Roman Bridge in Almuñécar
Roman Bridge in Almuñécar

The Roman Bridge in Almuñecar

In Roman times Almuñécar was strategically situated on the principal Roman highway connecting the important cities of Cartagena, Malaga and Cadiz. In fact, this was the principal Roman highway of southern Spain and was the primary form of transportation for the abundant merchandise and agricultural products of the region.

In Cotobro is found the best remaining portion of this famous ancient highway, the Roman Bridge of Cotobro. It is in excellent condition and worth a visit. Just be sure to wear comfortable hiking shoes.

The best way to find it is to leave Almuñécar on the coastal road, heading west. This is a beautiful drive as the mountains are dramatic and the road runs very close to the sea. In about 1 kilometer you round the point into Cotobro. Take the a right on the second road that appears to run up into the hills. The road soon turns into dirt. Walk up the dirt road for about five minutes and then take a left onto the small drive that is closed off with a chain. Follow this path for about another five minutes until you find the Roman Bridge of Cotobro. The path is not well marked and it is not an easy find.

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