Jete Streets in Granada

The Village of Jete

Jete - a village in Granada

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The Village of Jete in Granada...

Jete is a small village of around 800 residents located on the ancient and scenic mountain road connecting Almuñécar with Granada, called Sospiro de los Moros or "sigh of the Moors", named after the exit route of the ruling Muslim or Moorish leader Boabdil after the final conquest of Spain by the Christians in 1492. Located in the southern end of the majestic Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama mountain range, it is only 15 minutes from the coast and 10 minutes from another similar and larger town, Otivar. Jete is split into two by the Rio Verde ("green river") and sits on the Bodijar Ravine.


Jete has ancient cave burial sites, showing that the town's beginnings are rooted in the Neolithic period of 4500 BC through 5000 BC. Artifacts found in the local caves of Jete, including tools and ceramics, give us an interesting view into times long past.

The written history of Jete begins with the Moors who named the town Yeth, Arabic for "border of the shore". The Moors put the rich soil and abundant water supply of the Rio Verde to intensive use by creating terraced fields clinging to the mountainside and efficient irrigation systems that exist and function to this day. The Jete area went into a long period of decline after the expulsion of the Moors by the Christians, but has revived in the 20th century with the growth of intensive fruit cultivation for world export.

Local Food and Wine

One of the Costa Tropical's largest industries is wine making. Grapes thrive in the climate of Jete. One large winery, Horacio Calvente Cellars, creates delicious wines every year. Horacio Calvente Cellars specializes in merlot, cabernet sauvignon, muscatel, and many white wines.

Mangos, figs, chirimoyas, and avocados also thrive in Jete's warm Costa Tropical climate.

Typical dishes of Jete include sausages and rice, choto al ajillo (livers, onion, fried bread cubes, and garlic), and potaje de hinojos (fennel stew.) As Jete is near the sea, fish is often served a few times a week. Loaves of fresh bread are staples of the Jeteños diet and served along with meals.

For dessert, fig bread, fried dough, garrapiñadas (sugar coated almonds), fresh fruit, and cakes are sure to please any sweet tooth. Relax with a glass of locally made wine and enjoy something sweet.


The most interesting of Jete festivals occurs on the last Sunday of April, when an elaborate carved representation of the Virgen de la Cabeza de Bodijar, the town's patron saint, is carried through Jete. The parade lasts from dusk to dawn and includes singing, dancing, and prayer by the town's residents.

The Parochial Church of San Antonio was erected in the 16th and 17th centuries. Interesting historic and artistic features adorn both the exterior and interior of the church.



Village Information

Region: Costa Tropical
Post Code: 18699
# of inhabitants: ~ 800
Inhabitants: Jeteños
Distance to Granada: 63 km

Where is Jete located?

Jete of the Costa Tropical in the Granada province is a traditional small mountain village located near the Mediterranean coast of Spain in the Andalucia (Andalus) region. Jete is very close to the Costa Tropical town of Almuñécar and can be considered a part of Almuñécar. It is also a neighbor to Itrabo, to the east, and Otivar to the west. Jete is easily accessible by paved smaller roads that connect with a major highway.

Getting There

Jete is near Malaga, Granada, and Almeria, and is readily accessible from the heart of the Costa Tropical, Almuñécar:

  • Jete is located about 50 minutes drive due south of the city of Granada and Granada airport. Driving from Granada and down the main N323 highway to the coast, take a right turn at Salobreña onto the highway N340. Take the N340 east to Almuñécar. Once in Almuñécar and at the main roundabouts, Jete is clearly marked.

  • From Malaga, take the N-340 highway east towards the cities of Almuñécar, Motril, and Almería. In just under an hour upon reaching Almuñécar, drive to the center of town and follow the directions described above.

    Jete's nearest coast is at Almuñécar and the large town of Motril is only 20 minutes away. In addition to the highway access, Jete is also accessible to Granada city via the beautiful mountain road Sospiro de los Moros, a stunning drive through winding mountain passes.

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