bus leaves Frigiliana for Nerja at 21:00. If you miss the bus there are plenty of taxis in town. A taxi ride to Nerja will cost around 15.00 euros. Call Radio Taxi, the official taxi service (952 520 537).

Nerja to Frigiliana Bus Journey Recap

  • checkDistance from Nerja to Frigiliana: Approximately 6 km (3.7 miles)
  • checkDriving time: Around 15 minutes, depending on traffic and the exact start/end points.
  • checkBus travel time: The bus ride takes 20-25 minutes, depending on stops.
  • checkScenic highlights: Coastal views along the Costa del Sol, panoramic views of the Andalucian countryside, and the dramatic approach to Frigiliana with the mountain backdrop.


Getting to Frigiliana from Nerja is quick, cheap and hassle free. Make sure you follow all the advice and points above and you are sure to have a wonderful trip and a lovely time exploring the village!

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