Tutti Frutti Plaza
Tutti Frutti Plaza

From Day to Night:
Exploring the Nightlife in Tutti Frutti Plaza

Tutti Frutti Plaza Bars in Nerja

Plaza Tutti Frutti is the center of Nerja nightlife, a vibrant coastal town known for its stunning beaches and inviting warm Mediterranean climate. This bustling square is packed with quaint pubs, trendy bars and late night discos, making it the perfect place for a fun night out.

During the day, Plaza Tutti Frutti sleeps, but as the sun sets, the square transforms, drawing visitors of all ages into its lively nighttime atmosphere, where music and dancing continue into the wee hours of the morning.

While the square is particularly popular with the younger crowd, there's something for everyone, from casual pubs to energetic dance clubs. It's this electrifying mix of bars and clubs that positions Plaza Tutti Frutti as the top destination for those who want to experience the true spirit of Nerja after dark. 💃 💃

Exploring Plaza Tutti Frutti

Plaza Tutti Frutti is known for its wide variety of bars, pubs and discotecas... all just a short walk from the iconic Balcón de Europa. As you approach the square, you will hear the sound of music echoing through the streets as partygoers laugh, sing and dance the night away.

Plaza Tutti Frutti Bar
** Plaza Tutti Frutti Bar

But keep in mind that Tutti Frutti gets going late, around 10:00 p.m. and stays open until around 3:00 a.m. Below is a detailed list of the top venues on the plaza with contact information.

Contact Information ➜ Bars & Clubs in Tutti Frutti Plaza:
Name Type Phone Number
Rockefeller Premium Bar 622 12 09 99
Ocean Cafe Cafe/Bar 722 63 54 43
Premium Cafe Cafe/Bar 622 12 09 99
The New SE7EN Cafe Cafe/Bar 606 15 15 55
RR Bar Bar N/A
Maui Cocktail Bar 653 34 74 30
TAMAREO Dance Club 609 16 09 62
Theba’s Pub Pub 639 56 21 58
Obelix Plaza Bar 618 34 22 10
Agora VIP Club Dance Club N/A
Bulevar Bar N/A
Malagrana Bar 664 75 89 04
Fabrik Pub Pub 697 65 31 42

Overview of the Bars and Pubs Above

  • Bar (Cafe/Bar): These bars are perfect for pre-club drinks or a relaxing nightcap. Many of these places offer tapas or small dishes.

  • Cocktail Bar: These bars specialize in serving a wider variety of cocktails, from classic mixes to more innovative and creative concoctions.

  • Pubs: The pubs have a more casual atmosphere, often with live music or watching sporting events.

  • Dance Club: These clubs feature a dance floor, sometimes a DJ playing various genres of music, and have elaborate lighting systems with strobe lights.

Plaza Tutti Frutti
** Plaza Tutti Frutti

Popular Clubs and Discotecas

For those who love dancing until dawn, Plaza Tutti Frutti is home to some of the best clubs in Nerja, where you can experience energetic beats and a never-ending party scene. They are the place to be for anyone who wants to dance the night away.

Within the Tutti Frutti Plaza itself you will find two smaller dance clubs, TAMAREO and Agora VIP Club. If you want something bigger and more outrageous, try Discoteca Jimmys and Sala Rockefeller. They are only open a few days a week, but usually stay open until 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning.

Other Popular Areas for Nightlife in Nerja

While Plaza Tutti Frutti is a well-known hotspot, it's not the only game in town. Nerja is full of great bars and places to party!

The Balcon de Europa Plaza also offers a wonderful nightlife experience (and is more family friendly). This iconic terrace has several bars and cafes where you can enjoy a drink with a view. It's especially beautiful at sunset when the sky turns beautiful shades of pink and purple. In the summer, this area is bustling with tourists, impromptu performances by local singers and dancers, and artists selling their creations.

Balcon de Europa Plaza at Night
** Balcon de Europa Plaza at Night

Another favorite area for nightlife is Burriana Beach. Here, beachfront chiringuitos serve cocktails and live music, creating a lively yet relaxed, beachy atmosphere. It's perfect for those who like the sound of the waves to accompany their evening...

In the heart of the old town, Calle Pintada is another good choice for a night out. Lined with trendy boutiques during the day, it transforms into a bustling street of quaint wine and tapas bars and restaurants at night. This is a great place to get the night started. Enjoy a nice dinner and then head to one of the rooftop terraces along Calle Pintada for an after-dinner drink... because after all... Tutti Frutti Plaza doesn't get going until late...

Where to Eat in Plaza Tutti Frutti

While Tutti Frutti Plaza caters primarily to those seeking a fun, lively atmosphere for socializing and partying, many of the bars offer small portions of food, known as "tapas" or "raciones," to accompany drinks. These tapas range from simple dishes like olives and cheese to more elaborate dishes like patatas bravas, fried fish, or Iberian ham.

There is also a fast food restaurant in the plaza called "NFC" or "New Fried Chicken & Kebabs". They have a selection of... you guessed it... fried chicken, wraps, hamburgers, and kebabs.

Where to Eat in Plaza Tutti Frutti
** Where to Eat in Plaza Tutti Frutti - "NFC"

But if you're looking for something more substantial to eat in Nerja, there are plenty of other options along the quaint streets of the old town and near the beaches, you'll find everything from cozy tapas bars to upscale restaurants. These restaurants tend to have a more relaxed atmosphere than the bustling bars of Tutti Frutti Plaza, making them ideal if you want to savor your meal and enjoy a quieter and more intimate dinner.

For a detailed guide to the best places to eat in Nerja, read on: The 20 Best Nerja Restaurants: Plus Most Popular Dishes & Recipes

Hotels and Hostels Close to the Plaza

If you're looking for hotels and apartments within walking distance of Nerja's most popular bars and nightlife, we've got you covered.

For those looking for a little luxury, Nerja has wonderful hotels with stunning sea views and excellent amenities. The Nerja Parador and Hotel Balcon de Europa are two great choices. Both are 4-star hotels within walking distance of Plaza Tutti Frutti and other after-hours hotspots.

Hostal Alhambra near Plaza Tutti Frutti
** Hostal Alhambra near Plaza Tutti Frutti

If you're on a budget, you can opt for one of Nerja's many hostels, which offer great prices without sacrificing comfort. Hotel Toboso Chaparil stands out with the highest guest ratings for location and service. And Hostal Alhambra is an equally affordable option, praised for its cleanliness and value for money.

You can also rent an apartment. They are more comfortable and most are located in the center of Nerja's old town, close to all the action.

Practical Information

When planning a visit to Plaza Tutti Frutti, make sure you have all the practical information for a hassle-free experience. From finding a parking spot to navigating the area, you'll find all the essential details below.

Plaza Tutti Frutti Map & Location

Calle Antonio Millón, 2, Bajo, 29780 Nerja, Málaga

Tutti Frutti Opening Hours

The bars and pubs along the Tutti Frutti Plaza open in the evenings between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm and most stay open until 3:00 am. The two nearby discotecas open later (Discoteca Jimmys y Sala Rockefeller), around 11:00 pm to 12:00 am and stay open until 6:00 am - 7:00 am.

Parking Near Plaza Tutti Frutti

Finding parking close to Plaza Tutti Frutti can be challenging, especially during peak hours. I recommend looking for a parking spot at the Parking Balcon de Europa, which is a secure parking garage located within reasonable walking distance of the plaza. There's also street parking available, but be mindful of the parking signs to avoid fines.

Also Try:
Parking en la Plaza Verano Azul
Aparcamiento Nerja on Avenida Mediterraneo

Getting Around

Once you're near Plaza Tutti Frutti, getting around is quite straightforward. It's an easily walkable area, and many bars and clubs have outdoor seating, inviting you to enjoy the lively atmosphere on foot. If you prefer not to walk, taxis (952 520 537) are readily available and you can usually catch one from the main streets surrounding the plaza or from taxi stands. Keep a map app on your phone to navigate the side streets.

Taxi Stands:

  1. Plaza La Ermita: map here
  2. Bus Station: map here
  3. Tutti Frutti Plaza: map here.

Tips for First-Time Visitors

For first-time visitors, my advice is to immerse yourself in the local culture by being flexible with your plans. The nightlife here doesn't start until late, so take your time exploring the surrounding shops and restaurants. You will also want to wear comfortable shoes as you'll be on your feet for most of the night, and always carry some cash for the smaller clubs and bars that might not accept credit cards.

Top Attractions near Plaza Tutti Frutti

When you're in town visiting Plaza Tutti Frutti, take some time to see some of the iconic nearby attractions that make Nerja so special...

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