Cala de Maro
Cala de Maro

Cala de Maro

Cala de Maro, Maro
** Cala de Maro - Maro, Spain

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The most hidden Maro beach is the Cala de Maro, also known as the Cala Barranco de Maro, yet it’s known and visited often by the locals.

This small cove of just 20 meters, hidden between the sugar cane plantations, will leave you breathless. Most people pass by without even knowing it's there.

The beach itself is small and rocky, yet it has more privacy thanks to the thick vegetation that makes this place so special: deserted, pristine, and beautiful... and far from the tourist masses... is how we would describe Cala de Maro.

While enjoying the warmth of the summer sun the only noise you are likely to hear on this Maro beach is the crashing waves and seagulls calling.

Cala de Maro Views Cala de Maro - Sunbathing
Cala de Maro - Family Day
** Enjoying Cala de Maro - Maro, Spain

Why Visit Cala de Maro?

If you are looking for a getaway from the crowds and enjoy nature, the 'Cala de Maro' is a great spot. Few tourists arrive at this stretch of beach. It is surrounded by sugarcane and is accessible only through a sandy trail along the barranco.

How to Arrive ➜ Cala de Maro

From Granada - Drive south on A-44. Take exit 183 to merge onto E-15 / A-7 towards Salobreña / Málaga. Take exit 295 (Nerja) from the A-7.

➜ Continue to the roundabout and take the N-340 (first exit) towards Nerja. Immediately take a left onto a small gravel road. There is a sign marked 'Cala de Barranco de Maro'. Continue to the end past the greenhouses and park your car at the top. From the parking area you will continue on foot.

From Malaga - Follow A-7 going east. Take exit 295 (Nerja) from A-7. Then follow directions above.

From Nerja - Drive along Carretera de Almería / N-340 going east towards Almeria, just before the large roundabout heading to the highway turn right onto a small gravel road marked 'Cala de Maro'.

Parking & How to Access Cala de Maro

Parking is free along the road but there is limited space. Once parked at the top, walk towards the bridge. Behind the bridge the gravel road continues down to the bottom of the barranco. Take a right and follow the dirt path all the way to the end.

Cala de Maro - Bamboo Tunnels
Cala de Maro - Roman Bridge Cala de Maro - Path to the Beach
** Path to Cala de Maro, Under the Bridge - Maro, Spain

The trail is in good condition, mostly flat, and very pleasant. You will pass through tunnels of bamboo lined with bright orange flowers and past small shanty houses along the way. As you get closer to the sea, however, the path becomes more difficult. The bamboo is a bit overgrown so you will have to duck down a little to get through it...

The walk to the end should take you about 20-minutes.

Facilities on Cala de Maro:

Absolutely none...

Beach Info ➜ Cala de Maro

Type: Isolated Natural Beach
Length: 20 meters
Width: 20 meters
Level of occupancy: Low
Sand Type: Large Rocks and Pebbles, Some Sand
Facilities: None
Nudist beach No
Access Gravel Road & Dirt Path
Ease of Access Moderate

Other Beaches in the Maro Reserve:

Where to Stay Near Cala de Maro

If you want to experience the beauty of the Maro / Cerro Gordo coastline there are several areas where you can stay. All offering a little something different. Here is what we recommend.

  • Nerja (8 km) - A famous white village with tons of restaurants, shops, and nightlife. You will find a large assortment of hotels and villas here.

  • Frigiliana (9 km) - Chosen as one of the prettiest villages of Spain this mountain village is just a 12-minute drive from Nerja and Playa de Maro. The Hotel Villa Frigiliana is the nicest hotel.

  • La Herradura (7 km) - A picturesque fishing village to the east of the nature reserve on the opposite side of Playa Cantarriján. It has a gorgeous bay with seaside chiringuitos and a marina. Here is nice selection of hotels and villas.

  • Almuñecar (14 km) - Another popular holiday destination just 20-minutes from Nerja with a waterpark, aquarium, bird park, and a castle! Best hotels and villas in Almuñecar.

  • Maro (1.7 km) - This tiny village is the closest to the Maro beaches but has far less accommodation. If you would like to stay here try these options.

  • If you haven't found anything yet, you can also try VRBO.com, they have a ton of great villas and apartments near Cala de Maro, like this one!

Cala de Maro from Above - Maro, Spain
** Cala de Maro from Above - Maro, Spain

Kayaking & Scuba Tours from Cala de Maro?

There are no kayak rentals or scuba excursions from Cala de Maro but if you're interested in joining an excursion while visiting the area read: kayaking in Nerja. There are excursions that leave daily from both Nerja and La Herradura that pass by this beach. They visit the caves, hidden coves, and waterfalls of the Nature Reserve.

Scuba diving is also a popular activity in the reserve as Maro is one of the top diving destinations in Spain. Most of the diving companies are located in La Herradura or Nerja. Read: Scuba Diving in La Herradura / Maro.


Kayaking - Cala de Maro
Kayak Cliff Tour of Nerja and Maro - Maro Waterfall - This guided kayak tour of the Nerja and Maro cliffs is in high demand. You must reserve in time to guarantee your place. There are several scheduled departures: 10:00, 13:00, 16:00. Kayak past the beautiful beaches of the Maro Reserve, like Cala de Maro.

Leaves from Playa Burriana (Nerja) - tour stars 484 Reviews

Restaurants ➜ Cala de Maro

There are currently no restaurants on Cala de Maro. If you are in the area and looking for a good place to eat, we suggest:

Cala de Maro Kayaking - Maro
** Kayaking near Cala de Maro - Maro, Spain

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