virgen del pilar

Fiesta de la Virgen Del Pilar

The village of Huétor de Santillán (Granada) has a population of approximately 2000 inhabitants, yet its geographical proximity to the capital city of Granada (12 km.) has rendered it to be almost a suburb of the busy city.

As such, some of its inhabitants work in Granada but many are still the mainstay for the local agricultural industry. But of great interest is that this town lies within the natural park of Sierra de Huétor whose maximum altitude is at 1900 mtrs. Thus, rural tourism has started to become popular in this area - its varied landscape, dense pines and abundance of wildlife to be enjoyed by hikers, birdwatchers and nature lovers.

This fiesta although not one of its largest ones is important nonetheless for its pilgrimage to the ermita (church or sanctuary) at the heart of town. The cultural influence of the Catholic church is evident in many of these romerías (pilgrimages) that are still observed in both pueblos and larger cities.

Festival Dates

andalucia flag Oct 12th Fiesta de la Virgen Del Pilar
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