Costa Tropical Fiestas

Costa Tropical Fiestas

Every day in the Costa Tropical is a party… or so it seems.

Spain celebrates more holidays than any other country and the Costa Tropical is no exception. Starting off the New Year with fireworks and the traditional 12 grapes at midnight, there are on average about three fiestas per month, some lasting for days.

Most fiestas include some music, dancing, costumes, parades, fireworks, eating and/or drinking. All of them include a lot of fun and usually go on into the late night hours.

It takes some time getting used to the constant interruption of parades and processions while the entire town closes down, but after awhile, you learn to go with the flow and do what is done best in the Costa Tropical…. Relax and Enjoy...

The most popular fiestas in the area are Los Tres Reyes, Semana Santa, Carnival, and Dia de la Cruz.

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