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Almunecar Plaza Abderraman

Plaza Abderraman in Almuñécar

Plaza Abderraman in Almunecar

This Plaza takes its name from the Omeyan Prince from Damascus (Prince Abderraman I) that came ashore here in Almunecar before establishing an independent emirate in Córdoba. There is a statue in his memory directly across the street.

The area is very active during the summer months but slows down during the winter. During the summer, craft carts are set up daily selling inexpensive items such as; music, jewelry, scarves, clothing, trinkets, etc. It's a great spot to grab a souvenir or a gift for someone back home.

There is also a great handmade jewelry shop located across from the plaza on the opposite side of the street. Many local artists sell their work there.

At night, especially during the summer, this entire area is very lively. There are great restaurants all along the promenade and tourist walk up and down late into the night. On the opposite side of the Penon lies the new Almunecar Promenade that has numerous bars and clubs.

Getting There

The plaza lies directly across from the San Cristobal Penon, the famous rock that juts out into the sea. It also lies at the end of the San Cristobal beach promenade that runs from the western most end of the beach to this point.

Follow the main coastal road that runs along the beach. The plaza is directly across from the famous Penon de Cristobal.

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