The Village of Sorvilán

The Sorvilán region descends towards the Mediterranean from a thousand meters of altitude in La Contraviesa Mountain range. The Sorvilán offers vibrant landscapes of deep ravines and gorges, mountains, boulevards, and beaches. The lost cortijadas and villages that form a panorama of stark white brilliance between the blue of the sea, the green of the fertile plains and the ochre of the mountain ranges are a must-see. The Sorvilán region is dotted by groves of ancient oaks and strong cork oaks, which are the remains of an extensive forest that once covered the area. A thick cork oak grove remains in the surroundings of Alfornón.

Sorvil├ín is on the easternmost edge of the Granada province to the east of the Costa Tropical and borders on the Almer├şa province, a desert area that offers incredible attractions of its own. Access information on the Almer├şa province for more recommended tourist destinations.



Village Information

Region: Costa Tropical
Post Code: 18713
# of inhabitants: ~ 701
inhabitants: Sorvilaneros
Distance to Granada: 92 km

Where is Sorvilán located?

Sorvil├ín near the Costa Tropical in the Granada province is a region of traditional small mountain villages overlooking the Mediterranean coast of Spain in the Andalucia (Andalus) region, east of the cities of Motril and Almu├▒├ęcar along the N-340 highway and about a one-hour drive from the cities of Granada and Malaga. Sorvil├ín is easily accessible by main highway. The three principal towns of the Sorvil├ín are Mecilena, Los Yesos, and Alforn├│n.

Getting There

  • From Granada, take the major N-323 highway to the coast. Once at the Costa Tropical town of Salobre├▒a, take a left on the principal Costa Tropical highway N-340 heading east towards Motril and Almeria. In about 30to 45 minutes, there will be exit signs for towns of the Sorvil├ín: Mecilena, Los Yesos, and Alforn├│n.

  • From Malaga, take the N-340 highway going east towards Almu├▒├ęcar, Motril, and Almeria. About 30 to 45 minutes after passing the Motril (located east of Almu├▒├ęcar and Salobre├▒a), look for the exit signs for the towns of Sorvil├ín.
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    Sorvilán on the Map

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