Playa Chorrillo
Playa Chorrillo

Playa Chorrillo

Playa Chorrillo - Nerja
** Playa Chorrillo - Nerja, Spain

Playa Chorrillo! ➜ Solitude Amongst the Rocks!

If you are looking for a quiet, out of the way place to spend the day, Playa Chorrillo is the place! This beach is made up of three narrow coves between Playa Calahonda and Playa Carabeo with giant boulders that create intimate nooks and crannies.

Once you cross over from Playa Calahonda, wander through the maze of rocks until you find yourself a soft, sandy patch of beach... away from the tourist masses. Playa Chorrillo is the kind of place where you go to be alone... to relax to the sound of the crashing waves and calling gulls.

Playa Chorrillo - Behind Playa Calahonda
** Playa Calahonda & Rocky Shore of Playa Chorrillo

Why Visit Playa Chorrillo?

Visit Playa Chorrillo if you want to get away from it all. Here you will find very private nooks and crannies that are perfect for those that seek solitude and a quiet place to read...

How to Arrive ➜

From Granada - Drive south on A-44. Take exit 183 to merge onto E-15 / A-7 towards Salobreña / Málaga. Take exit 295 (Nerja) from the A-7.

➜ Continue to the roundabout and take the N-340 (first exit) towards Nerja. Drive straight until you reach town and find one of the two parking areas below. Playa Chorrillo can be accessed on foot from the Balcón de Europa.

From Malaga - Follow A-7 going east. Take exit 295 (Nerja) from A-7. Then follow directions above.

From the Center of Nerja - Make your way walking towards the Balcón de Europa. From there you will be able to access this beach on foot.

Playa Chorrillo - Andalucía - Nerja Spain
** Playa Chorrillo from the Air

Parking ➜

For parking in town and access to Playa Chorrillo these are the two closest parking areas.

  1. Parking Balcón de Europa - this parking area is a three-story underground structure. It sits just below the Ayuntamiento (town hall), tourist office, and Nerja Museum.

  2. Parking Carabeo - This is a large open, dirt parking lot. It sits just behind the Nerja old town where you will have access to many restaurants and the shopping district.

Access to the Beach ➜

Access to Playa Chorrillo is easy:

  1. From the Balcón de Europa - Make your way to the Balcón de Europa in the center of Nerja. While you are there you will see the 'Boquete de Calahonda', this is a white structure with many arches, covered in colorful pots of Geraniums.

    Behind the 'Boquete de Calahonda', around the corner from the blue fountain, you will find a winding stairwell. This stairwell will take you down to Playa Calahonda. Cross over Playa Calahonda, going east, towards the large rocks along the shoreline. Behind the rocks you will find hidden patches of beach known as Playa Chorrillo... find yourself a quiet spot and relax...

Facilities on Playa Chorrillo:

There are no services directly on Playa Chorrillo, but because it's connected to Playa Calahonda you will have these facilities available within a short walk.

  • Showers
  • Changing Rooms
  • Sun Bed and Umbrella Rentals
  • Restaurants
  • Tapas Bars
  • Lifeguard
  • Parking Garage
  • Seaside Promenade

Playa Chorrillo - Promenade Behind Playa Calahonda Playa Chorrillo Access
** Playa Chorrillo - Promenade Behind Playa Calahonda

Beach Info ➜

Type: Sandy Area Between Large Boulders / Urban Area
Length: 60 meters
Width: 20 meters
Level of occupancy: Low
Sand Type: Light Sand
Facilities: None
Nudist beach No
Access Walk Across Playa Calahonda
Ease of Access Easy

Other Nerja Beaches:

Playa Chorrillo ➜ Where to Stay

Located on the opposite side of Nerja's most famous beach, Playa Calahonda, Playa Chorrillo is close to everything. If you are staying near the Balcon de Europa, you will easily be able to access this beach.

Hotels & Apartments ➜

Playa Chorrillo: Top Hotels & Apartments ➜
Hotel Balcón de Europa - tour stars
Apartamentos Toboso Plaza
Hotel Plaza Cavana - tour stars

Summer Villas for Rent ➜

Search Villas & Apartments Near Playa Chorrillo - There are tons of private apartments and villas in the area around Playa Chorrillo for rent during the summer. Check out this list to find something amazing!

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Playa Chorrillo ➜ Where to Eat

With just a 5-minute walk to the Balcón de Europa Plaza and it's many bars and restaurants, there is no end to the number of choices near Playa Chorrillo... If you are looking for something quick and easy near the Balcon we recommend:

Playa Chorrillo ➜ Water Sports / Excursions

There are no water sports available on Playa Chorrillo or Playa Calahonda. This is a place to come to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Playa Burriana, on the other hand, is a very popular spot in Nerja for kayaking and water sports... due to its proximity to the Maro Nature Reserve and Waterfalls. If you are interested in kayaking excursions to the waterfalls, paddle board, boat rental, or scuba diving... read these guides...

Playa Chorrillo ➜ Map

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