Nerja Cave Prices
Nerja Cave Prices

Nerja Cave ➜ Prices

Nerja Caves - Prices
** Check Nerja Cave Prices Here and Buy Tickets!

Below you will find information about prices for entry to the Nerja Caves. We also have more detailed information on Ticket Packages and Opening Hours.

Nerja Caves ➜ Prices

  adults kids 6-12 kids > 6 seniors
Nerja Caves Visit

Includes: Nerja Caves, Nerja Museum, and Audio Guide

12,00 € 10,00 € FREE 10,00 €
Night Visit with MIGUEL JOVEN "TITO" 24,00 € 24,00 € FREE 24,00 €
Nerja Caves Visit + Train

Includes: Nerja Caves, Nerja Museum, Round-trip Nerja Train Ticket, and Audio Guide

16,00 € 14,00 € FREE 15,00 €

*No changes or refunds are accepted! If you are not 100% sure about when you can go, you can buy a refundable ticket here.

*IMPORTANT: All the accreditation cards are required upon entrance, please have them with you.

* Prices don't include tax.

Nerja Cave Prices for Kids

Nerja Cave prices for kids (age 6 to 12) are 10.00€ for general entry and 14.00€ for the general entry + train. Children over the age of 12 pay as adults. Children under the age of 6 have FREE admittance.


  • Access with children under 6 years of age is under the strict responsibility of their guardians.
  • No touching the rock formations.
  • No food or drink inside the cave.
  • No baby carriages allowed.
  • There is a locker room to store anything you can't take inside (backpacks, suitcases, baby strollers...)

Nerja Cave Prices for Young People

A young person or student can get in at the children's price of 10.00€ but only by presenting a youth card. The price of a 'Nerja Ticket with Train' is still 15.00€.

Nerja Cave Prices for Seniors

Senior tickets are for people over 65 years of age presenting a +65 card. The general admission price for seniors is 10.00€ and the 'Nerja Caves / Train Combination Ticket' is 15.00€.

Nerja Cave Prices for Large Families

Nerja Cave Prices for Large Families are as follows: For general admission (Adults 10.00€ and Kids 8.00€) and for the 'Nerja Caves / Train Combination Ticket' (Adults 15.00€ and Kids 13.00€).

A Large Family Card must be presented.

Nerja Cave Prices for People with Disabilities

Nerja Cave Prices for People with Disabilities presenting an accreditation card. For general admission (10.00€) and for the 'Nerja Caves / Train Combination Ticket' (15.00€).

Note: The Nerja Caves are not recommended for people with disabilities. There are numerous steps, inclines, declines, uneven floors, and no elevators.

Nerja Cave Prices ➜ Where to Buy Tickets

There are two places online to buy tickets.

  1. You can buy tickets directly from the "FUNDACIÓN CUEVA DE NERJA", the website is: https://entradas.cuevadenerja.es/

    Remember: NO CHANGES OR REFUNDS ARE ALLOWED! La Cueva de Nerja does not accept exchanges or refunds on tickets sold on its online platform on the 'Cueva de Nerja' official website.

  2. You may also buy tickets on 'tiqets.com' with FREE cancellation if needed. They offer both the 'Nerja Cave General Admission' and the 'Tickets for Nerja Cave: Night Tour'

    Note: These tickets are sometimes not available during the high season (July & August)

We recommend booking through Tiqets because:

  • Flexibility. You're in control! They offer free cancellations.
  • You can read millions of reviews before you make your decision.
  • With more than 20M+ tickets sold worldwide and 3.7K+ venue partners...
  • Tiqets is a well-known and trusted brand!

Nerja Cave Prices ➜ Can I Buy Tickets There?

Yes, there is a ticket office at the Nerja Caves. You can turn up and buy tickets but you may find long lines. Also, the tickets are sold with a specific time of entry (to avoid over-crowding). If your entry is not for a few hours you will have to wait or come back.

We recommend buying tickets ahead online if possible.

Nerja Cave Prices ➜ FREE Tickets?

Yes! You read that right! It is possible to get a FREE ticket to the Nerja Caves.

  • Free Tickets are available for Monday to Friday at 9:30 a.m. ONLY.
  • There is a limited capacity of 60 free tickets per day.
  • They are only for members of the European Union.
  • A physical audio guide is not included but you can download a version here to your phone.
  • Tickets can ONLY be purchased online (48 hours before the day of the visit).
  • Maximum of 2 tickets per person.
  • Entrance is for 9:30 am. If you are late, you will not be admitted.
  • These tickets do not include free entry to the Nerja Museum.

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