fiesta de cascamorras

Fiesta De Cascamorras

The fiestas patronales of Baza (Granada) are enjoyed during these days by this pueblo of approximately 20,000 people. The combination of the fiesta del Cascamorras and the feria has been declared of national tourist interest.

This area of Granada province has an archaeologically interesting and historic past, as well as stark contrasts in its landscape - from the Sierra to land that is practically desert with an oasis of green (vega) in between. It is here that rural tourism has started to become popular, thanks to its unique casa-cuevas (cave houses).The origin of this fiesta dates to the 15th-16th centuries after the reconquest of Granada by the Catholic kings.

This fiesta commemorates a struggle between two towns and the return of the Virgen de la Piedad which was recovered by a stonemason named Juan Pedernal in the 15th century. Today's ammunition, however, bathes the townspeople in paint and colored water rather than more lethal weaponry.

Festival Dates

andalucia flag Sept 6th-15th Fiesta De Cascamorras
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