Playa el Chucho
Playa el Chucho

Playa el Chucho

Playa el Chucho - Nerja
** Playa el Chucho - Nerja, Spain

Playa el Chucho! ➜ The Last Beach on the Nerja Promenade!

This 230-meter-long, sandy beach can be found between Playa Torrecilla and the mouth of the famous Chillar River. Visitors to Playa el Chucho will enjoy many amenities during the summer months as one of Nerja's 4-star hotels, Perla Marina tour stars, is located right on the beach.

Access to this beach is along a seafront promenade that runs from Playa Torrecilla, and the bustling Plaza de los Cangrejos, to a wonderful mirador on the western end of Playa Chucho with amazing views of the surrounding beaches.

If you are thinking of spending your next holiday in Nerja, keep reading to find out why Playa el Chucho might be the best beach for you and your family to enjoy!

Playa el Chucho - Andalucía - Nerja Spain
** Playa el Chucho - Low Season

Snorkelers will enjoy exploring the marine life on Playa Chucho's eastern end, near the rocky mirador. Some of the more interesting species to look out for are the Hippocampus Ramulosus (Sea Horses), and the Cotylorhiza Tuberculata (Fried Egg Jellyfish).

Playa el Chucho - Seahorse Playa el Chucho - Fried Egg Jellyfish
** Playa el Chucho - Seahorse & Fried Egg Jellyfish

Why Visit Playa el Chucho?

Visit Playa el Chucho if you want an out of the way beach that is less crowded but you can still easily walk into town. The Perla Marina (tour stars) sits right on the beach.

How to Arrive ➜

From Granada - Drive south on A-44. Take exit 183 to merge onto E-15 / A-7 towards Salobreña / Málaga. Take exit 295 (Nerja) from the A-7.

➜ Continue to the roundabout and take the N-340 (first exit) towards Nerja. Drive straight until you reach town and find one of the parking areas below. Playa el Chucho can be accessed on foot from the Plaza de los Cangrejos.

From Malaga - Follow A-7 going east. Take exit 295 (Nerja) from A-7. Then follow directions above.

From the Center of Nerja - Make your way walking towards the Plaza de los Cangrejos. From there you will be able to access this beach on foot.

Playa el Chucho - Andalucía - Nerja Spain
** Playa el Chucho, Nerja

Parking ➜

For parking near Playa el Chucho, these are the three closest parking areas. They are all outdoors and relatively small.

  1. Parking público Nerja

  2. Aparcamiento Nerja

  3. Parking El Playazo

Access to the Beach ➜

Access to Playa el Chucho can be obtained in one of two ways:

  1. From the Playa Torrecilla Promenade - Make your way to the Plaza de los Cangrejos. From there walk towards the sea and down some stairs to the promenade. Walk along Playa Torrecilla to the end where you will find a Mirador with wonderful views of both beaches. Playa Chucho will be right in front of you.

  2. From Playa el Playazo - If you are staying near El Playazo Beach you can easily walk east along the beach until you reach Playa el Chucho.

Facilities on Playa el Chucho:

Being relatively close to the 'Plaza de los Cangrejos' you will have access to many restaurants and bars while spending the day on Playa el Chucho. You will have to walk along the promenade for a few minutes to get there. If you are staying in the Perla Marina, you will have many more options.

  • Showers
  • Telephones
  • Toilets
  • Sun Bed and Umbrella Rentals
  • Restaurants
  • Bus Stop
  • Lifeguard Station
  • Parking Nearby
  • Disabled Access

Playa el Chucho - Andalucía - Nerja Spain
** Playa el Chucho - Looking West

Beach Info ➜

Type: Family Beach / Urban Area
Length: 280 Meters
Width: 30 Meters
Level of Occupancy: Low to Medium
Sand Type: Light Sand & Pebbles
Facilities: See Above
Nudist Beach No
Access Seaside Promenade from Neighboring Beaches
Ease of Access Easy

Other Nerja Beaches:

Playa el Chucho - Promenade Playa el Chucho - Lifeguard Stand
** Playa el Chucho Promenade & Lifeguard Stand

Playa el Chucho ➜ Where to Stay

Playa el Chucho has one great hotel right on the beach, Perla Marina. There are two other nice hotels on Playa Torrecilla, just a short walk away. You will also find many private apartments to rent along the beach.

Hotels & Apartments ➜

Perla Marina - tour stars - Located on Nerja’s Playa el Chucho seafront, Perla Marina offers fantastic sea views from its 2 outdoor pools and café. Its air-conditioned rooms come with satellite TV.

The rooms at Perla Marina feature tiled floors and simple décor. All have a private bathroom and many have a balcony with sea views. The hotel’s buffet restaurant serves Mediterranean food.

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A few other good choices near Playa el Chucho ➜
Hotel Riu Monica - Adults Only - tour stars
MB Boutique Hotel - tour stars
Apartamentos Perla Marina

Summer Villas for Rent ➜

Search Villas & Apartments Near Playa el Chucho - There are tons of private apartments and villas in the area around Playa el Chucho for rent during the summer. Check out this list to find something amazing!

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Playa el Chucho ➜ Where to Eat

For the best selection of restaurants walk east along the seafront promenade until you reach Playa Torrecilla. There are a few seafood chiringuitos along the beach. Continue along to the Plaza de los Cangrejos to find a large assortment of restaurants of every type. Here are the ones we recommend...

Playa el Chucho ➜ Water Sports / Excursions

There are no water sports activities available on Playa el Chucho. Playa Burriana, however, is a very popular spot in Nerja for kayaking and water sports... due to its proximity to the Maro Nature Reserve and Waterfalls. If you are interested in kayaking excursions to the waterfalls, paddle board, boat rental, or scuba diving... read these guides...

Playa el Chucho  - Apartments
Playa el Chucho  - Villas
** Playa el Chucho - Apartments & Villas

Playa el Chucho ➜ Map

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