fiesta de san lucas

Fiesta De San Lucas

Jaén, the capital city of Jaén province, celebrates its main fiestas in mid-October in honor of San Lucas.

In its earlier history, these fiestas had agricultural and cattle farming importance, but today its population of over 110,000 inhabitants is dependent on other forms of sustenance. Its major economies today are related to construction, agriculture, trade, industry and touristic service sectors. The olive oil industry continues to flourish here and the influx of new residents has led to a rapid expansion in the building industry as well as all its supporting businesses. These fiestas include cultural performances, bullfights, sport and other activities, dance, and musical performances; all religious and non-religious groups participate as well. For the visitor as well as the resident, this is surely one of Andalucia's fiestas that should not be missed.

Festival Dates

andalucia flag Oct 11th-21st Fiesta De San Lucas
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