cristo de la veracruz

Fiesta De Cristo De La Veracruz

The pueblo of Iznatoraf (Jaén), located at an altitude 1000 mtrs. (one of the areas highest points) at the northeastern area of the province, is privy to the beauty of the Sierras de Cazorla mountains and its natural park.

Its livelihood is based on olive farming and production and surprisingly, rural tourism has not yet become a strong influence. Its fiesta in honor of its patron saint, St. Cristo de la Veracruz, begins with a traditional procession through town. The weeklong festivities include sporting events, musical presentations, and special events such as the corralling of cattle after their run through town. And as befits any local fiesta, there is a vast selection of local foods to be savored and enjoyed in this remote mountain village.

Festival Dates

andalucia flag Sept 2nd-7th Fiesta De Cristo De La Veracruz
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