virgen de las nieves

Virgen De Las Nieves

Pegalajar (Jaén) honors its patrón saint, la Virgen de las Nieves during the first days of August.

This pueblo is located just southeast of the capital city of Jaén.

The origin of this fiesta is not exactly known - only that it began in the 15th century although its earliest movement dates back to the 13th century. In the 17th Century, there was evidence of other religious groups participating in homage to this Virgin and finally in the 19th century, these days were proclaimed as fiestas patronales (patron saint feast days). Thus, a more festive feeling came to pass with these designated days filled with visitors from surrounding areas, tourists, vendors, music, food and fireworks.

Festival Dates

andalucia flag August 4th-7th Virgen De Las Nieves
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